One Piece: A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – Rebuilding the Marines


The numerous evil deeds done by the Rocks Pirates, including attacking Mary Geoise, were quickly made known to the whole world by Morgans.

Those who read their evil deeds were delighted before feeling frightened.

No one does not know the evil of the World Nobles.

Even children know about it.

Without the backing of the Marines, there are many people in the world who would like to vent their grudges against them.

And on their behalf, the Rocks Pirates attacked Mary Geoise, killing countless World Nobles.

The other news, such as giving the Marines a crushing blow and destroying Impel Down and Enies Lobby, are generally not good for those without power.

However, the joy the people had for the fact that the World Nobles had died blew those things away.

Perhaps because of the incident, the World Government swiftly decided and announced that it would abolish the Heavenly Tribute tax.

The people should have no dissatisfaction, and even strengthened support for the World Government.

On the other hand, a new tax was levied to raise the security maintenance activities of the Marines, but it was much cheaper compared to Heavenly Tribute, and the amount was reasonable, so no one complained.

And, because of the damage dealt to the Marines in this incident, Fleet Admiral Kong retired to take responsibility, and Sengoku took over the position.

However, everyone knew that he was getting the short end of the stick.

After being treated well and completely recovering, Sengoku was already missing the hospital bed.


“Sengoku, I brought you some rice crackers.”

“Oh it’s you, Garp… thanks.”


Sengoku said thanks to Garp, who brought him some refreshments.

Documents are piled up all over his office desk, and more and more are being brought in as soon as he finished dealing with some, so there was no sign of it decreasing at all.

That has stayed the same since he became Fleet Admiral.

Sengoku’s gaze is nailed to the documents.

Fortunately, he was told by the Five Elders not to worry about the budget.

In addition, Sengoku was also given the right to appoint and remove officers and was told that he could do what he wanted.

For that reason, Sengoku first removed Zephyr from his position of Admiral, gave him a newly created position called Inspector General of Drill Instruction, and threw everything related to the education and training of the marines to him.

Zephyr was willing to accept it and was already working hard to train the marines.

Other than Sengoku and Zephyr, there is another Admiral, but he was also seriously injured.

He was completely not in a state where he could be counted as a force, so he was removed from the position of Admiral, and after his recovery, a new post will be created just like with Zephyr, and he will take command of it.

And the vacant positions of Admirals were taken by Kuzan, Borsalino, and Sakazuki, who were outstanding among the Vice Admirals.

Sengoku decided to take this opportunity to carry out major reforms in the Marines, and the Five Elders approved it.


The sound of Garp sitting on the sofa eating rice crackers echoes in Sengoku’s office.


“…I might be a devil.”

“What are you suddenly saying?”


Sengoku instinctively stopped staring at the documents and turned his gaze toward Garp, who suddenly spoke.


“Many of my subordinates were hurt or died during that battle… but I was even happier knowing the fact that those trash in Mary Geoise were cleaned up.”

“…you should know that there were some World Nobles who weren’t in Mary Geoise at that time.”

“But the world has changed. They went to that place that no one could touch and forced the world to change. Even if some of those sick bastards survive, they can’t reverse the flow…!”


Hearing Garp’s words, Sengoku almost nodded but held himself.

Garp continues.


“Sengoku, we can now stick our chests out and proudly proclaim our justice…! Defeating evil and helping the weak… we can finally really do the justice we want so much…!”


Hearing those words, Sengoku’s body shivered.

Various thoughts were coming to him now.

To this day, many things happened besides fighting pirates.

But among those, most of the shittiest and worst cases basically involve World Nobles.

Not only Garp and Sengoku feel that way. Tsuru and other generals and field officers think so as well.


“And you know, Sengoku? What do you think of the Marines right now? Our faces were crushed, our force is in shambles, and the enemy is ridiculously powerful… if you think of it normally, the human resources department should be flooded by resignation letters being sent to them. Have heard anything from them?”


Hearing Garp’s question, Sengoku realized.

He hasn’t heard anything of that sort.

Garp, who noticed that he realized, showed a fearless smile.


“That’s the answer. Many of our companions have been wounded or even died during that battle. That is true… but isn’t also true that the trash has disappeared? I heard from Kuzan and the others that Zephyr enjoyed fighting with Lunacia.”

“…in addition to that, you burst into laughter when her invoice came in, and Zephyr wanted to pay it?”

“That damn brat is really looking down on us… I won’t feel good if I ain’t hit her head with 100 punches!”


Garp nodded while saying that and continued.


“Cleaning the trash made the morale of our marines get boosted like never before… even though we lost many things, and have great sadness…!”


Garp put the rice crackers aside and stood up.

Then, he takes off the white coat with the letters justice written and tells Sengoku while showing him the letters of justice.


“Sengoku, we shall change the way we carry justice on our backs!”


With that said, Garp put on his coat.

Seeing that, Sengoku also laughs incredibly.

He also takes his coat from the wall and tells Garp while showing the letters of justice.


“Don’t worry, Garp. You’re not the only devil…”


Receiving Sengoku’s words, Garp showed a smile.


“Although any of the marine soldiers are wounded and even die… I was happy…! The joy I have from the fact that they disappeared… it was really that much…!”


After that, he also wore his coat.

After doing so, Sengoku showed a bitter smile.


“The coat feels heavier than before.”

“The justice we represent now is far heavier after all. I can’t bear the weight, but I just can’t throw it away.”

“Certainly… hey, Garp. Accompany me to move my body for a while. Let’s get Zephyr as well and go on a mock battle.”

“Oh, that sounds good. We both have just recovered, so we’re a little dull, so it’s just right.”


They then left the room wearing coats with the letters justice written on its back.


The Marines have lost many after their defeat against the Rocks Pirates.

However, with the disappearance of the weight stone called World Nobles, the people of the world recognized that the Marines have truly become an organization of justice. 

The number of people who long to become pirates has increased because of Roger’s words and the action taken by the Rocks Pirates, but compared to that, the Marines have yet to know that the number of people wishing to join the Marines is far greater.







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