One Piece: A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – They, who have started taking actions


That day, Monkey D. Luffy saw.


The Lord of the Coast advances towards him as he desperately tries to swim so as not to drown.

However, it suddenly ran away as if frightened by something.

And soon after, Luffy heard a voice from behind.


“Hey, Luffy. Are you okay?”


Hearing that voice, he turns around and tries to swim so as not to sink.

Immediately he was held.

By none other than Shanks’ “two” arms.


“Shanks…! W-Was that…!”

“The Lord of the Coast?”

“Yeah…! How did you chase it away…?”

“By using Haki.”



Hearing Luffy’s question, Shanks nodded and smiled.


“The sea has plenty of Sea Kings just like that, and there are many scarier guys than those bandits from earlier… but if you still don’t plan to change your mind, I don’t mind teaching you more about it.”


Luffy’s answer was already decided.

And so, he founds out.

He knew the existence of the Five Emperors of the sea.


“Actually, one of the Five Emperors often comes to East Blue, so maybe you’ll meet her somewhere.”


“Although she looks young, she’s actually old. It’s rumored that if you say that in front of her, you’ll experience something that will make you better off if you die. It’s one of the taboos…!”

“So scary…!”


Shanks surprises and frightens Luffy, but it is the truth, and nothing can be done about it.

And six years later.

It was when Luffy was 13 years old.

He learned from Makino that Shanks was beginning to be called the Sixth Emperor of the sea.


‘I must exceed Shanks――!

I will become the Pirate King!’


He decided once again and worked hard on his training.


“And so I think. Isn’t Rokukō/Six Emperors hard to say?”

“Hey, don’t complain to me about that…”


Lunacia flew from the sky and brazenly boarded the Red Force, the ship of the Red Hair Pirates, as usual.

A few years ago, when she first arrived on their ship, everyone was wary of her, but became familiar with her in many ways.

It was due to Shanks’ magnanimous personality and also the words Lunacia said when she first came.

She bowed her head, saying, ‘thank you for taking care of our family’s swordsmanship idiot’.

With the words ‘swordsmanship idiot’, Shanks and the others immediately realized who it was.

So, they became interested in the relationship between Lunacia and that swordsmanship idiot――Mihawk, so they listened to their story while drinking.

Now, listening to Lunacia talk about this and that about the name Rokukō, Shanks gave careless remarks.

And after a while, she suddenly says.


“And so, Shanks. I feel bad for that boy you handed that straw hat to about six years ago, but… the game is already set.”


Shanks understood which game it was she was talking about without saying.

When asked who is the closest pirate to the Pirate King, everyone would answer Lunacia.

Although rather than a Pirate King, she’s more of a Pirate Queen. But leaving that aside, her sphere of influence and military force stands out among all pirates.

The islands under her control are everywhere in the world, and the availability of supplies is far from that of other pirates.

Needless to say more about her military force.

Many influential people, including Mihawk, who has a rivalry with Shanks, are under her control.

Above all, Shanks, by integrating the information gathered on his previous journeys, believed that Lunacia was likely to possess the two Poneglyphs.

One was on Fish-Man Island, and the other was in Wano, which has a cooperative relationship with Lunacia.

And, he also knows that a research team from Ohara has been studying them.

Perhaps she also has the one in the Mokomo Dukedom of Zou that has a close relationship with Wano Country.

The only thing that Lunacia can’t take possession of is the one owned by her ally Linlin.

However, if she seriously wages war, Linlin will be defeated.

The difference between the number of military forces she and Lunacia could mobilize is too huge.

The longer the battle, the more advantage Lunacia would have, and the only way for Linlin to win is to have a short-term decisive battle, but even that is unlikely.

At present, Lunacia does not show such a pretense because she is the mother of her wives, but it is easy to imagine that in the future, if Linlin collapses due to old age, she will attack all at once.

But――Shanks had a feeling that Luffy might be able to do something about it.


“He’s like Captain Roger. He won’t give up so easily.”


Hearing Shanks’s words, Lunacia shows a fierce smile.

In response, Shanks touched the handle of his beloved sword, Gryphon. Griffon

In that instant, Haoshoku Haki was released from Lunacia, and Shanks also released Haoshoku Haki in response.

At the same time, she unsheathed Yomi, and Shanks also unsheathed Gryphon.

The blades of their weapons and their Haki collided, the clouds were torn, and the sky was cracked.

But that was it.

Lunacia doesn’t really mean to fight, and Shanks doesn’t plan on picking a fight himself.

She says while returning Yomi back to its sheath and stopped releasing Haki.


“Well, I have no intention of being hostile either way.”

“Why is that?”

“That person should have unlimited potential since you look after him so much, right? Rather than making an enemy out of him, wouldn’t it be absolutely better if we become allies?”


Hearing those words, Shanks showed a wry smile.

This is exactly what Lunacia is strong at.

And she’s willing to bow her head if necessary.

A pirate unlike any pirate, that is one of her epithets. Shanks found it perfectly fitting.


“Aside from that, Shanks, tell me now. What’s in Laugh Tale?”


Hearing Lunacia’s question, Shanks laughed without care.


“Actually, I don’t know too. That time, Buggy… oh, the apprentice who was on board during time with me. He had a high fever, so I didn’t land on Laugh Tale because I was taking care of him.”

“What? Really?”


“Okay, I’m going to look for that Buggy right now and kill him. I should teach him his sins.”

“Let him go, for my sake. He also wanted to go to Laugh Tale.”


Pausing there, he says after a moment.


“I have my hometown’s liquor on the ship right now. Let’s drink that and cheer up.”

“Serve some snacks too.”

“Yeah, sure.”


And so, as usual, Lunacia had a drink with Shanks and the others.


Nami is busy.

However, she was enjoying herself.

She graduated from a navigator training school at the age of 13 and has worked as a navigator for several trading and pirate ships for a year with outstanding results.

The captains and crew members of the ships she served as a navigator wished for her to stay on their ship without exception.

Not only does she have an extraordinary talent as a navigator, but she also has a great combat sense.

Few pirates or marines are attacking pirate ships or trading ships under Lunacia’s influence, but for the Sea Kings, it doesn’t matter where they belong.

Nami quickly senses the approach of the Sea Kings by making full use of her Kenbunshoku Haki, and if attacked, she defeats it with a fist clad with Busoshoku Haki.

Nami was a navigator who also physically protected the safety of her ship.

She is now appointed as the navigator of the Bloody Princess, the flagship of the Lunacia Pirates.

She is in a position to give direct opinions to the captain, Lunacia, on the voyage of the ship.

However, the Bloody Princess only goes on a voyage sometimes.

Training voyages are common, but basically, they never leave the area under Lunacia’s influence.

There is so much to be gained despite being just training, and there are many things she can do even when not on a voyage.

In addition to discussion meetings and study sessions with navigators of other ships, as well as navigators on this ship, she can freely enter and leave the Bureau of Navigation located in Lunacia’s home base with a single permit.

The Bureau of Navigation collects a huge amount of various data that the navigators of all ships under Lunacia’s wing have steadily accumulated and stores them in a collection for each entry.

They were treasures more precious than anything for Nami, and if she had free time, she would go to visit the archives and read various materials.

But that’s still not enough for her to achieve her dream.

This is because she cannot see the world’s seas with her own eyes.


“I want to start sailing now, but… after all, the only time when this ship comes out is during a war.”


She whispered in her room inside the Bloody Princess.

The flagship has a performance that is not inferior to any Marines Battleship, and because it is huge and heavily armed, it has a large number of crew members.

All the crew members are extraordinary, and each has over 100 million bounties.

Rather, you can only board this ship after reaching a certain level of strength.


In the first place, the cut-off line is whether or not they can withstand the Lunacia’s Haoshoku Haki.

In battles where the Bloody Princess appears, other Emperors, Admirals of the Marines, or similar people would be the enemies.

Lunacia’s Haoshoku Haki would evade allies, but the enemy can’t just aim at Lunacia. There is no doubt that they would evenly hit all of them with Haoshoku Haki to reduce their enemy’s strength as much as possible.

Therefore, you cannot board the ship unless you can endure the Haoshoku Haki and perform sufficient combat actions under such stress.


Although it is a harsh test, Nami barely passed the test because she wanted to be immersed in the Bureau of Navigation, and Carina also barely passed the test because she thought that if she joined the ship, she would have many chances to see more treasures, but Nojiko, on the other hand, did not take the test in the first place.

She wasn’t very interested in voyages or treasures, so neither Nami nor Carina could ask her to go out with them.

But that doesn’t mean that their relationship was broken.

They are still the three sisters who are very close to each other.


It was then, Nami sensed an approaching presence――she knew who the owner was, so she waited while facing the door.

Eventually, the door opened.


“Nami, I have a get-rich-quick scheme… what you say?”

“Carina, I don’t know how many times I said this, but… knock on the door when you enter the room.”

“Whatever, you can feel my presence anyways, right? Both of us can.”

“It’s a matter of manners. So what scheme do you have?”

“Why don’t we go on an adventure after getting Nee-san’s permission?”


The person Carina calls Nee-san is not Nojiko.

It’s Lunacia.

Since she has a stronger image of being their sister than their parent, not only Carina but also Nojiko and Nami call Lunacia Nee-san.


“Permission… do you think she will give it?”

“With some conditions, she should allow us. With this condition, I’m sure you’ll agree too.”

“On what condition?”

“What you say about safely stealing treasures from pirates in East Blue? You can also look around in East Blue with your own eyes, so I don’t think it sounds bad…”

“No, it sounds good.”


It’s much safer than the New World, so even Lunacia can’t complain.

However, there is one obstacle.


“Our bounty posters might be spread in East Blue though…?”


Nami asked Carina.

Both of them are wanted by the government with bounty.

She would pair up with Carina to earn some pocket money, but Nami would usually defeat Sea Kings.

Carina is also almost the same, but she’s not convinced that Nami has a higher bounty compared to her.

This is because Carina has spent much more time as a burglar compared to Nami.

However, when it comes to their nicknames, Nami likes hers.

This is because she feels that her skill as a navigator is evaluated so much, for she seems to be controlling the weather.

To be precise, she just predicts the weather with knowledge, experience, and feeling.

On the other hand, Carina didn’t like her nickname.

Both of them are on the lower side among the Lunacia Pirates, but they are ridiculously high in the real world.


‘Weather Controller’ Nami  – 130 Million belly

‘Wicked Phantom Thief’ Carina  –  110 Million belly


It’s not a bounty someone should have in East Blue, a place sometimes called the weakest sea.

Above all, Nami has a tattoo of the Lunacia Pirates on her left shoulder and Carina on her right shoulder.

This was completely voluntary, but they had it in the celebration of becoming a member of the flagship.

Because it is a tattoo that combines the symbol mark of the ship, a person with common sense could tell which pirate crew they belong to with a glance.

Carina confidently answers to remove Nami’s worries.


“Even if there is our bounty poster circulating in East Blue, no one would think we would be there, so it’s okay.”

“…well, that’s true. Nee-san also frequently goes to East Blue, but she says that there is never a fuss when she visits islands that were not under her control.”


Nodding to Nami’s words, Carina proposes.


“Anyway, what do you think about raising our bounty a little more? I think that would make the pirates of the East Sea tremble.”

“That’s right. Well, I think it’s okay, but let’s not be lazy and continue training… so, how should we raise our bounty?”


Hearing Nami’s question, Carina smiles and says.


“Of course, by stealing as usual. The salary of the marine soldiers in a certain Marines branch will be shipped soon.”

“In that case, let’s steal the entire battleship.”


And so, the two started to make a violent plan.








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