A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 06

Chapter 06 – Paying debts


“Did you just say Oden brought a woman with her!?”


Sukiyaki was so surprised that his eyes popped out.

Oden had a proud face, but Lunacia understood that there was a big misunderstanding, so she resolutely said.


“I’m not his fiancée or lover or anything of the sort.”

“Oh, is that so…?”


Seeing Sukiyaki instantly disappointed, Oden looked at Lunacia with strict eyes.


“Lunacia, you hurt my father.”

“No, this isn’t my fault, right…? I even sent a message beforehand… anyways, let’s get this done quickly.”


Sukiyaki nodded to Lunacia’s words, and led the two to another room inside.

One could see a bunch of other daimyos who had gathered, but they had no such schedule officially.

They gathered secretly while each was supposed to inspect their territory or have a meeting in another place.

It’s been two months since Lunacia came to Wano Country.

She proceeded carefully while being cautious of the movement of the Kurozumi Family, and finally got to this point.

And they have already gathered definitive proof.

It has been confirmed a granny, who seems to be Kurozumi Higurashi, has been interacting with that Kurozumi Orochi and his foster parent Kurozumi Semimaru. On top of that, it was revealed that they were secretly making weapons.

This time, that would be presented to the shogun, Sukiyaki.


Lunacia took out a Den Den Mushi from her pocket while greeting the people in line.

It’s a type of Den Den Mushi that can record videos, and Lunacia recorded its contents when she secretly followed Kurozumi Orochi as he returned home.

It is also possible to record the video from a long distance by attaching a custom-made telephoto lens to the Den Den Mushi. 

After watching the video, the first person to move was Yasuie, the daimyo of Hakumai.

He rubbed his head against the tatami mat and shouted.


“All responsibility belongs to me! Forgive me!”


It was Yasuie who picked up Orochi as a servant, but it is highly possible that even that was Orochi’s strategy.


“Now that it comes to this, I can only cut my stomach…!”

“Uncle… rather than seppuku, it’s better to do something about Kurozumi first.”


Lunacia also nods at Oden’s words, adding.


“The people who cause such a rebellion are quite tenacious. We mustn’t let our guards down before we see their corpses.”


The people present nodded solemnly at Lunacia’s words, showing that they also agreed.


“I must have them dealt with properly. Lunacia-dono, you have our greatest gratitude…”


Sukiyaki deeply bows his head, and other daimyos, except for Oden, quickly follow.

However, Lunacia suddenly proposes.


“Since it’s a matter of your country, you probably want to deal with them yourselves, but as I have mentioned before, I want to build a good relationship with the Kozuki Family. There is also a possibility that the enemy has a troublesome special ability.”


“In other words,” Lunacia continues.


“I’m really reluctant about this, but I’m currently Kozuki Oden’s retainer. In theory, I am also a member of this country. It should be okay for me to participate in this battle.”

“Ohh! Lunacia! You finally admit that you were my vassal!”

“Just this time, stupid lord.”

“So harsh!?”


Lunacia glared at the lamenting Oden.

Sukiyaki and the others raised their heads and saw their exchanges. They couldn’t help but laugh.


“Seeing your exchange, Lunacia-dono has a suitable personality with my son. How about coming to marry…”

“Please, anything but that.”


Sukiyaki could also lament as he saw Lunacia refuse with a smile.

And there, Yasuie slowly spoke.


“Now that the decision is made, we must act swiftly… if possible, within half a month at the very least.”

Sukiyaki nods to his words and makes a decision.

“We shall act within this week. Oden and Lunacia-dono, and Yasuie-dono as a witness. For support, I will send you my Oniwabanshu shinobi… there is also the possibility of Kurozumi acting first. Be vigilant.”

The daimyos, including Oden, prostrated with that command, and Lunacia also followed after a slight delay.


And three days after the meeting.


“Yasuie-sama, Oden-sama, Lunacia-dono. They are all gathered.”


The Oniwabanshu reported, and apart from them, Lunacia was also using her Kenbunshoku Haki to see what was happening inside the mansion from a distance.

She felt three presences inside, and the mental images shown by their auras were awful.

Lunacia really can’t say anything about other people, but it’s a pirate’s specialty to make themselves exceptions while blaming others.

While still in the Rocks Pirates, Higurashi was better at using her head than her actual strength.

She is far from the big names such as Shiki and Newgate, so Lunacia is sure she could win against her in a straight fight.


“Surround them. Don’t let them escape.”

The ninjas who came to report answered briefly to Yasuie’s command and disappeared silently.

“My eyes were cloudly, treating Orochi especially…”

“Uncle, Kurozumi was simply too cunning. I can’t forgive him for taking advantage of Uncle’s goodwill… also, they probably often borrowed money from me just for this.”

“…you, did you easily lend them money?”

“I couldn’t treat them badly since they’re Uncle’s subordinate.”


Yasuie couldn’t help but make a wry smile upon hearing Oden’s words.


“That part of you is really good, but you should learn to be suspicious. Though too much suspicion isn’t a good thing either.”

“The two of you, please wait until everything’s over before chatting. Let’s go.”


Lunacia declared and set out towards the mansion.

Following closely behind her were Oden and Yasuie.


“Hey, Oden. Isn’t Lunacia perfect for you?”

“She’s beautiful but frightening. A while ago, when I peeped at her in the bath, she almost kicked me in the balls.”

“I think that’s your fault.”

“Hey, you there. Stop talking nonsense.”


Hearing Oden and Yasuie’s conversation, Lunacia quickly scolded.

It would become very troublesome if they suddenly became engaged or something without her knowledge.

Oden is undoubtedly a good man, but for Lunacia, Kikunojo is better.

Trap girls are well within her safe line, so she’s thinking about doing her.  

With this and that, they arrived in front of the mansion, and Yasuie called out loudly.


“Kurozumi Higurashi! Kurozumi Semimaru! Kurozumi Orochi! You are arrested for the crime of attempting a civil war! Come out with your hands up!”


However, he was very clear that they would not come out without resistance.

Therefore, Yasuie took several steps back from the entrance, and Lunacia and Oden stepped forward in exchange.

But something unexpected happened.

The mansion was broken from the inside, and what appeared was a giant Yamata no Orochi.


“Ah~, it was really so.”

“Well, that’s something interesting to cut.”


Lunacia realizes why Higurashi got off the ship, and Oden licked his lips with battle intent.


“Vice-captain, how hard was it for you to chase me for so far…?”


With weird laughter, Higurashi appeared from the shadows of the Yamata no Orochi.

Beside her was the figure of Semimaru.


“By the way, I got a message for you from Rocks when I called him using Den Den Mushi yesterday… happy, aren’t you?”

“Ni kyo kyo kyo kyo… from the captain, is it?”

“Yeah. He said, ‘go to hell and get your limbs torn off piece by piece, fucking granny’.”


Lunacia said while raising her middle finger. Seeing that, Higurashi answered with a smile.


“Oh, scary, scary… Orochi boy, kill that little girl!”

“Lunacia, right? She’s beautiful, I’ll make her my wife!”

“Ni kyo kyo kyo kyo… I don’t recommend it, but you can do whatever you want.”


Lunacia remembered that just a while ago, the same exchange had been done between Oden and Yasuie, so she was a little annoyed.


‘People of this country are too annoying, everyone wants me to be their bride――’


“I was astonished when I found out that vice-captain came, but… you can’t win against Yamata no Orochi! After all, all you did was run away when fighting against the marines! You probably seduced Rocks, making him let you participate when fighting weaklings!”


It seems that there was some kind of misunderstanding, but Lunacia found it somewhat convenient, so she just left it at that.


“Oden, which one?”

“I’ll deal with Orochi. I’ll leave the gramps and granny to you.”

“Good. Let me see the stupid lord’s proud self-styled swordsmanship.”

“Oh, you should pay attention then.”


Oden pulled Enma and Ame no Habakiri off their sheath and ran towards Orochi.

To intercept him, Orochi began spitting flames while moving.

After seeing them move to a distance, Lunacia turns to Higurashi and Semimaru.

Both of them didn’t run away.


“Not running away?”

“I’ll kill you here, and I’ll become you… just like this!”


With those words, Higurashi touched her face with her right hand, changing her face and body physique.”


“Oh, I see. It’s that kind of ability?”

“Jihahaha! Yes, this is the real ability of Mane Mane no Mi!”

“Lol. I mean, Shiki, that guy. He’s being imitated. Let’s make fun of him with this the next time.”


Lunacia couldn’t help but laugh. On the other hand, Higurashi took out a gun.

Semimaru readied himself, making sure that he could make a barrier anytime.

Lunacia ruthlessly tells the two of them who were keen on resisting.


“I’m sorry, but I won’t fight you in your way. I think that people like you should have some kind of trump card hidden.”

“Ni kyo kyo kyo kyo…! How’d you fight then?”

“Just like this.”


Lunacia disappeared.

Higurashi and Semimaru were stunned.

She did not seem as if she had moved. It’s like she was erased from the face of the earth.

Those who were watching, Yasuie and Oniwabanshu, Oden’s retainer Kin’emon and the others who secretly followed were also stunned.

At the same time, a fog came out and wrapped Higurashi and Semimaru.


‘This fog might be coming from Lunacia’s ability, but so what if she makes a fog’, Higurashi thought and guarded against her surroundings.

She can’t be deceived by hearing and smelling the sounds and smells when someone is approaching.


“…Semimaru, don’t let your guard down.”

“Of course. With the bari-bari no jutsu, no attack could pass through…”


The two of them were back-to-back, burning their fighting spirits as if to say, ‘Come at any time!’.

But all of that was a waste of effort.

Suddenly, the two felt severe pain and collapsed to the ground.

The two were confused and shocked after seeing their own bodies.

The part of their chest where their hearts were pierced by an arm.

The arm looks as if it grew directly from the fog, with the body that should exist from the shoulder missing.


“In such situations, I probably should tell you what happened to you as a parting gift, but… I’m stingy, so no gifts for you to the underworld.”


While listening to the echoing voice of Lunacia, Higurashi and Semimaru lost their consciousness to darkness.

Then the fog clears, and Lunacia also appears.

Yasuie and the rest couldn’t understand what had happened.

After all, a fog suddenly appeared, covering everything, but when it cleared, all they could see was the corpses of Higurashi and Semimaru with their hearts seemingly pierced.

But regardless of the process, the result is clear.


Yasuie ordered the Oniwabanshu to check if the two were dead immediately.


“Both are definitely dead.”


With that report, Yasuie and Lunacia let out a sigh of relief.


“The only one left is Orochi, but… it seems that there’s no need to worry.”

Few of the heads of Yamata no Orochi were chopped or smashed, and one could see a small figure jumping between the remaining heads.

“Just in case, I’ll be on stand by close to them.”


Lunacia answered in reply to Yasuie but soon reconsidered. She was thinking too much.

Because she saw Oden beheading Orochi’s last head.

Nonetheless, there is no guarantee that there wouldn’t be last-ditch efforts or something.


‘I shouldn’t let my guard down before Orochi turns into a corpse,’ Lunacia tightened her senses.

After that, she confirmed Orochi’s death along with Yasuie and Oden and was finally relieved after making sure he was completely dead.







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