One Piece: A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – A certain get-rich-quick scheme


In the evening that day, Impel Down began to get surrounded by a fog so thick that you could only see a meter away.

There wasn’t any forecast for such weather, so everyone thought that the fog should clear up tomorrow.

On the other hand, fog invaded the inside of Impel Down from various places, including ventilation holes, and gradually spread.

However, unlike the outdoors, the fog indoors did not obstruct the view and did not interfere with work, so no one cared about it.

With Roger’s execution a month ago, the world has entered the Great Pirate Age, and the Warden and Vice Warden, as well as other high-ranking staff, have headed to Marineford to discuss the increase of pirates being imprisoned.

They were scheduled to return to Impel Down three days later.

That might have been the silver lining for them.


The first ones who noticed it were the patrolling guards.

They somehow felt that the fog was clinging to their skin.

However, it was just fog, so they didn’t report it thinking that it was just their imagination.

By midnight, the fog has completely covered the interior of Impel Down, spreading from prisons to guard stations and even into the staff’s living quarters and toilets.

Starting to feel that the situation was somewhat abnormal, the Vice Head Jailer contacted Marineford, but the Marines’ side couldn’t do anything with something about fog spreading throughout Impel Down.

It would be a huge problem if there were a pirate attack or prisoner rebellion, but it was just a natural phenomenon.

If they carefully observed the fog’s movements, they might’ve found that it didn’t approach near Seastones.

But it was all too late.


And at 1:23 am. 

The moment of fate has come.

Suddenly, sounds of laughter on all levels of Impel Down.

It was a female voice, but its owner couldn’t be found anywhere.

It was certainly an abnormal situation, so the Vice Head Jailer ordered his staff to contact the Marines again, but suddenly, blood spontaneously burst out of his body, and he quickly fell as a dried-up corpse.

The staff who witnessed it couldn’t understand what happened, but they saw the blood spurt rising and melting into the fog.

They hurriedly tried to escape the scene, but there was no escape in Impel Down anymore.

As they fled, they quickly followed the same fate as the Vice Head Jailer, with their blood bursting out of their bodies. The same thing happened all over Impel Down.

The same was true for several battleships patrolling the area near Impel Down.


However, the prisoners were not harmed at all. They were all stunned and could only watch the guards bleeding and dying, being killed by something.

The existence that sucked all the blood of marine soldiers in both Impel Down and the battleships nearby showed her appearance in front of the prisons of each level.

It was a girl in her late teens with long blonde hair and red eyes.

She declared that if they pledged allegiance to her, she would allow them to jailbreak and guarantee their future.

The prisoners knew what kind of existence the girl was and shouted out to pledge allegiance faster than the others.

Then, the jailbreak in the floors up to Level 5 began.

However, for her, the prisoners up to Level 5 were just appetizers because it wasn’t much trouble releasing them. Her true target was someone who was caught in Level 6.


“…Jihahaha, it’s you? Lunacia.”


Feeling her presence, Shiki called out to the person who appeared outside of his cell.


“Yes, it’s me.”


While saying that, Lunacia entered Shiki’s prison cell.


“What did you come for? Do you want me to teach you swordsmanship just like in the past?”

“That also sounds good, but I have a get-rich-quick scheme. You’re needed for that.”


While answering, she removed Shiki’s handcuffs and shackles, placing Oto and Kogarashi in front of him.


“You came to sell me your favor?”

“Well, that’s part of it. Also, I wanted to increase the number of my subordinates while I’m at it.”

“The presence I can feel everywhere… is that your ability?”

“Yes. But this time, you’re the only one I’ll release in Level 6.”

“Jihahaha! Thank you for that!”


While saying that, he picked up his weapons from the floor and hung them on his waist.

Lunacia then tells him sarcastically.


“Oh, you seem to have changed your hairstyle. Roger did that to you, did he? To put a steering wheel on your head… I can’t understand your fashion sense.”

“I’m relieved that you’re still that annoying brat. Anyway, I should get some profits from that get-rich-quick scheme of yours, right?”

“Yes, there’s a lot of treasure there. You need money to rise up again, right? Maybe the number of participants in the plan will increase, but I think everyone should get rich enough after we’ve done this deal.”


Nodding to Lunacia’s words, he asks.


“Where is it? Where are we attacking?”


To his question, she declares with a fearless smile.

“Mary Geoise. You can find treasures everywhere, from mansions of the World Nobles.”


Shiki’s eyes widened, but soon showed a ferocious smile.


“It’s really such a good prey.”

“Yes. You can make ships float, right?”

“Yeah, no problem. We’re flying to Mary Geoise, huh?”

“Exactly. I’m the attacker, and you’re the transporter and ship escort… what you say?”

“No problem. Let’s get along like we used to, Vice Captain.”


Hearing those words, Lunacia asks with expectation.


“You finally admitted to being my subordinate?”

“Jihahaha! Don’t be stupid! We’re just joining hands this time!”


Lunacia just stared at Shiki, who said that and said.


“Let’s get away quickly. I’ve already released the other prisoners.”

“Okay, but before that…”


At that moment, Shiki released Oto at a divine speed and tried to chop Lunacia into two, but she blocked him using one arm.

It was not that she sacrificed one arm to stop him. She received his attack by covering his arm with Busoshoku Haki.

Shiki deepens his smile.


“Jihahaha! Damn brat! You blocked me!”


For Shiki, he wasn’t serious or used his full strength. It was an ordinary blow using Busoshoku Haki.

However, it was faster and stronger than what Lunacia could cope with in the past.


“You’re not bad even without using your ability.”

“That’s natural. Even in the past, I could’ve participated in the battle for hegemony if I had used my ability.”

“But you didn’t. The result is the you right now… you really became a fucking monster.”


Shiki sent the greatest compliment to Lunacia.

He also knew what she was doing.

She has always been steadfast, doing things atypical of a pirate.

As a result, she has built a sphere of influence that no pirate could ever reach.


“Shiki, can I solicit you persistently? I’m not good at giving up.”

“Jihahaha… annoying brat. Well, I’ll listen to what ye say.”

“It’s decided. I’ll solicit you all the time, get ready for that. Let’s escape then?”

“Sure. There’s one thing I want to ask… where’re the guards?”


When asked by Shiki, Lunacia deliberately shows her fangs and says.


“They’ve become my midnight snack. They tasted very delicious.”

Understanding the meaning of those words, Shiki laughs outrageously.


A few hours later, at dawn, a number of battleships arrived at Impel Down.

They are a fleet dispatched due to the loss of contact with the battleships guarding Impel Down and its surroundings.

As soon as the search for the disappeared warship begins, the investigation team enters the interior of Impel Down.

And what they saw were numerous dried corpses.

At the same time, they found out about the prisoners’ escape, including Shiki the Golden Lion, but the World Government decided to keep it private and, at the same time, issued a gag order to the people concerned.


“Pops! A fog is approaching!”


When Edward Newgate heard such a report, he had a bad feeling.


“I don’t have good memories with fogs…”


It made him remember Lunacia.

Since then, they have met but never fought, but his honest opinion was, he doesn’t want to fight her ever again.

There’s also the reason that he tried thinking of countermeasures against her, but couldn’t come up with a good one.

Her true body is the fog, and ordinary attacks are useless because of her abnormal regenerative ability.

At that time, even if Newgate used his full strength to create cracks in the air, she was so troublesome that she would quickly regenerate even so.

He is stronger than he was before, but it is easy to imagine that Lunacia has gotten even stronger.


“That damn brat, she’d become so strong. While I’m like this, getting older and weaker…”


Lunacia’s greatest threat is that she remains youthful.

You can even say that her appearance has not changed at all since the time of the Rocks Pirates.

While powerhouses such as Newgate decline with age, she alone can maintain her strength in her heyday and even train further. 

Newgate lightly sighs at that fact while using Kenbunshoku Haki on the fog approaching the ship. Unsurprisingly he felt Lunacia’s presence.


‘I guess I should teach me sons how troublesome Lunacia is――’


It was a long time ago since they fought, and many of those who were present back then had probably already forgotten about it.

Also, he has many new sons, so he needs to teach them.


Newgate stands up from his chair and walks to the port side, where the fog is approaching.

His sons on the deck paid attention to his action.



“Marco, have you ever seen it?”

“Seen what, Pops?”

“How troublesome Lunacia is.”


Marco tilts his head to Newgate’s question.

Remembering that he joined after that, Newgate says.


“Oi! My sons! Look closely at that fog!”


Newgate smashes the air in the direction of the fog with all his might.

Marco and the others were stunned by his actions, but were astonished after seeing the fog.

The fog seemed to have disappeared without a trace under the attack of Newgate, but… it returned back to normal after a few seconds.

This is not the case with ordinary fog.


“That’s Lunacia.”



Newgate’s sons, Marco and the others, tilted their heads.

Because when meeting their Pops, Lunacia will come with a boat.


“Yeah. Look, the fog’s moving faster because I attacked her.”


Hearing Newgate’s words, Marco and the others looked at the fog and found that its speed was clearly faster than before.

Fog is something that just floats in the air, and it is definitely not something that flies in the air as if it has its own will.

That fog quickly reached the Moby Dick and gathered in the corner of the deck to form a human figure――becoming Lunacia.

She points to Newgate and yells.


“Newgate! You bastard, are you picking a fight!”

“Stupid idiot. Don’t get on a person’s ship without reservation.”

“I knew for the first time that I needed to make a reservation to board a pirate ship. Oh, Marco. Give me some hot cocoa.”

“Oi, Marco. Giving her hot cocoa is a waste. Water is enough for this brat.”

“Ah? I’mma pull out your beard and put it in front of Roger’s grave!”

“What did you say, fucking brat…!”


The two of them had such a conversation, but Marco and the others were so stunned that they could only watch.


Approximately 10 minutes later, Lunacia and Newgate settled their greetings called arguing, and the two sat facing each other.

Newgate had a sake cup, and Lunacia had a mug of hot cocoa.


“I have a lot to say, but… you were able to move in your fog state, huh.”

“Isn’t it amazing?”

“Well, quite. So, what did you come for?”

“It’s about time you become my subor――’

“I refuse. You’re really persistent…”


Newgate answered and drank.


“I have to do this kind of thing persistently. So, the main reason I came here is because I took Shiki out of Impel Down a week ago.”


Newgate couldn’t help but spit out his sake.

Lunacia quickly avoided it, but it was too strong, drenching Jozu, who was coincidentally standing behind her.



“M-My bad!”


Newgate apologized to Jozu and asked Lunacia.


“You, what are you plotting…?”


To that question, Lunacia shows a fearless smile as if she had waited for it.


“Newgate, actually, I have a get-rich-quick scheme…”


Hearing Lunacia say that, Newgate remembered those times in the past.

Therefore, he asks.


“Do you want to be the King of the World or something?”

“No, it’s something a little more real.”

“Well, tell me.”


This time, Newgate didn’t drink as he asked for Lunacia’s explanation.


“I’m attacking Mary Geoise, wanna come? I’m teaming up with Shiki.”

“…you, that really sounds like Rocks.”


Her get-rich-quick scheme might have a smaller scale than Rocks, but it’s still unthinkable for any ordinary pirate.


“Not really. By the way, it seems that nowadays, it is said that the world is in the Great Pirate Age.”

“Yeah, seems like it.”

“Getting the rookies to know us, don’t you think that it would reduce our unnecessary conflicts?”


Newgate laughs after hearing Lunacia’s question.


“You, Shiki, and me. Just like back in the day…”

“It must be fun doing things like the old days. It’s interesting to let the World Government and the Marines remember our threat… so, what ye say? If you really want it to be like the old days, I can invite Linlin and Kaido.”


Newgate poured sake into his cup and then drank it all at once.

It may be because he was thinking about getting older and weaker a while ago.

Her proposal sounded good to his ears.


“I’m not interested in treasures and such… but I want to go on a rampage before I start getting older…!”


Seeing Newgate show a fierce smile, Lunacia also returns with the same smile.


“Although I’m the one who suggested this… you’re going to trouble your sons, you know?”

Newgate laughs heroically at Lunacia’s question and says.


“I won’t participate as the Whitebeard Pirates… I’ll participate just as an individual.”


After saying that, he declared to Marco and the others who were around him.


“Forgive me, you guys, I’m gonna be selfish this time… right now, I can still fight with full strength…! I want to try rushing forward without thinking of the consequences…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let him die. We’re just going to crush Mary Geoise one-sidedly. Simple thing.”


Newgate said thanks to Lunacia, who gave a supplementary explanation inwardly.

Inwardly, because it is a hassle if he voiced it out.

Marco and the others have no reason to stop Newgate’s wish.

Rather, because they revere their Pops, it makes them regrettable to be unable to see him showing his full strength.

It was common for them to wish they could see such a battle close up.


“When are you planning on doing it?”

“If both Linlin and Kaido refuse, it would be soon, but if they want to join, it may take some time to make adjustments.

“I’m looking forward to it… oh, by the way, no ally killing this time.”

“I know. By the way, you should refrain from drinking a little. If you do that, the liquor will taste even more delicious after we succeed in our plan.”


Newgate laughs heroically at Lunacia’s words, but only says he’ll do his best.







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Chapter 18 – Lunacia’s actions and beginning of the Great Pirate Age


Two years after getting off Roger’s ship, Lunacia spent most of her time focusing on training her special abilities, gathering orphans to train as future executives, and finding promising talents from the pirates under her control to become executive candidates.

It should be noted that the number of pirates under her control has increased significantly compared to before.

She has spent many years of development, and it seems that the information of having many ships coming and going out of her archipelago has spread all over the world, so pirates started to gather around her territory, but Lunacia will beat them up and make them swear allegiance every time she sees them.

Putting aside choosing talents from her subordinates, it is inefficient if she would personally collect orphans, so she decided to establish orphanages in various places all at the same time.

Her plan is to pick up those who are outstanding among those educated within the orphanage.

She traveled far and wide not only in Grand Line, but also on the islands in North, South, East, and West Blues, and if she meet pirates and outlaws like the mafia, she would beat them to submission, and put them under her wing after they swear loyalty. 

On top of that, she would consult with local residents and build orphanages after obtaining their consent, while hiring applicants among the residents who could educate and take care of the gathered orphans.


Of course, while she did that, she would also propose trade and security suggestions, recruit immigrants, and if there are auction houses or other establishments selling slaves, she would buy and set all of them free, sending applicants to her island if they wishes so.

The World Government and the Marines decided to overlook Lunacia’s actions in the meantime partly because big names such as Roger, Golden Lion, and Whitebeard are going on a rampage.

Seeing that as an opportunity, Lunacia headed to Water 7 to meet the shipwright called Tom.

As she deepens exchanges with him, talking about her adventures with Roger and his crew, she heard from Tom the idea of something called Sea Train.


She was quickly attracted by that idea, and offered to invest fully in him as soon as she heard about it.

Tom was surprised, but there was no reason to refuse, so he accepted.

Lunacia took several days to create a contract while contracting Bakkin via Den Den Mushi, and signed the contract after explaining to Tom what it entails from top to bottom.

Developing, designing, and manufacturing the Sea Train is very difficult, but Lunacia is the type who believes that there aren’t that many things impossible if you have enough time, manpower, and resources.

She also signed another contract with Tom for the design and construction of her own pirate ship after signing the contract about the Sea Train.

Lunacia described vividly to Tom what kind of pirate ship she wants, and he also reacted by listening to her explanation while giving various suggestions.

They were really able to fill in the details, so Lunacia was very satisfied when she left Water 7.

And, she also signs an assistance contract with the scholars of a place called Ohara found in West Blue.

Her stance is basically, ‘it’s better to get along with researchers and engineers’.


Establishment of orphanages, building friendly trade relationships with various islands, supporting researchers and engineers――


Lunacia has been energetically carrying out those series of activities for a long period of time, and her sphere of influence is expanding ever rapidly――until neither the World Government nor the Marines could no longer deal with her so easily.

The World Government, which took the matter seriously, raised her bounty so much that it made everybody surprised, but that was the extent of what they could do.

And, Lunacia goes on to the final touch.

That plan was a clear declaration of war against the World Government, but it was something that will receive tremendous support from the civilians.

However, just before that, information came in that Roger surrendered to the World Government and would be publicly executed in Loguetown.

Furthermore, Shiki, who is necessary for the plan, singlehandedly attacked Marineford and got captured by the Marineford and imprisoned in Impel Down.

For the time being, she headed to Loguetown while sending messages using Den Den Mushi to those who can take action, summoning the executives that she raised to Loguetown.


The Marines’ security is meaningless for Lunacia.

Unless the entire building is made of Seastone, she can use her ability to sneak in anywhere.

However, just in case, she stunned the marine soldiers guarding the prison.

Lunacia calls out to Roger who was imprisoned.


“It’s been a long time, Roger”

“Oh, it’s you, Lunacia… it’s been a while.”


Roger didn’t bother asking how she entered.

He had just read about the ever-elusive Lunacia who would appear and disappear on various islands written in the newspapers.


“Should I have sent you a congratulatory gift, when you became the Pirate King after conquering Grand Line?”

“Give me some booze then. I’ll take that as gift.”

“I thought you’d say so, so I brought some.”


Lunacia turned her body into a fog, slipped through the steel bars, and enters the prison.

She took out two small bottles of alcohol, opened them, and handed one over to him.

His hands are handcuffed, but he can drink.

Roger drank about half of it all at once.


“Good drink.”

“It’s my favorite.”


With that said, Lunacia also drank a little and says.


“So, why did you surrender?”

“Well, I guess I could say it now… it’s an incurable disease. My time is already short.”

“Shiki will be stunned when he finds out. After all, it seems that he invaded Marineford alone, saying things like ‘I’ll execute you personally’ or something.”

“That sounds like him.”


Lunacia rolled her eyes at Roger, who laughed as usual and asked.


“I also drank with Whitebeard before I surrendered. That bastard, he described you as a cunning brat because of what you’re doing.”

“I’mma go pull out his mustache.”

“Maybe it’s my biggest regret not seeing that…”


Roger laughs heroically, but coughs blood in midway.


“It looks like your disease’s quite serious.”

“Yeah, anyway, it will be over tomorrow… do you want me to tell you how to get to Laugh Tale as a parting gift?”


Lunacia shrugs her shoulders at Roger, who asked that.


“Laugh Tale… since you named the island like that, I guess that there was something there you couldn’t help but laugh at, right?”

“Well, you should look forward when you actually see it. Are you collecting information about it?”

“I think that the Poneglyphs are suspicious. Those things, they shouldn’t be simple historical relics.”

“You’ve got some good instincts there. You should just follow them. Though it’s not always good to move forward.”


‘Is that so?’, Lunacia nodded and asked.


“By the way, leaving the faraway Laugh Tale aside, are you hiding some treasures nearby?”

“Nope! There’s nothing at all! I used every penny when we disbanded!”


Lunacia looked intently at Roger, who stated that definitively.


“Any last words? For tomorrow’s execution.”

“I’m thinking of saying how to get to Laugh Tale in my own way, but I can’t think of any good words. Got any idea?”


Being asked, Lunacia grins.


“How about saying, all your treasures are out there? Most pirates would risk their lives finding it.”

“That sounds good. I’ll do that.”


After answering that, Roger laughed for a while before saying.


“I’m glad you came to see me, Lunacia.”


After saying that, he drank the remaining rum.


“Yes, you have helped me a lot one time. Let’s meet again someday.”


Roger smiles fearlessly at Lunacia’s words.


“Yeah, see ya.”

“By that time, I should know the meaning of the Laugh Tale you’re calling.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”


Lunacia stood up while listening to Roger’s words and told him with a smile.


“If you meet Rocks, please say I said hello.”

“Right, maybe I will meet him… well, we’ll get along. You should live well too.”

“Yeah. See you soon.”

“Yeah. See ya.”


Lunacia then turned into fog, leaving the prison.

Seeing her off, Roger remembered the old days and laughed a little.


The next day, Roger, who was about to be executed noticed that not only his former crew members were around, but even Lunacia was among the watching crowd.

And she is surrounded by people who seem to be her companions.

At first glance, he knew that each of them was strong, and what surprised him the most was a young man carrying Black Blade Yoru on his back.

It’s a man with eyes like a hawk. He could feel incredible strength from him.


‘He doesn’t look like someone who would follow anybody, so how in the world did Lunacia pull him in?

I mean, I can’t believe that Lunacia would give Yoru to someone else――!’


While he was thinking about that, the time of the execution had come.

He shouts before the guillotine drops.


“My treasure? If you want it, you can have it! Find it! I left everything this world has to offer there!”


Roger’s words.

His head was soon decapitated, but everyone in the crowd heard his words.

The treasures of a man called the Pirate King.

Everyone who knew about it got excited and cheered for it.

Among them, Lunacia laughed.

Like a child with a successful big mischief.


“…what are you laughing at?”

“Oh, Mihawk. A great man succeeded in an extraordinary prank in the end. How crazy is that.”


He shrugs his shoulder to show incomprehension and turns to walk away.


“Hey, leaving already? It’s such a waste since so many of us have gathered…”

“I am thankful for picking me up and raising me as an orphan… I even received a good sword from you.


‘However’, he continued.


“It’s hard to say that I can use it to its fullest. I’m going to train.”

“…I made a mistake in raising you.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll respond to your call like this time. I’ll return the favor in my own way. See ya.”


Having said so, Mihawk left the scene.

There were others who soon followed suit.


“Crocodile… you too?”

“I’ll contribute to you in my own way… because you placed me and my crew members directly under your command. I won’t violate your policy, so don’t worry.”

“Okay okay. fine. But don’t pick fights with Newgate and the others, okay? It’ll be a hassle.”


He also left, listening to those words with his back.

Having already expected it, Lunacia turned her gaze to the remaining two without any surprise.


“So, you guys are leaving too, huh? Doffy, Tesoro…”

“Yeah. I’ll give you back the favor in my own way. Just in line with your policy.”

“Same. You have helped me so much… I won’t betray you. I’ll contribute to increasing your influence.”


Lunacia shrugs her shoulders.


“First, Tesoro should explode happily with Stella for many years to come.”

“Is that congratulations? Or is it a curse?”

“It’s my own way of blessing.”


Hearing the exchange between Lunacia and Tesoro, Doflamingo left with a laugh.

Seeing him off, Lunacia asks Tesoro.


“Tesoro, can you tell me your plans from now on…?”

“I don’t have a concrete plan yet, but I’m thinking of using my ability to open a casino… still, I’ve been wanting to ask this for a long time, but why did you give me the Goru Goru no Mi?”

“Because you are very much aware of how to be poor. Also, you should make Stella happy.”


Tesoro was somewhat embarrassed being told like that by Lunacia with a gentle smile, so he ran away without looking at her face.


“…really, isn’t it terrible that everyone’s just leaving the boss behind?”


Lunacia puffed out her cheeks, and casually explored the surroundings with Kenbunshoku Haki, she then found someone quite interesting.

He was quite close to where he was right now, so she headed there immediately.

What she saw there was a young devil-like man.

Lunacia called out to him.


“Hey, you. You look strong. Why don’t you fight me for a moment?”

“Kishishishi, you want to fight me? With Moria-sama!?”

“Yeah. If you lose, can you give me your everything?”

“Interesting! Let’s do it!”


Lunacia shows a friendly smile while asking how much his bounty was.


“How much is your bounty?”

“I’m 200 million belly! But I should reach 300 million soon…!”


Lunacia was impressed, it was a bigger fish than expected.

Moria asks in return.


“Are you also a Pirate? I feel like I’ve seen your bounty poster somewhere…”

“If you pick up my corpse, you can become a billionaire.”

“Kishishi! Let’s fight then!”

“Shall we change location?”


Moria accepted Lunacia’s proposal and led her while saying that he knew a good place.

And, the place where she was guided to was the ship of the Gecko Pirates Moria leads.

Led by Moria, he and his subordinates surrounded Lunacia.

However, she still had that sunny smile facing them as she said.


“I hope you can last a minute.”


The Gecko Pirates who took that as provocation rushed towards Lunacia with Moria’s lead, but were quickly wiped out.

It was because they couldn’t bear the Haoshoku Haki Lunacia released.

Moria heard in his fading consciousness.


“By the way, my bounty is about 3.5 billion belly. Sorry, I forgot to tell you.”


Hearing that amount, he remembered.

Using his last strength, he raised his face and says.


“Bastard… you’re Lunacia the Immortal…! Why are you here…”


After saying that, he fainted.


“I came to see Roger off… you can’t hear me, huh.”


She didn’t kill them, so Lunacia decided to sit beside Moria and wait for them to wake up.







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