One Piece: A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – The end of the party


“Send all of the wounded to the rear! Do your best. Reinforcement from Marineford is coming soon!”

Tsuru watches the battle situation while quickly sending instructions.

What happened was so fast. It was at a level that turned any strategy useless.

The large battleships were broken as if they had gone through a huge storm, and some of them sank and were chopped into pieces.

The smaller-sized battleships were even more miserable.

Tsuru even felt that maybe their battleships were made out of paper. Their power equal to natural disaster raged upon them.

Unfortunately, her strength doesn’t give her a chance to break into that battle, and the same goes for many marine soldiers.

Most of the general-class marines had already been defeated, and marine soldiers below the Captain level didn’t have the right to challenge.

Because most of them fainted due to the Haoshoku Haki released by those five people.


The battlefield has already moved to Red Port.

Tsuru, who remained, was struggling to rescue those thrown into the sea, treat the injured, and recover the bodies of those who had died.


“Ridiculous! Red Port’s red doesn’t mean blood red, you know…!”


The number of wounded and fatalities is unknown, but the number of sunk battleships can be counted.

There are 58 ships, which is unprecedented damage to the Marines.

They are all individually stronger compared to the era of Rocks Pirates, and they are overwhelmingly stronger under a single command compared to that time.

Tsuru has seen that Lunacia’s existence was a great factor in that.


While that happened, Lunacia was fighting Zephyr and the three Vice Admirals led by him.

In the distance, she can tell from the shockwaves that Sengoku and Garp are doing their best to fight against the four of Newgate, Shiki, Linlin, and Kaido.

However, both situations here and there are one-sided.

Of course, in the advantage of Rocks Pirates.


Zephyr breathed exhaustedly while sharply glaring at Lunacia, who was standing in front of him.

Even after being promoted to Admiral of the Marine Headquarters, he did not slack off in training and was also an instructor at the same time.

His wife supports his busy life, and his son is working hard to train to become a strong marine.

He is sure that he was stronger compared to the time in God Valley, and just like that time, he had carried knuckle busters and spears made out of Seastone to seal her ability.

However, Lunacia’s power far exceeded his expectations.


Not to mention Haki, even purely her physical fighting ability, battle sense, etc., are completely different from the time in God Valley.

She was strong enough to lead Whitebeard, Big Mom, Golden Lion, and Kaido to form the Rocks Pirates once again. 

The most frightening thing was since they had weapons made out of Seastone, she wasn’t using her ability.

However, her regenerative ability seems to be automatically activated, healing the wounds that were not dealt with using Seastone.


‘She’s drastically improved her basic fighting strength――’


Despite being an enemy, Zephyr was impressed by her attitude of not being overconfident in her abilities.

It was that time, Lunacia suddenly spoke.


“By the way, Zephyr. About 8 or 9 years ago, there was a pirate who came to my place asking me to help him get revenge against you.”


Lunacia, who had been silent so far, suddenly called out.

Zephyr involuntarily stops moving.

Kuzan, Borsalino, and Sakazuki also try to recover their stamina while they stop fighting.


“When I asked how, he told me he’s gonna kill your family, so I killed him.”


Surprised by her words, Zephyr spoke slowly.


“Uh, well… should I say, thank you?”

“Don’t mind it. If he wanted to go on a head-to-head fight with you, I would’ve helped him.”

“In that case, I would’ve accepted his challenge.”

“I guessed so. By the way, are those three your students? They’re quite strong.”

“Still young whelps.”


Zephyr launches his fist toward Lunacia while saying.

In response, Kuzan and the others also attacked Lunacia.

However, she avoids all their attack as if she was looking at them in the future.

Zephyr says while watching her movements.


“You guys, her Haki, both Kenbunshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki is far stronger than before. Specially Borsalino, you should be careful not to rely too much on your abilities.”

“Using me for a lecture? I’ll charge you for that.”

“Send the bill to Sengoku.”


The two are having a casual conversation, but the exchange of attacks continues at a terrifying speed without interruption.

While Lunacia’s Yomi and Zephyr’s knuckle buster collided, Kuzan and the others would attack her from the side or behind.

They did not have the leisure to talk, and all they could do was to attack desperately, but――they couldn’t hit.

That happened many times since the battle started, and from time to time, they would even receive Lunacia’s counterattack.


“Isn’t this stage still early for the three of them?”

“Maybe, but they need to experience it… since people like you are in the seas.”

“Excuse me. Unlike the other for, I’m pretty moderate.”

“Aren’t you the world’s worst criminal after this.”

“I feel that people like Garp would be so delighted though… aren’t you the same?”

“Who knows.”


Zephyr completely refused to answer.

Under the circumstances, since the World Nobles would not order the Marines to clean up the pirates despite Mary Geoise being attacked, it was easy to imagine what happened.


‘They really did it, to that place no one can touch――!’


For better or for worse, the Rocks Pirates go diagonally to what they expected.

The face of the Marines is completely destroyed, and just thinking of the consequences would give one a headache.

But honestly, Zephyr felt refreshed.

And, that’s probably the case with Kuzan and the others as well.

Being promoted in the Marines means that the chances of witnessing the actions of World Nobles increase.

To be honest, although he wouldn’t voice it out, and he could even act as if he is showing worry for Mary Geoise――but Zephyr thinks that he’s not the only one who thinks inside.

He shows a smile while saying.


“Let’s enjoy this. It’s been the God Valley Incident, right? That you’re in the front stage.”

“I’m sorry, I’m not interested in burly men.”

“Well, don’t say that.”


Zephyr’s attacks became fiercer.

Lunacia, on the other side, accompanied him with a helpless expression.

While giving his students, who attack from time to time, a painful counterattack.


However, it was clear to anyone who saw their battle that Lunacia was at an advantage.


And several hours later――Lunacia and the others leisurely left Red Port.

The combination of Sengoku and Garp, who was fighting them, made Shiki and the others have a tough battle, but they one using the advantage in numbers, and Lunacia also won against Zephyr and his students.

When they returned to the ship floating higher than Mary Geoise, Kaido asked Lunacia.


“Is it alright not to kill them?”

“Yes. Isn’t it sad that there would be fewer people who would think of Rocks?”

“How naive.”


Kaido rolled his eyes towards Lunacia, and she laughed.


“Did you know? Sometimes living is far more painful than dying.”


Kaido tilted his head to Lunacia’s words, but Shiki and the others understood.


“Lunacia, while we’re at it, should we go to Impel Down and Enies Lobby too?”


Hearing Newgate’s question, Lunacia immediately agreed.


“That sounds good. Since we said we’ll attack, it’ll probably be rude not to attack them… Shiki, head towards Impel Down first.”

“Understood. By the way, what about Marineford? I think we can destroy it now.”


Hearing those words, Lunacia laughs and says.


“We declared we won’t attack Marineford, so not this time. The Marines would probably have a hard time from now on. I wonder how they’d deal with the consequences…”


Hearing Lunacia’s words, everyone laughed, including Kaido.

From now on, the Marines would be in a tough position it’s better to die.

The Marines sent their greatest power, yet couldn’t stand their teeth against Rocks Pirates.

Their face is crushed, and the damage done to them is enormous.

There is no doubt that it will take a long time for them to rebuild their forces, and while that happened, the five could do whatever they wanted.


“Hey, Lunacia. I have a suggestion… when the Marines rebuild their forces, let’s form Rocks Pirates again and crush them, what you say? That’ll be beneficial to everyone.”

“Linlin, what a good idea! Let’s call it ‘The Second In Memory of Rocks Reunion’, how?”


Newgate and Shiki also nodded to Lunacia’s question, and Kaido――


“Woah! I totally agree! Until then, I’m going to get a lot stronger! Strong enough not to be called apprentice!”

“You’re an apprentice of the Rocks Pirates forever.”


Although Lunacia told him such ruthless words, Kaido just laughed heartily.


“We can destroy Enies Lobby, but I want the prisoners in Impel Down, so hold back a little. Let’s destroy it after letting the prisoners escape. This is a captain’s order.”


Lunacia said with a smug expression.


And after that, Lunacia and the others attacked Impel Down and let the prisoners escape――this time, even those in Level 6――and turned them into their subordinates, and after destroying Impel Down, they destroyed Enies Lobby.

Just like that, the Rocks Pirates gained enormous treasures and countless slaves and prisoners. And while they were at it, they gave the Marines a crushing blow, destroying Enies Lobby and Impel Down, ending the First In Memory of Rocks Reunion.

After everything was done, Lunacia called Morgans to Hachinosu.

He already knew what Lunacia and the others had done, and knowing that he could get first-hand information, he happily and courageously came.

Morgans asks many questions, but Lunacia answers them one by one, and at the end of the interview, she announces the dissolution of the Rocks Pirates as originally planned.


On the side, just a small snippet, Sengoku received an invoice from Lunacia about being used for a lecture, and Sengoku, who had just recovered, was so angry that his blood pressure rose too much, leading him to be hospitalized again.

By the way, Garp burst into laughter when he saw that invoice, and Zephyr tried to pay the bill, only to be stopped by Tsuru.






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