One Piece: A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Overcrowded schedule


The battle between Roger Pirates and Whitebeard Pirates continued into the night, then turned into a banquet as usual.

Newgate searched for Lunacia while driving away Roger, who was entangling him annoyingly.

He did not find her at the banquet, so he searched for her using Kenbunshoku Haki.

Newgate felt her presence on a nearby coast, so he headed there.

He brought his favorite bottle of alcohol with him.


Lunacia was drinking and eating snacks on the beach by herself in the beach, while looking at the moon.

It’s a full moon today, so she’s feeling so good.

She could feel Newgate’s presence even more clearly compared to daytime.

Eventually, he sat next to Lunacia.

Putting down the bottle of alcohol in front of her.


“…you’ve hidden quite a bomb there.”

“I also told Roger and the others about that. There’s no one who would honestly reveal all their backhands.”


Listening to Lunacia’s words, Newgate poured himself some alcohol and drank it all at once.


“It’s bad for you drinking all in one shot, you know?”

“Shut up. Rather than that, what the heck was that fog?”

“Can I keep it a secret?”


Newgate stares at her, hearing her question.


“…you can’t tell me?”

“It can’t be helped, then.”


While saying so, Lunacia drank the rum he brought without saying anything.

And sighed after she gulped.


“Good drink.”

“Of course. It’s my favorite.”

“I’ll tell you then, in exchange.”


Lunacia smiles fearlessly as she says.

“That fog is pretty special. It’s really hard to put it in words, but…didn’t you feel like it clings to your skin?”

“It did… it somehow, felt uncomfortable. Even if I take action to escape, I can’t get out at all…”

“Maybe it’s easier to describe it just like the Logia-type. You’ve seen Devil Fruit Users who turn into gas or liquid that covers a wide area, right? It’s just a little more special than that.”

“…you have achieved awakening, huh.”


Newgate understood.

He thought that she was able to do the same thing as Logia-type users because she awakened.


“There’s that too… I’ll tell you, especially since we’ve known each other for so long. Are you confident in keeping secrets?”

“It might be easier to overturn the whole world than to let me leak a secret.


Lunacia just smiled at Newgate’s answer and said.


“The devil fruit I ate is Mythical Zoan-type Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Vampire. It’s what Rocks was searching for.”

“I see. I got it. That’s why Rocks take you with him, huh.”

“Eh? Did you understand so quickly? Do you have a predictive ability or something?”

“It’s not that. He probably just wanted to get rid of the uncertainties.”


He poured some rum and continued to open his mouth after taking a shot.


“If he raises you at hand, you might become a strong force, and in the process, he would know what your devil fruit is capable of… it would be a big difference if he knows your information in case you become enemies.”

“He didn’t say anything like that, but you’re probably correct.”


Lunacia answered and continued after a pause.


“I can use various special abilities that vampires in legends and folktales can do. Turning into a fog is also a vampire’s ability… but it’s not that I would simply cover my enemies in fog.”

“Well, that’s true. You would suddenly appear and disappear within the fog… and all that coming from different directions. I could feel you everywhere when I tried to sense your presence using Kenbunshoku Haki. Where was your true body? I was thinking that the one holding Yomi was your true body…”

“No, my true body is the fog itself. To put it bluntly, you were inside me at that time.”


Newgate nods in understanding and asks.


“Can you only be defeated in that state by attacking the fog?”

“Yes, but my regenerative ability would make it meaningless. Even if you attack the fog using Haki, it will soon return to normal.”

“It didn’t even work when I released shockwaves and cracked the air… what about that?”

“No, that was effective. The fog cleared in the direction you attacked, right?”


Newgate recalls their fight.

It was true that the fog in the direction he attacked would clear up, but would quickly return to normal.


‘I simply couldn’t exceed her ability to regenerate’, Newgate thought.


“Aren’t you strong…”

“But, without this ability, it’s not wrong to say that I’m weak… I’m still going to get stronger from now on.”


Newgate laughs at Lunacia, who said that with a fearless smile, then asks a question.


“By the way, why are you on Roger’s ship?”

“We just matched our interests. He competed with Rocks. So I thought that he’s strong.”

“I see… when will you leave?”

“Oh, what? Do you want to invite me or something?”

“Stupid idiot. It’s gonna be too troublesome when you’re around…”


Lunacia pursed her lips at Newgate’s words as she answered.


“Maybe I’ll stay for a year. I’ll probably get off the ship around that time.”

“Oh, I see. That’s good news.”

“…by the way, Newgate, I think you’ve guessed it, but… that wasn’t all I could do, okay.”

“You won’t tell me, right?”

“I’ll teach you directly when we fight.”


Lunacia answered while thinking about how ridiculous the devil fruit she ate really was.

She might be able to do most of the things vampires are said to be capable of.

She also wants to train her special abilities, but she would only do that secretly.

What can Lunacia do with her Devil Fruit’s power? What is her limit?

Rocks had taught her how important to keep it a secret from others.


“When you come up the stage already and prepared… it’ll be a headache.”

“Of course. I’ll significantly change the map of powers in the future. That is my ambition.”


Lunacia said confidently.

At the same time, she made a decision.


‘Starting tomorrow, I should fight Roger and the others all the time, except for eating meals, snacks, taking baths, and sleeping.

That’s the quickest way to reach my goal――’


They’ve also fought until now, but the schedule was not that overcrowded.


After the battle with Whitebeard, Lunacia repeatedly fought against Roger and his crew.

It is no exaggeration to say that she was basically fighting someone when she was awake.

However, even in that lifestyle, she would eat three times a day, nibble on some snacks, and get fully recovered the next day after sleeping.

That’s not all. She tested how long she could fight without resting. Lunacia has fought for three days without any rest.

Also, she has no hesitations about getting injured.

For example, if she can interrupt her enemy by sacrificing one hand, she will do it immediately.

Initially, their mock battles were done on the premise of stopping the attack before they got injured, but due to Lunacia’s lack of hesitation in self-inflicted injuries and her regenerative ability, they soon did not stop their attacks against her.

It means that everything goes, other than Lunacia having the handicap of not killing and targetting her opponents’ vital parts.

Roger and his crew also have gains.

Because they don’t know if they would fight against an enemy with regenerative abilities like Lunacia in the future.


With common interests, Lunacia was able to greatly train her abilities, except for the power of her Devil Fruit, and gain a wealth of combat experience.

On the other hand, Roger and his crew learned a lot about how to deal with enemies with extraordinary endurance and regenerative ability.

Just like that, Lunacia got off the Roger Pirates’ ship in their reluctance after achieving her goal.

One year after the battle against Whitebeard.


Since then, Lunacia has continued to train her Haki and etc. while placing focus on training her special abilities.

Her abilities have always been atrocious, but she had the strong will of, ‘I want to get stronger; I should be capable of doing more things’, and trained hard.







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