One Piece: A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – The return of daily life?


“…why did I pick up this guy again?”


Lunacia, who has reformed the Rocks Pirates and turned the world upside down, was at a loss.

In front of her, a muscular man is collapsed, showing the white of his eyes.

She has a record of 52 fights and 52 wins against him, but that record will probably still be refreshed tomorrow.


The pirate crew led by Lunacia had continued expanding its power even after the dissolution of the Rocks Pirates.

It is more correct to call it a Pirate Nation or Pirate Federation than a pirate crew, but anyways, there are only a limited number of people who would pick a fight with them.

However, a ridiculous guy suddenly launched a war against Lunacia alone.


It happened a few months ago.

Lunacia also knew of his existence, but there were many people until now who were the same as him, picking fights with anyone everywhere without really thinking who it was, so she did not care, thinking that he would probably die sooner or later.

But when she was confident of that, he suddenly picked a fight against her.

Some pirates under her command were beaten up and returned to escape with serious injuries.

It seems that he hurt them on purpose.


Lunacia immediately gathered detailed information on several routes about him.

Soon, she realized something surprising.

It seems that if the series of attacks starting with Mary Geoise did not happen, or maybe postponed a little, the Marines might have activated Buster Call against him, planning on either capturing or killing him.

It goes without saying that the Marines currently cannot afford to do such a thing, so he――Douglas Bullet continues to go on a rampage as much as he wants.

While surprised by that unexpected truth, Lunacia decided that she should beat him up first.

It is not wrong to say he is strong, but he wasn’t strong enough to repel a Buster Call.

Whether it’s Lunacia, Whitebeard, and others, not only can they repel Buster Calls, they would even think that it was quite kind of them to gather so closely since they saved them some effort looking around for marines and defeat all of them all at once.

In any case, Lunacia beat Bullet up but did not kill him because he was once a member of the Roger Pirates.

It comes from her sentiment of thinking that it was sad that the number of people who knows the deceased would decrease.

But he does not learn and continues to pick a fight with Lunacia, and she beats him up every time. It seems that he was even enjoying it.

It was troublesome that the pirates under her wing would get beaten up every time, so she helplessly turned him into her subordinate.

On the condition that he can attack her any time except at night.


“D-Damn it…”

“Oh, you’ve wake up, Bullet.”

“I lost again…”

“Yeah, right. Sleep a little more.”


Lunacia faints Bullet by dropping a fist to his head.


“If I send him to Kaido, he’d probably kill him by mistake… Linlin doesn’t seem to fit his personality… and Newgate and Shiki are Roger’s rivals…”


‘So I’m the only one?’, Lunacia sighed while she thought of that.

She also thought that it would be great if it weren’t a burly man like this but a beautiful woman.


“Better yet, I should send him to Kamabakka Kingdom and… no, if he turns out like that with his appearance, even I can’t endure it…”


Lunacia felt a cold shiver just by imagining it and thought of returning to her mansion where Amande and the others were waiting.

It was that time when Buena Festa came.

He was searching for Lunacia and even came to Lunacia’s exclusive training ground.


“Ah, there you are, Lunacia-sama. Can I borrow Bullet? I want to put him out as the centerpiece of the next Pirates Fight Festival.”

“If you need a centerpiece, should I…”


Hearing Lunacia say that Festa shook his head vigorously and made a cross with both hands.


“No way! If you come out, we can’t establish a betting, and even Whitebeard or someone else might come! It’ll be a dangerous war!”


Although Festa is a warmonger, he doesn’t want a war that is so ridiculous that would end the world as we know it without joking.

Although, ever since he came to Lunacia’s place, he’s no longer working as a warmonger but doing his job as a master of festivities exclusively.

In the first place, he retired feeling that he lost to Roger as a master of festivities, but he became very enthusiastic because of the series of incidents starting from Mary Geoise and was excited by the rampage of the New Rocks Pirates that surpassed the Rocks Pirates back then.

On top of that, after doing all of what they had done, they even declared dissolution, showing how a festival should end.

Shortly after the incident, Lunacia came to his place, asking while bowing her head.


‘I need your help, I want you to create various entertainment in my territory as a master of festivities.’


Since she had gone so far to invite him, Festa couldn’t refuse her.

After he agreed, Lunacia welcomed him as an executive, and even created a specialized department, and even gave him abundant personnel and budget.

He was astonished by her generosity but soon started to get headaches by Lunacia’s lack of common sense.

One of the best examples of that is the Pirates Fight Festival.

It has already been held several times and is a very popular festival not only for pirates but also for the general public.

During the planning of the first fight festival, Lunacia told Festa with a smug face.


‘We should call Whitebeard, Golden Lion, Big Mom, and Kaido and fight including me――!

It’ll absolutely be exciting――!’


It goes without saying that Festa desperately stopped her.

Since then, it has become an annual event for him to stop Lunacia from appearing at every fight festival.


“Well, I’ll leave things about festivals for you. I’ll leave the matter to your discretion.”

“Oh, thanks very much…”

“Okay, bring it to me when you’ve made the needed documents.”


Lunacia left while waving her hands.

Festa, who was left behind, lightly sighed.

After that, he took out Lunacia’s newly released bounty poster, and stared at it.

It did not matter letting her know about it, but the amount was somewhat intriguing, so he couldn’t take it out in the end.


“Her bounty is 5 billion and 595 million and 963 thousand… it a little lower than Roger’s, but what the heck is with the fraction in the end?”


  1. 5(Go)9(Ku)6(Ro)3(san). Gokurosan. Thanks for your hard work.

Festa thought that perhaps its a message from the World Government and the Marines towards the killing of the World Nobles, but decided that he thought too much.


When Lunacia returned to her own mansion where Amande and the others were waiting, it seemed that Amande had felt her presence using Kenbunshoku Haki, she welcomed her back.

She was holding a piece of paper with great caution.


“Lunacia-sama, your new bounty poster.”

“It finally came out? Really, the office work of the Marines and the World Government is too slow… did it reach 5,000 trillion belly?”

“Who knows? But I think the amount is enough to be proud of.”


Amande said while smiling sweetly and handed the bounty poster to Lunacia.

Upon receiving it, she confirmed the amount――


“…I’mma go talk to the Five Elders about this. Don’t stop me, Amande!”

“I thought you would do that! Come, my little sisters!”


With Amande’s call, her sisters appeared from everywhere.


“Lunacia-sama, isn’t it high enough? What are you dissatisfied with?”


Although young in her early teens, Smoothie, who was already quite strong, asked.


“Those guys, are they looking down on me!? What do you mean by 5963/Gokurosan!? I’ll immediately reform the Rocks Pirates and crush Pangea Castle! I’ll hold the Second In Memory of Rocks Reunion!!”


Lunacia shouted while Amande and the others desperately grabbed onto her.

All of them were clad in Busoshoku Haki, but they couldn’t be relieved at all.

After that, Lunacia went crazy with Amande and the others for about an hour, only to be calmed down by Bakkin, who was called and gave up.

However, it did make her uncomfortable, so decided to go to Amazon Lily to heal her traumatized heart.


Getting to the Island of Women is difficult if you are on a boat, but it has nothing to do with Lunacia, who can fly in the sky.

Also, the Amazon Lily side knows how Lunacia will come, and she has no particular restrictions as it is profitable to trade with her and dispatch force for a fee.

Regardless, a strong woman like Lunacia is popular with them originally, but because of the previous incident, she became even more popular.

The islanders welcomed Lunacia, but she first went to greet their empress.

After meeting the empress, she asked her something, to which Lunacia agreed.

After the audience, Lunacia went to the three sisters that she had been watching for several years.

The three sisters with Boa Hancock, their eldest, Sandersonia, and Marigold.

The three girls also admire Lunacia, and it feels very healing for Lunacia.

After combing the hair of the three sisters and telling them various heroic stories, Lunacia started the lesson.

It was because the empress asked Lunacia, a strong woman, to teach the children her secret on how to be strong and about her.

Lunacia received quite some help from them, so she was willing to accept the request.


“The secret to getting stronger is to have moderate exercise and a well-balanced diet. If you get fat or too big, you’ll get slower, so you shouldn’t.”


Not only Hancock and her sisters were listening to Lunacia’s lecture with serious expressions, but even other children in Amazon Lily also came.

Many adults also came with them.


“The more you train Haki, the stronger you can become. In order to plunder safely, it is most important to improve your Haki and physical ability. Many people in the world can fight me even with just Haki.”


‘People like Zephyr or Garp――’


Lunacia continues her words while thinking inwardly.


“Even if you become a Devil Fruit User, you shouldn’t rely too much on your ability. The spirit of always thinking that you are still very weak and you can still get a lot stronger is very important. You should also be mentally strong, and when you feel like you cannot get any stronger, you must believe that the reason for that is the way you are training yourself is wrong, not because you are at your limits.”


‘I can also get a lot stronger from now on――’


Lunacia continued the class while thinking so.


“I’m gonna follow Lunacia…”

Donquixote Doflamingo confirmed the new amount of Lunacia’s bounty and declared it to his crew members.

A few years ago, he intentionally returned to North Blue, the place where he lived before, and formed a pirate crew.

It was due to his determination that he could reach the top, starting from that place where he’d tasted the bottom of his life.


“Following or whatever, isn’t that the only choice…?”


Hearing Vergo’s question, Doflamingo scratches his head.


“I just decided once again. In the first place, betraying or violating her policies and not obeying her orders, it’s so scary I couldn’t do it… I’ve seen her punish someone before, but I definitely don’t want to get a taste of that…”


Seeing Doflamingo’s horrified face, the four of Vergo, Trebol, Pica, and Diamante couldn’t help but gasp.

Lunacia holds a very powerful force, possessing countless subordinates and a vast territory――it was not an exaggeration to call it a nation――and reigns in New World like an emperor.

She is one of those who are called Five Emperors.

The punishment of Lunacia, the one who is rumored to be the strongest among them.

It’s unimaginable――


“I couldn’t believe that her punishment was… spanking in the ass…!”


Hearing Doflamingo’s words, the eyes of Vergo and the others widened.


“Is that true? I thought she would do something more extraordinary…”

“Does she hit you but with a fist wearing Busoshoku Haki…?”


Doflamingo answers Vergo and Diamante’s question.


“It’s ordinary spanking. So ordinary that the most noticeable thing is that she wears gloves… however, the victim is usually a pirate with a lot of fame. You’ll see a huge man forced to crawl on all fours and get his ass spanked…”


Doflamingo remembers.

That pirate with a huge build was punished because he didn’t obey Lunacia’s order.

It seemed so painful and shameful that he shed tears and begged for forgiveness.

It was better to be tortured or even killed rather than to receive such a mental shock.


“Hmm… that sounds so dangerous that there might be some who would awaken some weird tendencies.”


She looks like a beautiful girl.

Regardless of her actual age.

While sighing after hearing Trebol’s words, Doflamingo remembered calling his parents and brother using Den Den Mushi about the incident this time. 

His parents thought that it was only natural for that to happen to them, and Rosinante thought the same.

Because they knew very well what people thought of World Nobles after leaving Mary Geoise.

However, there is no one would oppress them anymore because of being former World Nobles.

It’s because Lunacia, who saved them, announced them to be ordinary naive people who thought that they were World Nobles.

Adding to the fact that his parents have good personalities, although they would sometimes be seen with poor eyes, no one doubted, and they lived their ordinary lives.

Rosinante is as healthy as he can be and seems to be studying to start a business.

Doflamingo grinned a smile and whispered.


“All thanks to Lunacia…”

“Mm? What’s the matter?


Answering “it’s nothing” to Vergo’s question, Doflamingo laughed.







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