A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 09

Chapter 09 – God Valley


Under the sunrise, the God Valley was surrounded by silence.

The island is surrounded by Marine Battleships, and not a single ant can sneak through them.

It was only natural to be so. There was a group of World Nobles who came for sightseeing, so the security system was stricter than usual.

But all of it was meaningless.

Because Shiki made the ship float with his Fuwa Fuwa no Mi and rushed to the island.

While the alarms quickly sounded in a blink of an eye, Lunacia felt a thrill.


‘Surprise attacks from the sky with the sunrise as background feels so good’, she thought while shivering in excitement.


Shortly after, the Rocks Pirates landed on the island together with their ship.

From there, they acted according to plan. While Rocks is killing the World Nobles, the role of Lunacia and the others is to protect the ship while attacking the Marines.

The pirates under their control will also launch attacks on the Marines from the open sea at the same time.


‘It’s a hassle dealing with them one by one――’ everyone agreed with that, so Lunacia and the others quickly disposed of the weaklings.


The tragedy for the marine soldiers who quickly reacted within the island was that only one in several million could use that Haki, but there were many such people who could use it in the Rocks Pirates.

The marine soldiers who rushed towards them were hit by their Haoshoku Haki, and collapsed without a single glance.

Many marine soldiers fell down, and there was almost no foothold, but there were also some who walked calmly even after receiving that Haki.


“She was really able to use it after all…”


Sengoku glares at them while saying so.

5 people are releasing Haoshoku Haki.

It was known from past battles that Newgate, Shiki, Linlin, and Kaido were able to use it.

He could still clearly remember his surprise when he heard the information that Kaido seemed to be an apprentice.

What made Sengoku feel clear was that Lunacia was also able to use Haoshoku Haki.

There is no reason why she, the No. 2 of the Rocks Pirates, couldn’t use it.

When she temporarily disappeared from Rocks’ crew, the Marines did their best to search for her, but they could not even catch a clue.

Fortunately, she who stands back when generals appear did not do so this time.

She must be willing to fight.


“…huh? The Admirals are dealing with Rocks, so it’s not strange they’re not here, but… where’s Garp and Tsuru?”


Sengoku has a bitter face.


‘I’mma go beat Rocks up――’


Garp left flying from his stand by position while saying that, and Tsuru chased after him as his restraint.


“He went to where Rocks is. Just in case, I also let O-tsuru-san with him.”

“It’s really troublesome having strong yet individualistic subordinates huh…”


Seeing Lunacia nod as if to say, ‘I completely understand that feeling’, Sengoku understood.

The Rocks Pirates are a gathering of individualistic people.

She must have had a hard time being their vice-captain.


“Jihahaha! Was there anyone who caused such trouble to our vice-captain?”

“Well, who knows? Anyway, I’m on really good terms with vice-captain.”


Newgate sighed at Shiki and Linlin’s words.

As a result, not only Sengoku, but also other generals realized something.


“Why are you Rocks’ vice-captain in the first place…?”

“I didn’t have anywhere else to go, and some other things… more importantly, are you sure it’s okay? Gathering so many in this place.”


Sengoku raises his guard after hearing Lunacia’s question.


“I haven’t been on the ship for around nine months. Apparently, you couldn’t grasp where I went… so I’ll tell you where I was.”


Lunacia shows a bewitching smile while continuing slowly.


“Enies Lobby, Marineford, and other government agencies and marine bases… you guys, aren’t you a little out of it because of too much peace?”

“You won’t fool us with that. You’re saying you have another group aiming at those places? Unfortunately, we have enough manpower to deal with that.”


Lunacia giggles at Sengoku’s answer. She waves her hand and says.


“It’s not that. While I was away from the ship, I just left some special presents here and there. In places hard to see, just like a pirate.”


Sengoku and the others quickly understood what she meant, and raised a commotion.

Newgate and the others who were beside Lunacia also looked at her with surprise.


“Did you set up bombs? How would you activate them?”

“Using Den Den Mushi to do this and that. If you think I’m lying, do you want to try?”


With that said, Lunacia took out a Den Den Mushi from her pocket.

It was a Golden Den Den Mushi that pirates shouldn’t have.

Its color what somewhat different from the usual, but Sengoku and the others guessed that it wasn’t for Buster Call.


“Just like Buster Call, it would be very interesting to press the button on its shell.


In response to those words, Sengoku immediately orders a person nearby to inform various places that bombs were set up.

Sengoku showed a furious expression and glared at Lunacia.


“You’ve done it…!”

“…how about sending generals out there?”

“We’ll do that after defeating you. After all, we’ve guessed you’ll attack this place when World Nobles had gathered…”


Along with Sengoku’s words, the many generals below Vice Admiral quickly took battle stances.


“Then, I’m gonna push it.”


Lunacia didn’t show any hesitation in pushing the button on the shell of the Golden Den Den Mushi.

Then, a sprinkle of water gushed out of the Golden Den Den Mushi from all over, and a fan came out with a popping sound.

‘You idiots!’ was written on the fan.


Everyone present was taken aback, and silence soon followed.

To their response, Lunacia shouted with a big smile.


“You fell for it! Ah~, you’re so stupid!”


With that shout, everyone finally realized that it was just a lie.

Sengoku and the others trembled in anger――however, among them, there was a general who was laughing out loud.

All at once, the eyes of both the enemies and allies gathered at him, but they quickly saw that not only him, but also the marines surrounding him were smiling.

Without exception, each of them was wearing their hats deeply, and you couldn’t see their faces.

And, faster than Sengoku scolding them, they jumped forward.


“Interesting kid! What ye say about coming to me ship?”


While saying so, he and the marines who followed him took off their hats.

Both allies and enemies knew who they were.


“Roger Pirates!? When did you sneak in!”

“An hour before Rocks’ crew came. I heard that there’s an interesting event ’round here. Let me play too. For now, I’ll go where Rocks is! Lunacia! You’re welcome to come anytime!”


After finishing what he wanted to say, he quickly left.


“Our captain is always like that. Please give up.”


Lunacia shrugged her shoulders at Rayleigh, who pulled out his sword as he said that.


“Speaking of which, he’s somewhat similar to Rocks… although in a different way, they’re just being too unrestrained.”

“I can’t deny that.”


While watching their exchange from the side, Newgate asks.


“I don’t really get what’s happening since it’s too sudden, but… will this be a three-way fight?”

“That’s right. But well, the government and the marines will probably write something like Roger begging the Marines to defeat you for the later generations.”


Shiki laughed at Rayleigh’s words and said.


“Then we’ll just have to kill all of you. I won’t kill you if you start running now, Rayleigh.”

“That’s something out of the question, Shiki. And our captain seems to have become interested in Lunacia. He’s just too troublesome when he’s like that.”

“Crazy guy as usual.”


Lunacia takes out her weapon while listening to Shiki’s words.


‘I feel like I’ve talked to Newgate about this, Roger Pirates getting mixed in the bunch’, Lunacia thought while drawing Yoru that she was carrying on her back.


She isn’t going to use Yomi yet.

She plans on using Yoru, which excels better at widespread destruction, reducing the number of enemies.


“Come on! I’ll be your opponent!”


With that cry, she ran out earlier than anyone else.


“Follow the vice-captain!”

“I’ll kill those who are too slow!”


Newgate and Shiki also shouted while following her. With little delay, Linlin and the others also followed.

Yet, the most excited one was Kaido. For him, this situation where only strong men have gathered was the best.







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