A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 07

Chapter 07 – Her wish


Sukiyaki rewards Lunacia for preventing the schemes of the Kurozumi Family.

And there, Sukiyaki and the rest were surprised.

She asked them to open trade.

She also asked for things such as a proper permit to enter the country, land to make a mansion for herself, and help her train. There was no pirate-like request for treasures or anything of that sort.

In addition, Lunacia even asked while bowing her head to open trade with her without the necessity to open their country, because of Wano Country’s circumstances.


At first, Oden showed a dissatisfied face when hearing her request to open the country, but suddenly grinned and started to persuade Sukiyaki and the others.

It was clear that he wasn’t planning anything good.

However, Lunacia is a pirate, although they are greatly indebted to her.

Even a member of Rocks Pirates, whose main activities are against the World Government and the Marines.

She explained everything about that after making her request, but Oden quickly showed understanding quicker than anyone else, and suggested.


“We should just put the sea surrounding the Wano Country under Lunacia’s control, letting her block those troublesome guys from outside――”


With those words of Oden as the trigger, Sukiyaki and the rest also came up with something and proposed it to Lunacia.

They accepted all of her requests, but on the condition that when there were enemies targetting Wano Country, she should help them deal with the enemies.

The implied meaning there was it wasn’t limited to pirates, and it included cases where the World Government or Marines came as enemies.

For Lunacia, it wasn’t a big deal being hostile with the World Government and the Marines after all she’s done, so she quickly agreed. Asking Sukiyaki and the rest for an alliance, to which they easily agreed.

Lunacia, is known as a villain publicly, but it was only a minor detail.

Oden is good at taming bad guys who are notorious and infamous as subordinates.

Sukiyaki and the others decided that it was okay if he could hold her reins, so they made that decision.


And since Lunacia was also Oden’s retainer――although the person in question says that she’s just a consultant once again――she spent her remaining days before her katana was made doing her duties and affairs as a retainer, while doing her best to train.

After all, there is no shortage of training partners here in Wano Country.

Oden and his retainers, such as Kin’emon. Samurais from Hakumai and other places. Lunacia even trained with people from the underworld that Oden was acquainted with.

What she learned from the experience was that the samurai and the people from the underworld of Wano Country were incredibly strong.

In particular, Oden is strong enough to enter Rocks Pirates. She felt that he might be a good match for Newgate.

However, if she puts it into words, Oden who has ears everywhere, would hear it. He would then start asking her to take him with her, so Lunacia never voiced it out.


On the other hand, in terms of domestic affairs, Lunacia was committed to river management and land reclamation, as well as the promotion of commerce and the development of academic fields such as medicine.

Although there would only be little progress during the several months her katana was being made, she set up a budget in advance for five years and ten years in the future and also asked for cooperation with other daimyos such as Yasuie and even with the shogun Sukiyaki together with Oden.

There is an overwhelming shortage of knowledgeable civil servants in Kuri, and Lunacia was not an expert of that kind in her previous life, so she needed to make up for it.

For Oden, civil servants were all stiff and strict blocks, so he had a bitter face to that idea, but he endured it for Kuri’s sake.


However, it was Lunacia who actually commanded the civil servants, dealing with various problems with other parties and coming up with all kinds of plans.

Rocks taught her how to negotiate, and she has practical experience dealing with merchants as the vice-captain of the Rocks Pirates.

But that’s not all.

Lunacia took great importance in making necessary arrangements and was willing to bow her head and convey words of gratitude to anyone.

There was no doubt that that brought good results.

Although the term Kurozumi Family is not known, it is widely known among the civilians from the newspaper that there were people who were trying to cause a civil war, and Lunacia, who visited from outside the country, provided information and defeated them together with Kozuki Oden.

That Lunacia, in rumors, would bow her head to anyone to ask for cooperation――such a humble attitude touched the people.

And it also leads to raising the reputation of Oden, who is her liege.

Under such circumstances, Lunacia decided to use the remaining 2 billion berries for a business that combines personal hobbies and profits.


“I’m going to build an orphanage, so give me some land. I’ve made the documents for the plan, so…”

“Oh, sure. Just do what you want! You can take as much as you can!”


Oden gave permission without thinking about what Lunacia’s words meant.

His attitude made her worried, as usual, but it was convenient for her.

But it still needs to go through a proper process.


“I will gather orphans from all over Wano Country and educate them in my orphanage. The funds to be used will come from my gold bars. If any of them wants to follow me in the future, they’ll be my subordinates.”


Oden places a hand on his chin while pondering about Lunacia’s words.


“Hmm… in the future, you’re going different ways with Rocks, and you’re a pirate who’ll have a country in the future, right? Well, isn’t that okay? We’re like allied countries or something.”

“…I’m worried about just your judgment, so I’ll also ask permission from Sukiyaki-sama and Yasuie-sama.”

“Hey, what did you just say? What do you mean by that?”

“It means as it is.”

“Good! You’ve provoked me! Get out, I’mma beat you up!”

“Oh, I have some job to do, so.”


Lunacia said so and ran away.

Oden couldn’t chase her because she was just doing her job.


“That reminds me, Kikunojo has been strangely fond of Lunacia recently…”


After the Kurozumi incident, it seems that Lunacia was the one who took the initiative, it is said that they would enter the bath and sleep together with Kikunojo recently.

Although they only look like really close siblings because of the difference in their ages, it shouldn’t be just that.

Oden has heard Izo seems to be aware of it as well and congratulates the two.

Of course, if that happens, Oden would naturally give them his blessings, and he didn’t mind if Kikunojo quit being his retainer to follow Lunacia.

More than that, he even wants to ask her to bring him outside.

The title of daimyo in Wano Country is meaningless out the sea.


‘Better yet, it would be fun being a pirate under Lunacia’s flag――’


“Anyway, it’s such a good thing…”


With that said, Oden laughed.


“Lunacia-sama, how was the matter about the orphanage…?”


When Lunacia returned to her room, Kikunojo was there waiting.


“It’s perfect. But I’m worried about just Oden, so I’ll also talk about it with Sukiyaki-sama and Yasuie-sama.”


Hearing that, Kikunojo showed a big smile and jumped at Lunacia.

She decided to build an orphanage in the first place because she heard about her past.

In that case, she thought of opening and orphanage, educating orphans, and raising kids who would follow her.

Of course, there would a problem later on if she does that without notice, so she plans on telling Sukiyaki and the others, just like what she told Oden.

Also, she had already explained it to Kikunojo first, and she accepted it.


“O-Kiku, I want you.”


Lunacia whispered to the ears of the young Kikunojo.

She does not have a way of resisting her sweet voice.

Hearing her voice like this many times, she often found it painful knowing answering her wishes would lead to him quitting Oden’s retainer.

However, she felt relieved when she realized something.

Even if she swears to use her katana for Lunacia, she is also Oden’s retainer after all.

Either way, Oden is still at the top, and Lunacia has an alliance with Wano Country in the first place.

And it’s clear to everyone that she loves Wano Country.


Being with Lunacia makes it nearly impossible to become hostile with Wano Country and Oden.

Therefore, her young mind thought that it wouldn’t be bad even if she prioritize what she felt.

Kikunojo answers Lunacia’s invitation just as usual.


“I’ll follow you anywhere… I’ll be with you forever…”

“Thank you, O-Kiku.”


Lunacia started caressing his head after saying that, and Kikunojo found it comfortable.

But suddenly, the door was knocked.

Lunacia asked who it was and received an answer saying a messenger of Tenguyama Hitetsu had visited.


“Lunacia-sama, congratulations.”

“Yes, thank you.”


Lunacia replied to Kikunojo, and brought him to the messenger in a thrilling mood.







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