A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 04

Chapter 04 – Source of information


“The order is to deal with them quickly, but… I would’ve done that if it was possible.”


Sengoku deeply sighs.

It has been a year since the Rocks Pirates was formed.

The newspapers do not mention the incidents they have caused, but the attentive public still finds out about them because of their increasingly high bounties.

They are not only attacking and looting civilians but also aggressively attacking government agencies and marine bases without any fear.

So much so that the frequency they attack the Marines is even higher compared to when attacking civilians.

And every time the marines were attacked, the loss and damage were enormous both in terms of the material and personnel.

It’s no wonder. After all, Rocks have gathered so many strong pirates under one flag.

The Marines’ side also found it strange how Rocks was able to form a crew full of such pirates, but judging from their terrorist activities so far, they seem to intend to overthrow the World Government.


The Five Elders are keen on ordering the marines, urging them to destroy the pirates quickly. Still, pirate activities around the world have also increased because of the Rocks Pirates’ activities, so they lack personnel because of the increasing number of pirates they need to deal with.

Therefore, it was difficult for the marines to gather their forces in one place. On top of that, the Rocks Pirates’ whereabouts are always elusive, so it was difficult to capture them.

It’s also a headache that Vice Admiral-class personnel could not deal with strong pirates such as Edward Newgate, Shiki, and Charlotte Linlin singlehandedly.

Sengoku is young and talented, so he was assigned to be the head of the countermeasure unit specializing in dealing with the Rocks Pirates. In addition to him, there are also outstanding marines such as Garp, Zephyr, and Tsuru from the same generation participating in this unit.

Being the top priority, their unit is given considerable preferential treatment, such as the right to activate Buster Call and priority in the supply of personnel, battleships, and equipment.


However, so far, Rocks has forced him to lick the bitter fruit many times.

Just two months ago, they managed to siege and surround them at sea, but the end result was disappointing. 

Sengoku had asked to bring all three Admiral before starting the operation, but permission was not granted. So instead, he gathered 12 Vice Admirals, including Garp and Zephyr, along with 50 Battleships. It was the limit he could gather at that time. 

Many crew members of the Rocks Pirates were either killed or captured, but the most important Rocks and other executives escaped.

Additionally, 22 of their Battleships sank, and the damage dealt to the Marines’ personnel below the Captain rank was enormous.

Marine Battleships could be replenished by building them, but the loss of marine soldiers was irreplaceable.

It takes a long time to develop human resources.


“That girl is too much trouble.”


Sengoku looks down at the bounty poster at hand. 

What was drawn there was a girl with blond hair and red eyes.

She looks like a girl in her late teens, and she is very beautiful enough and possesses a stunning figure that would not be strange if she is chosen to be the Miss Universe.

Lunacia, the Vice-captain of Rocks Pirates――

An existence that does not participate in battles against the Captain rank, and exclusively reaps the lives of marine soldiers below the officer class.

When they learned about her, it was first believed that she could not deal with general class personnel because she only dealt with marines under the Captain rank.

However, Sengoku and others realized something strange as they continued to engage in battles.

Lunacia has the ability to win unscathed, even against dozens of marine soldiers under the Captain level surrounding her.

Of course, the strength of marine soldiers below the Captain level cannot be generalized. Some talented Captains are as strong as Commodores.

However, even such individuals were unable to injure Lunacia.


It is derived from their analysis that she has at least the strength of at least Rear-Admiral or Vice Admiral, but the real problem was that such a strong pirate deliberately killed marine soldiers far weaker than her.

The Marines is indeed a massive organization with abundant strength and many applicants from all over the sea.

Despite being so, the military strength they could actually possess is limited, and not all of those who applied to become marines are capable of becoming field officers or generals.

There is a consensus within the Marines that Lunacia may be the top class just in terms of the number of marines she killed from all ranks.

Although there is also the fact that she hides from the limelight shown by Rocks and other big names, Lunacia’s full strength is unknown to them despite being the vice-captain of a notorious pirate crew.

Still, because of being part of the Rocks Pirates and the large number of marine soldiers she killed, she was given the bounty of 220 million belly. 


Yet, Sengoku is certain that her bounty would not be limited to a mere 220 million belly.

Fortunately, some things could still be guessed about her strength.

They found out that she could use Kenbunshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki, and that she recently started to use katanas.

But she seems to be a beginner as a swordsman, often breaking her katana.

Nevertheless, if the goal of the Rocks Pirates is to overthrow the World Government, there are ways to deal with them.


“If their aim is to overthrow the World Government… they must consider killing World Nobles.” 


‘They shouldn’t aim at Holy Land Mary Geoise――although it’s still not without the possibility, judging from Rocks’ personality――there are still many islands that the World Nobles like to visit.

It must be a usually scenic place, and due to the nature of the fact that World Nobles would be the ones visiting, it must be an island under the direct control of the World Government.

Among those, I’ve heard of an island that is the most beloved and frequently visited by World Nobles, it seems to be called God Valley.’


Sengoku does not know very much about that place, but it is said that there are ruins there that only World Nobles could visit and see.

And if Rocks targets World Nobles, Sengoku predicts that he should take action when they went sightseeing in a group.

Sengoku does not know what is in God Valley.

He also knows from experience that knowing something about such ruins that involve World Nobles would only cause him more trouble.

There are many things in the world you are better off not knowing.


“Excuse me, Sengoku.”


It was Tsuru who entered the office after a knock.


“Tsuru-san, do you have some new information?”

“The CP0 gave this to me just a while ago. There’s also information about Lunacia in it.”


Sengoku leans forward to take a look.

Seeing him like that, Tsuru shrugged her shoulders while continuing.


“According to the information from an escaped crew member of the Rocks Pirates… it is said that Lunacia is immortal.”

“Escaped crew member?”


Tsuru nodded at Sengoku’s question.


“According to the pirate who had escaped, the reason why no one has ever escaped successfully was because the order aboard the ship was the worst there is. It’s common for crew members to kill each other on a daily basis. Those who are too weak couldn’t even think of escaping, they would simply be killed before even thinking of doing so.”

“…it’s unbelievable that such a pirate crew could actually gather all together.”


Tsuru continues after hearing Sengoku’s words.


“It seems that this informant also escaped while making excuses that she had a chronic disease… only those with a strong mind and body could survive in that ship.”

“There’s no doubt they lack a few screws in their heads. However, Lunacia is a Devil Fruit User, huh.”

“Yes. But it’s weird.”


Sengoku tilted his head in wonder, hearing Tsuru’s words.


“According to the informant, Lunacia doesn’t die no matter what. She regenerates instantly whether her head is crushed or her heart pierced.”

“That sounds awfully like a terrible monster, but… if it’s true, that’s a piece of very important news. She must be sealed using Seastone.”


Seastones are precious materials. Even Marines have trouble gathering large quantities in a short time.

It is also expensive and very difficult to process.

Ignoring that fact, the most efficient way to use Seastones against Lunacia is to stick them into weapons and stab her using them.

That should hinder the regenerative ability she obtained from the Devil Fruit, and is likely to cause a great deal of damage to her.


However, even they could not gather so many such weapons, so it would probably be limited for general-class strong men to use.

The next best thing is to trap her in a cage made out of Seastones, but she shouldn’t be stupid enough to get fooled by such a simple trap.

In any case, things related to Seastones can be passed with the scope of the authority given to him, but in such cases, it is still Sengoku who would receive complaints after doing so.

He sighed.

Seeing him like that, Tsuru says.


“You’d lose your happiness sighing like that, you know?”

“If Rocks’ crew is destroyed, I’d be happy enough, so it’s okay.”

“As long as you’re fine with that. I’ll also cooperate in terms of collecting Seastones.”

“That’s encouraging. I see a year as a preparation period. What you say?”

“It’s reasonable. I guess we should pray that they won’t attack the World Nobles in that time period.”

“You should tell Garp and Zephyr about this as well.” 


Tsuru added, and Sengoku agreed.


“Hey, about that granny who got off the ship.”

“Kurozumi Higurashi? The one who said something about having a chronic or something? What about her…?”

“Yeah. I’m sure she sold our information to the government and marines at a high price. Go make her pay for doing so.”


Lunacia was suddenly told so after Rocks called her to come to the captain’s room.

However, she still asks because she understands Rocks’s personality.


“Should I find her and chop her head off?”

“No, not that simple.”

“Should I kill everyone she cherishes the most right in front of her?”

“No, that’s not enough. That granny is a descendant of a clan defeated in a power struggle in Wano Country. So you know what to do?”


Those words made Lunacia realize.


“I guess she’s thinking about rebuilding her clan, so should I crush her schemes and get friendly with Kozuki Family or something?”

“That’s right. That’s the most effective thing for her… also, you wanted a katana right? Perfect. The craftsmen there are very skilled.”

“I’m also trying my best to control my strength, but… it really sucks that the katana really can’t bear my strength.”


Rocks also knew that she was learning the katana from Shiki and ends up being chopped into pieces every time.

He doesn’t blame her for that. Instead, he even treats it as a precious source of laughter.

Lunacia would obtain katanas through plundering, but none of them could bear her strength.

They would break during practice with Shiki, or break during the battle against marines, pirates, or bounty hunters.

She often says that she wants a katana that is in the category of Supreme Grade Swords, saying that all the treasures she had gathered up until now could be exchanged for such katanas.

Since there are swordsmiths in Wano Country who have the skills to be called master craftsmen, Rocks thought that it would be better to let them make something that fits her especially.


“How much money do you have right now?”

“About 2 billion belly. I’ve made a lot of money in the past year.”


In the Rocks Pirates, the money and goods obtained through plunder are usually first come, first served. The one who gets it first gets to own it.

If you don’t have the ability to kill your enemies quickly or even instantly, you won’t be able to earn money forever.


“I’ll give you another 3 billion. The currency is different over there, so you should take gold with you or something. Go and send that granny into hell.”

“…am I borrowing it from you?”

“No. Treat it as your activity fee, you don’t need to return it. Just do as you like.”


Lunacia nodded to Rocks’ words.

She couldn’t take many people with her, so she decided to go alone.


“And so, I’m going out for a while.”

“Lunacia, I’m worried. What if the other guys, while you’re away…”

“No, no. There’s just no way.”


Lunacia just waved her hands at Bakkin, who was deliberately making a worried expression.

It could be referred from the fact that Bakkin has not gotten off the ship until now that she is quite strong.

Although strength-wise, she lacks a bit compared to other guys, she is courageous and won’t be affected by little things. 

Except for Linlin’s daughters, whom she sent to Lunacia, only Bakkin has declared clearly that she belongs to Lunacia’s faction.

Kaido might barely be included in her faction, but he hates being under someone else.

Nonetheless, he has a good relationship with Lunacia, being bad friends on the premise of killing each other.




Amande stares at Lunacia with a lonely face.

Besides her, Hachée, Custard, and Angel also had tearful expressions.

Hachée and the rest are Linlin’s daughters who didn’t cry before when Lunacia massacred some crew members.

Lunacia once thought Linlin was too easy and generous to give her daughters continuously.

However, after finding out she is already pregnant with the child of one of the crew members, Lunacia reconsiders and decides not to think about it too much.

For Linlin, her children are objects of love, but they also seem to have a strong aspect of being tools for political marriages.

However, Lunacia still had set up a condition that made their relationship one step closer, and Linlin agreed.

When Amande and the rest grow up and reach a level where they are strong enough, they can be dispatched to help Linlin.

In return, Linlin would open trades with Lunacia at an appropriate rate.

Recently, Lunacia has begun to think that if Rocks becomes the King of the World, she will choose an appropriate place as territory and play real-life kingdom sims.


“You’ll be fine. And while I’m not around, think of me lots, okay?”


Lunacia kisses Amande’s forehead, and does the same with the other three.


“But why only retaliate against that granny? Weren’t there also many people until now who had escaped?”


Hearing Bakkin’s words, Lunacia answered while saying, “this is just my guess”.


“That Kurozumi Higurashi has a certain goal and got off the ship after she achieved it. That’s also probably why she sold our information to the marines. For those who escaped in fear, they probably don’t dare to do anything that would make Rocks want to retaliate against them.”

“In short, that granny’s trying to protect herself while earning pocket money.”

“Maybe. And she only had one bag when she got off the ship, so her goal was probably enough to fit that bag. The most likely thing is a Devil Fruit.”


Bakkin nodded while listening to Lunacia, and at the same time, was impressed by how well-headed she was despite her youth.


‘She’s really promising, good thing I chose her side――’


Bakkin was deep in her thoughts, deciding to decline the invitation from Shiki and Newgate.

After Lunacia leaves, Amande and the other girls have Linlin’s cover, but Bakkin has no such backing.

Although Shiki and Newgate have offered a good amount of money for Lunacia’s information, gaining Lunacia’s trust would let her earn far greater profits compared to the immediate cash she would receive.


“I’ll leave you to care for Amande and the girls.”

“You’re going to be charged extra for the babysitting.”


Hearing Bakkin’s reply, Lunacia could only shrug her shoulders.







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