One Piece: A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – When the dragon falls from the sky


Two marine soldiers tasked to guard Mary Geoise are patrolling at night.

The Holy Land Mary Geoise is vast.

Just the Pangea Castle alone has a huge area, and it is difficult to guard it, including the surrounding area where the World Nobles’ living quarters are located.

In order to carry out security efficiently, small bases are set up in various places, and marines and guards are stationed there.

The commander of the base is a Vice Admiral, but honestly speaking, the duty of guarding Mary Geoise is an extremely boring and troublesome job. 

It’s not like the marine soldiers and the guards don’t have their thoughts on the various acts of the World Nobles.

But they had no other choice but to turn a blind eye, telling themselves they were just doing their job, reminding themselves that the other party was a World Noble.


“Watch out for the fog? How?”

“Who knows…”


A notice was issued by Admiral Sengoku about two weeks ago.


‘Beware of fog, it is the sign of enemy attack――’


It was not issued only to Mary Geoise but to various marine bases all over the world.

The Marines’ headquarters and various branches are spending their days nervously, knowing that the Rocks Pirates might attack somewhere.

However, Mary Geoise had nothing to do with that stressful atmosphere.


“In the first place, no one would attack this place.”

“Right. First, how would you get here?”

“It’s impossible unless they can fly in the sky. Even if they could, an Admiral will quickly come from Marineford.


That kind of idea is common to all the marine soldiers and guards on duty in Mary Geoise.


But it was then――


“Hey, now that you’ve mentioned it, a fog came out.”

“You’ve never seen one? Must be a coincidence.”


The two patrol their designated route regardless.

However, on the other hand, even the full moon was obscured by the thickening fog.

But they are more afraid of leaving their designated route compared to an enemy attack.

Because if they enter the wrong place, a world noble might kill them without excuses.

It was common sense for the two to decide to stop for a while to wait until the fog cleared.


And, at this time, the monitoring of the Visual Den Den Mushi had already lost its meaning.

The monitors in the surveillance room of the base couldn’t see anything but a thick fog, making the marine soldiers in charge helpless.

Eventually, when it was past 23:00, the fog finally started to invade the interiors of buildings in various places.

Taking the fog entering from all kinds of gaps as a sign of enemy attack, the bastions from all over Mary Geoise went on alert.

However, even after an hour of waiting for the enemy attack, the fog only thinly spread throughout the interior of the base.

They might have sent an emergency message to Marineford if there was an enemy attack, but nothing happened, so they only sent a regular report that there was no problem.


‘No abnormalities as usual――’


If they had weapons or handcuffs made out of Seastone, they might have noticed that the fog does not get close to Seastone, but not a single one of such things was supplied to the troops stationed in Mary Geoise.

Items made out of Seastone are extremely effective against Devil Fruit Users, but the nations that produce Seastone are limited, and because it is difficult to process, it is very expensive, so it is impossible for the Marines to equip all their troops with it.

It is only natural that rather than letting such items gather dust with the troops stationed in Mary Geoise, where there is no chance to use them in battle, they would give priority to supplying the headquarters and several branches that have many chances of fighting and capturing Devil Fruit Users.

Furthermore, there are some who used Kenbunshoku Haki to investigate, but such people died the fastest.

Even the people near such person would disappear along with them without making any sound.


It was the same for the mansions of World Nobles to be covered by fog, but when the time was opportune, most of them had already slept.

It might have been different if the fog inside their mansions were thick enough to block vision, but you can only see the fog if you pay attention, and those who were awake have not even realized what was happening.

Of course, the same goes for the guards guarding the inside and outside of the World Noble’s mansion.

Also, they are helpless even if they are told to do something about the fog, so as long as the World Nobles do not make a fuss, they will only do their usual job.

However, there are Devil Fruit Users among the slaves of the World Nobles wearing handcuffs and shackles made out of Seastone, giving them a chance to notice the anomaly.

But unfortunately, no one paid attention to whether the fog would get close to the handcuffs and shackles worn by the slaves.


And finally, the fateful moment has arrived.

It was just around 1 AM in the morning.

Even if the marine soldiers and the guards were alert, they were helpless.


Many of those who the World Nobles enslaved saw it.

They saw the World Nobles and their guards instantly spurt out blood from all over their bodies and turn into dried corpses.

After they died, a blonde-haired girl appeared in front of the slaves imprisoned here and there.

She tells them.


“I came to save you. If you follow me, I’ll guarantee you a prosperous life.”


Despite knowing from the situation that such a massacre was done by the girl, the slaves didn’t have the option to say no.


“Good, it’s over. Let’s hurry up collecting treasures and releasing slaves.”


Lunacia told Newgate and the others with a smile.

It was going all according to plan, so they were spending their time as they wished.

It is after this that they will take action.

A ship has landed near Mary Geoise, and the only thing left was to wait for Lunacia bring over the slaves and treasures.


“Jihahaha! You did it so easily! I can’t even feel moved by it!”

“With things like these, it’s better not to do unnecessary things and end it quickly. As planned, let’s surprise them with our parting gift after we escape.”


Shiki asked Lunacia, who answered like that.


“There is no doubt that you have changed the future of the world. How does it feel?”


Hearing that question, Newgate and the others also looked at Lunacia.


“No, doesn’t feel like anything at all…”

“Your reaction’s too weak… well, whatever. Still, you really won’t kill the Five Elders?”


Lunacia nodded to Shiki’s question.


“For better or for worse, they do their job seriously. So I thought it’s fine either way.”


Hearing the unexpected reason, Shiki and the others couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Lunacia continued while giving them the stink eye.


“Well, if it was Rocks, he’d probably killed them without question because they’d get in the way of him becoming king, but the World Government has rooted the world for better or for worse, so going to that extent would be too much.”


Lunacia pauses there for a moment and continues.


“I’d hate that, you know? The World Government collapsing, turning the world into something that’s completely lawless and full of war… if the world becomes like that, we wouldn’t be able to make as much money as we do now.


Shiki nodded at those words.


“The world will go around even if the World Nobles are gone, but if the Five Elders disappear, it’ll probably become as you say… I mean, I’ll probably be the first to make that happen. It’d make it easier to increase my power.”

“It’s like that for Shiki, as well as for Kaido and Linlin right? Though Newgate doesn’t seem to be interested in such things.”


Hearing Lunacia’s question, Kaido nodded while drinking alcohol, and Linlin nodded while drinking juice.

Newgate also nodded to show affirmation and asked.


“However… you aren’t lying, but you’re also not telling the truth. Tell us what you actually think.”

“Ignoring and dealing with the many problems that will arise after defeating the World Government will be too troublesome… I think that not only war will occur, but that various darkness and truths will become apparent and cause chaos.”


After saying that, Lunacia gives Newgate a big smile.


“Newgate, if you can handle that sort of thing, I’ll help you clean them up right away… what you say?”

“Don’t throw your troubles to someone else. If you want to, then you should just make the team tasked to deal with that.”

“Well, that’s true… recently, a small revolutionary group has been doing well, so maybe I’d support them.”


Hearing Lunacia’s words, the others also had some thoughts.


“That man called Dragon? I’ve heard about him instigating a coup d’etat in a small country under tyranny.”

“That’s our guy. Well, if he refuses after we talk about it, I’ll simply deal with him appropriately.”

“If he agrees?”

“Well, on the condition that it doesn’t interfere with my policies and business, well, there are many things.”


Shiki asked Lunacia, who answered with a smile.


“Hey, Lunacia. Lend me some money, can ya? I also need a lot of weapons and other things.”

“Planning something bad?”

“That’s it. I’ll pay with interest.”

“I’ll consider under the condition that you won’t touch my territory, and you’d become my subordinate if you fail.”

“Of course. That’s fine.”

“Huh? Are you sure?”


Lunacia’s eyes widened.

Perhaps he was confident, Shiki deepened his smile.


“But I’ll be the one who judges whether I failed or not.”

“What are you talking about? Of course I’ll judge whether you failed or not. Don’t worry, I won’t be unreasonable. How about we say you failed if you lose to a rookie?”

“Jihahaha! In that case, I’ll also prepare to pack my things up when that happens! I agree!”

“That’s great. Oh, they’re coming. All of you, get ready.”


A few minutes after Lunacia gave that order, countless Lunacias boarded the ship carrying treasures.

Before long, the group of slaves also started to get aboard and cheered when they boarded the ship.

Lunacia gave them food and water.

On the other hand, the countless Lunacias brought the treasures inside the ship and into the ship’s holds, then carried out something from the ship when they disembarked.

That was placed inside a wooden chest, and you can’t see it. It’s Lunacia’s small gift for the marines.

She thought that it would be a pity if all of their treasures were taken away, so she decided to leave something behind for them.

At this point, Newgate, Kaido, and Linlin got off the ship and headed toward a certain place.

Newgate is by himself, while Kaido is a pair with Linlin.

Eventually, they arrived.

That is the only place that connects Mary Geoise to the ground――the landing site of the special lifts called Bondola.

The coverage of Lunacia’s fog extends from Mary Geoise to here, and the marine soldiers and guards who were there have already died.

The event they are participating in is the destruction of the Bondola’s landing site and the complete isolation of Mary Geoise.

The World Government and the Marines will probably do their best to restore it, but it wasn’t hard to imagine that it would take a long time. 


“Not yet, still not that time yet.”


Lunacia said.

Newgate and the others arrived there, but only Lunacia knew the timing.

There is one more event left, one that they would quickly need to do after this one ended.


Time passed slowly, but Newgate and the others did not have any complaints other than boredom.

With the current situation and their strength, they did not have anything to be worried about.

And finally, the time has finally come.


“Now! Destroy it!”

Newgate and the others slammed the ground of the landing site with all their might.

It was a warning telling the opponent that they had been attacked, and at the same time, a sound that announces despair.


‘The world shall remember Rocks――!’


The Bondola’s landing site was destroyed in an instant, turned into rubble, and fell.

The part that received the most destruction was the part Newgate attacked. The Bondola landing site was peeled off completely.

From here on, time is of the essence.

They needed to launch another attack before the enemy recovered, so Lunacia decided to use a trump card.

The attack and withdrawal after this were completely left to Lunacia, and Shiki and the others did not know how that be carried out.

Therefore, they were stunned.

She turned into large numbers in an instant and grabbed Newgate and the others’ bodies. 

And from the back of her many clones, bat-like wings grew and started to fly in the sky.

Carrying Newgate and the others.


“You brat, you were able to fly like this…”

“Yeah. Trump cards are used in the most opportune moments. Ain’t that right?”



Almost the same exchange between Lunacia and Newgate happened with Linlin and Kaido.

And so, they arrived safely at the ship in the sky controlled by Shiki.

Their raid reached its climax, and at the same time, the sky started to get bright.

It’s dawn.

However, there is no change in plans. Or rather, the main event starts from here.

Everyone except Shiki headed towards the Red Port on the side Marineford is located.

Lunacia carried Linlin, and Newgate got on the back of Kaido, who turned into a dragon.

They were powerhouses who weren’t affected by the sudden plunge, so they quickly arrived at Red Port which was in an uproar as if someone had just poked a wasp’s nest.

Illuminated by numerous searchlights, they finally started their attack against the Marines.

The marine soldiers who saw them come flying were at a loss for words.

While that happened, they landed on the roof of a nearby tall building.


“Lunacia, you should say that thing.”


Lunacia wondered what Linlin was talking about for a moment but immediately remembered those words.

She took a deep breath and shouted.

With a loud voice that could be heard not only in Red Port but even in the whole of Marineford.


“Come on! I’ll be your opponent!”


Hearing Lunacia’s words, Newgate, Linlin, and Kaido showed fierce smiles and launched their attack.

The power wielded by Lunacia and the others is that of a natural disaster.

The Rear Admirals and Vice Admirals who courageously confronted them would get blown away with a single blow, and those below the Captain rank were not even allowed to challenge them because of the Haoshoku Haki they released. 

Marineford immediately noticed the situation from the destruction that echoed throughout Red Port and emergency calls, so the Admirals led by Sengoku and Vice Admirals led by Garp quickly sortied and boarded their battleships.

It was a massive force of 3 Admirals and 72 Vice Admirals, with 63 large and small battleships.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Marineford and the Red Port are just a stone’s throw away, so they quickly arrived.


But it was clear to everyone that the Red Port would turn into ruins before that.

And, it is well within Lunacia and the others’ expectations that the Marines will attack them with full force, so they attacked while they were at sea.


As a result――


“Take my full power, Marines…!”

The large fleet of the Marines can be seen from afar.

However, there was a man smiling fearlessly while standing on the quay of Red Port waiting.

“Whitebeard” Edward Newgate.

He grabbed into space and mightily slammed it towards the sea.

Its power exceeds one’s imagination.

A massive tsunami that cannot be seen even in the raging sea of New World rises and heads towards the fleet.

Moreover, it did not stop at once.


“Don’t disappoint me, Marines.”


Laughing heroically, he once again grabbed onto empty space and slammed toward the sea.

The second massive tsunami rose just when the first one was only about to reach the marines’ fleet.

But here, the Marines show their iron will.

The first and second waves of tsunami.

They suddenly froze.

The marine fleet that survived the tsunami was finally approaching.

The furious Sengoku, the fearlessly smiling Garp, the fiercely grinning Zephyr, and other Admiral-class powerhouses could be seen.

Seeing that, Newgate laughed heartily and, at the same time, asked the person behind him without turning back.


“Hey, Captain. It’s not going according to plan. What now?”


Standing behind him were Lunacia, Kaido, and Linlin.


“Well, they’re good enough for the last event to end the Rocks memorial reunion. It’s unfortunate that Shiki’s not around, but that’s something only he could do, so it cannot be helped.”


Their ship had already gone to the New World’ side, and Shiki shouldn’t appear suddenly from the sky.

However, Lunacia used her Kenbunshoku Haki to take a look just to be sure――but then she felt a presence quickly approaching from behind.

The other three seem to have noticed it as well. They smiled.


“Yo, Captain, I’m late!”


It was Shiki who came saying that.

He’s holding the flag of Rocks Pirates.


“Shiki, what about the ship? And that flag…”

“It’s floating on the New World’s side. It’s in a place higher than Mary Geoise, so there shouldn’t be any problem. I brought the flag since it’ll remind us more of those days.”

“Hey, is it alright being so far away? It wouldn’t be funny if our ship turns into seaweed waste when we return.”

“Jihahaha! Don’t worry about that. I won’t make such a mistake. Oh, I’ll put the flag here.”


Shiki said while stabbing the ferrule of the flag into the ground.

And, he continues to say.


“But, it’s true that I ignored the captain’s order… give me a punishment.”


Lunacia couldn’t help but smile seeing him say that with a fearless smile.


“Shiki the Golden Lion. Show me your full strength. That’ll be your punishment this time.”

“Jihahaha! Captain, you’re so merciful! Since you’ve said that, I’ll show you a trick…”


Shiki unsheathed Oto and waved his katana toward the marine fleet with divine speed.

At first glance, it looks like he is just cutting the void――but the result quickly appears.

A large battleship and the battleships behind it were chopped into two pieces.


“…was that your full strength?”


Shiki laughs and answers Newgate’s question.


“Don’t be silly. That was just a warm-up exercise.”

“I see. Let’s have a match then? Who would sink more.”


“Jihahaha! Good, I accept! The loser serves the winner with good wine!”

“I’m fine with that…! Get your treasured wine prepared!”


While looking sideways at the competing two, Lunacia says.


“Well then, let’s get started. The last event, in memory of Rocks.”


Everyone smiled, hearing Lunacia’s words, and waited for her command.


“We, the Rocks Pirates, shall teach the world our thunder! Fight to your heart’s content!”


Receiving that command, they launched their attacks toward the marine fleet that was approaching ever so closely.


On the other hand, the morale of the marine soldiers who intercepted them was high.

Naturally, being stationed in the headquarters, they have good discipline, and ordinary pirates out there is no match against them.

But because there are many who were unaware of the God Valley Incident, they believed that no matter how powerful Rocks Pirates were, they could definitely defeat them.

However, those thoughts were quickly crushed easily.

The strength of the enemy――it was far beyond their expectations.







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