A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 03

Chapter 03 – The result of taking the initiative


The Rocks Pirates had arrived on the island of their destination as scheduled the following day.

They intended to resupply by plundering the island, so their berth period was only for one day, making Lunacia think that there would be enough time after plundering the island.

And so, she made a signboard and put it blatantly in front of the crew members who were excited to plunder the island before they landed.


‘For everyone who wants to die, come fight me tonight. By Lunacia’――the easy-to-understand rhetoric made many crew members eager.


But there were also many people who were looking at those who were eager with cold gazes and despise.




Newgate muttered at the sight of the people who wished to steal Lunacia’s position as the vice-captain.

As if to agree to that, Shiki laughed.


“Jihahaha! I find it a little interesting.”


Both he and Newgate has fought Lunacia many times before the formation of the pirate crew.

The two of them were powerless against such an opponent who wouldn’t die no matter what you do to her, so in the end, during their battles, Rocks would usually intervene and they would end up drinking in a banquet.

On the other hand, there were also some who had never fought with Lunacia but felt it was dangerous to fight her.

The first on the list of such people was Charlotte Linlin.

From the information she has gathered so far, she knows that Lunacia is a kind of Devil Fruit User who wouldn’t die even if you kill her.


“It’s better to become her ally than her enemy.”


Linlin watched the commotion from the distance while looking at her children playing around.

She had to find out which type was the kind Lunacia liked.

Also, there are those who didn’t get information like Linlin, but felt there must be something special about her since she was chosen by Rocks to be the vice-captain.

Among them was a sexy blonde woman called Bakkin.

She is in a huge pickle.

She is entangled between seducing well-known people such as Newgate or Shiki, or taking Lunacia.

Needless to say, the former is for their seed, and the latter is for an unknown possibility.

There is no way that the girl Rocks had chosen to be their vice-captain be ordinary.

And Bakkin feels that it’s a very bad idea to take multiple sides.

An indecisive fellow who moves back and forth like bats is not liked or trusted even by pirates.


“Let’s decide after seeing tonight’s results.”


Bakkin whispered to herself while considering the advantage and disadvantages of each choice.


After looting the island, the fateful night finally arrived.

Lunacia confronted the challengers in an open area on the island.

About thirty people have gathered, and each one of them seems to be eager to kill as they hold their respective weapons.

There were a few more spectators compared to the number of challengers, and Rocks was also among them.

There were also Linlin’s children among the spectators, but most of them did not care, while the rest did not dare to complain.


“Well then, let’s get started. Come on, I’ll be your opponent.” 


Lunacia declared while showing a smile on her face, and soon, her body was pierced by myriad kinds of blades.

Those who had literally skewered her were convinced of their victory. The spectators were also fired up and cheered.

However, Lunacia only shows her prowess after this.

It’s not that she couldn’t avoid them, but it’s easier to scare them by not avoiding their attacks.

Lunacia’s fighting style is to act like an incomprehensible existence, receiving all attacks that would not hinder her movements, making her a bloody mess that arouses fear from opponents and it makes their actions dull.


“Ah~, that hurts~.”


All the challengers who saw Lunacia saying that in a leisurely manner were stunned with the exception of Kaido.

In addition, even the spectators who had never fought her were astonished without exception.

However, the challengers did not slow down their offense just because of that.

They continued their fierce attack against Lunacia.

They chopped her up, beat her up, and showered her with bullets and shells――however, she regenerated in a blink of an eye after receiving their attack.

Their own fear drove their selves to continue attacking, but Lunacia started to counterattack.

However, granted that there were many spectators watching, she did not use any of her unique abilities. All she used was her stronger physical strength, beating them with kicks and punches.

Just ten minutes after Lunacia started her counterattack, none of the challengers, including Kaido, were able to move.

Aside from the sturdy Kaido, the others were at the point of death.

For people like Newgate and Shiki, there was not much harvest other than confirming that Lunacia’s skills were getting better compared to when they fought before.

They were more disappointed that they couldn’t see anything else other than her immortal nature.

That alone makes her a real threat, but there is also the possibility that she could do other things that a vampire could do.

However, for those who have never fought her, even a closer look at her immortal nature was a shock that had turned their worldview upside down.

It was surprising even for people such as Linlin, who got the information in advance.


“It’s really a monster outside of common sense.”


Linlin looked at her children as she said so.

She plans to send one of them to Lunacia, so she excludes those who are showing frightened reactions.




None of her sons looked alright.

Some were scared, while some were frightened to tears.

The only good thing was they were not wailing, but it is said that fear experienced in childhood would remain even after reaching adulthood, so she really couldn’t expect anything from them.

On the other hand, about half of her daughters did not react too much, and Amande, who stared holes at Lunacia, seemed quite promising.

The important thing is to build a friendly relationship with Lunacia and not let her meddle with her own affairs. Anything goes as long as she achieves those two things.

If Lunacia could love the same sex, she does not mind letting her daughter marry her. Otherwise, she could only sacrifice them.

However, Linlin felt entangled, thinking of how many of her daughters she would send to her. She feels worried about whether one is enough.

She thought that it might be better to send at least a few to really gain her trust and show her sincerity.

On the other hand, Bakkin quickly decided.

Like a pirate, rather than a steady method such as seducing Newgate to get his seed, she chose to follow Lunacia, who possesses unknown possibilities.


Bakkin and Linlin. Although they have different ideas, both wish to establish a friendly relationship with Lunacia.

The two acted quickly, but it was Linlin who got the initiative.

Seeing Lunacia return to the ship, Linlin called out to her after making sure no one was around.


“Vice-captain, do you have some time?”

“I do have some time right now…?”


Linlin showed a smile after hearing Lunacia’s answer, and continued.


“Actually, I have a suggestion… you know, some of my daughters are interested in you.”

“Do you want me to babysit them or something?”

“You don’t really think I’d ask that from you? Well, you see, what do you think about the idea of marrying my children in the future…?”


Lunacia realized Linlin’s intention when she heard her ask that.


‘Ah! I learned this in Rocks’ class!

There are a lot of fellows who want to make allies through political marriages――

There are both advantages and disadvantages, but anyway, do as you like――’


Rocks taught Lunacia many things, but he would always conclude in the end with words like ‘Do as you like’, ‘you’re free to do anything’, and ‘whatever goes’.

In short, no matter what Lunacia does, at the very least, she must be able to clean up her own mess. That’s basically what Rocks wanted to tell her.

However, she has a problem.

Although Lunacia is aware that she is currently female in gender, she still feels disgusted by the act of marrying a man and giving birth.


“Sorry, I’m not comfortable being in that kind of relationship with men, so it’s impossible…”

“Oh, that’s just right. The most curious about you among my children is my third daughter Amande, so.”


Linlin replied nonchalantly.

Hearing that, Lunacia had difficulties on how to answer, so she decided to display her greed just like a pirate.


“I can’t be satisfied with just one, so…”

“It doesn’t matter. But as a condition, I hope you would choose among my daughters who aren’t afraid of you.”


“What do you want in exchange?”

“I want to have ties with you. I want friendship, honestly.”


For Linlin, having an ally who wouldn’t die even if they are killed――though it might be possible to kill her after being sealed in Seastone――and strong enough even without her Devil Fruit’s ability is worth having in exchange for a few children.

Since ‘that’ Rocks raised her, there is no way for anyone who has the brains to really despise her.


“I’m chill with being friends too, so I’m fine with that.”

“It’s decided then. I’ll send you Amande right away. Love her as you like.”

“No, are you really sure? Isn’t this a bit…”

“No one would mind such minor details. I’ll also keep it a secret that you’re a pervert… if you want, I could even take care of your ‘needs’ until my daughter grows up.”


Linlin then left laughing loudly in a good mood.

It was somehow unexpected, but Lunacia tried to remember what Amande looked like――


“Yabe… I really can’t remember.”


The only thing Lunacia could remember about Amande was that she seemed to have a longer neck.


“I am Charlotte Amande…”


Seeing Amande, who bowed her head as she said that, Lunacia almost couldn’t hold herself doing a guts pose, but she endured.

While thinking ‘to think that there would be a day when I can play real-life Hikaru Genji Plan’, Lunacia gave Amande a beautiful smile.


“What do you think of me?”

“You’re so cool and very beautiful.”

“Which part of me is?”


When asked further, Amande dyes her white cheeks red.


“The part where you kill your terrified enemies while being covered in blood…”


‘This girl, just as expected from Linlin’s daughter, she’s crazy――’


Lunacia felt her back get a little colder, but Amande silently yet swiftly approached her and clung to her arm tightly.


‘Rocks, help me――!’


Lunacia thought to herself inwardly, but the Rocks who came into her mind was only laughing while saying one thing.


‘Just do as you like――!’


Lunacia shouted a reply inwardly.


‘That’s right, you’re that kind of guy――!’


Even if Rocks came here, he must have said the same thing.

Lunacia made up her mind.

She reaches out toward Amande’s head and gently strokes her blue hair.


“Amande, you must stay by my side starting today.”



‘I’ll just go as far as I can in this road, goddamnit!’――Lunacia had a very conflicted mood.


The next day, when Lunacia went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast, Shiki entangled her.


“It’s the arrival of the Lolicon Vice-captain.”

“Shiki, I’mma kill you a million times.”

“Jihahaha! Come one, try me!”


Shiki noticed something even while making fun of her.


“So what happened to the kid?”

“She’s still sleeping.”


Shiki was a little put off by Lunacia’s answer.


“You… aren’t you too much? She’s still too young.”

“I don’t know what you’ve misunderstood, but we just talked about our likes and dislikes before we slept. You must be nuts, thinking weird things with that head of yours.”

“What did you say, you fucking bitch!”

“You got complaints about that, dickface!”


When Shiki drew his katana and Lunacia took a fighting pose, Newgate intervened.


“You guys, if you’re eating, hurry up and eat.”


His words made sense, so Lunacia decided to find a seat for herself――but the only table vacant was on Newgate and Shiki’s table.

Or better say, the surrounding crew members dare not approach them.

If Newgate and Shiki are equally strong, and Linlin is a tiny bit weaker, then Kaido is just a little bigger ant right now, although he looks very promising――that’s how Lunacia sees them.

Other than the four of them, there are also amazing guys such as John, Ochoku, and Silver Axe, but she thinks that the four of them are exceptional among everyone on the crew.

However, individually, Kaido might become the most terrifying.

He also participated in the fight last night, but his endurance and sturdiness are unbelievable. Although his body is still covered with wounds, he looks fine now.

Lunacia could not find Linlin, but it was not strange since she always got up late.

Lunacia sat at the table with Shiki and Newgate, and gave the waiter her order.

The good thing about Rocks is he knows the importance of food. You can find the cooks and waiters he had hired in the cafeteria, ready to serve food 24 hours a day.

Simply put it, they would cook up a variety of dishes, and it still tastes good.

She had heard that Rocks gave another captain’s order which was obviously about not touching cooks and waiters, and that they should be treated politely.


“By the way, Lunacia. You seem to always use your fist to fight. Why not use any weapons?”

“If you want to use katana, I can teach you. Though I might end up chopping you into pieces if you’re too careless.”


Hearing Newgate and Shiki say that, Lunacia thought about it.


“Katana looks cool, so I want to use it.”

“Jihahaha, it’s decided.”


Newgate just shrugged his shoulders and said.


“By the way, you had a strange order when fighting against the Marines… why is that?”


From his point of view, that order was quite strange. When the Marines battleships chased after them, if there were any officer general-class marine present――even if it was just a Commodore――Rocks would order Lunacia to only stand by.

It wasn’t that Lunacia’s face was not known to the marines, but when there are only marines who are Captain and below, she is not given such an order. Sometimes, she’s ordered specifically to go and kill them.

It’s not that she isn’t strong enough.

After all, Lunacia could overwhelm Commodore-class even if there are dozens of them.


“This is just my guess, but he probably doesn’t want them to take up measures against my immortality, in case they find out about it after a prolonged fight. Also, I think he’s also going after the depletion of the Marines’ military personnel.”


The two nodded, understanding the logic in Lunacia’s words.

While they talked, the breakfast she had ordered was finally served.

Lunacia eats a lot during meals without exception. During breakfast, lunch, and dinner, she is always served huge meats on a bone.

After coming to this world, what most impressed her was the existence of manga meat. She could eat meat on a bone any time.

Seeing her take a big bite and reveal a big smile, Newgate and Shiki exchanged glances.

If anyone sees her like this, they would never imagine her as a high-bounty pirate.







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