One Piece: A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Advanced(?) information warfare


One day, Morgans, a reporter for the World Economic Newspaper, was parading around the city.

He is a young but well-known man in the company as someone who seeks scoops above all else.

The seas of the New World are a place where prominent people such as Roger, Golden Lion, Whitebeard, and Big Mom fight it out.

Recently, the name Kaido has started to get loud, and Morgans are also paying close attention.

Not surprisingly, other reporters were closely following their movements, but he was looking for a different pirate.

That pirate made a name for herself for the unreported God Valley Incident but has since disappeared and has not appeared on the front stage until now.

There were various rumors flying around at the time, but there were no such things right now, proving that the public has already forgotten about her.

5 years have passed since the God Valley Incident. Enough time for her to be forgotten.


But Morgans was convinced.

The pirate he is chasing――Lunacia is definitely plotting something out there.


And right now, he has arrived on a certain island in New World.

He came here because he got the information that a person who seemed to be Lunacia was on this island.

Immediately after the God Valley Incident, her bounty jumped to 450 million berries.

If she had continued her activity as a pirate after the incident, her bounty could’ve easily reached 1 billion.

The purpose of Morgans is to contact such a person and listen to her latest situation.

If it can be realized, it will be a big scoop. A piece of news that will make the world amazed.


“Well, there’s no way she could be that easy… to… find…”


Morgans casually looked around as he said that, but soon, his jaws dropped open.

That person just came out of the restaurant.

She had long blonde hair, and her unique red eyes shone like rubies.

He hurriedly took out the bounty poster, checking several times.

It was no doubt the person in question.

She seems to be by herself. It doesn’t look like she has her subordinates around her.

Quickly sensing the golden opportunity, Morgans rushed to her.

She also stopped. It seems that she noticed him.


“E-Excuse me! I am Morgans of WENP! Can I have a moment!?”


Seeing him speak while catching his breath, the beauty――Lunacia nodded with a smile.

Then they went into a cafe nearby and decided to talk there.


“How lucky.”


Two hours later, Lunacia saw off Morgans and whispered.

She did not tell the World Economy Newspaper that she was there. It was really just a coincidence.

She wanted to get in touch with this extremely influential newspaper as soon as possible, but she never thought that the reporter would come to find her instead.

The world seems to have completely forgotten about her, so it is okay walking around the city as long as marine soldiers don’t find her.

There are many things Lunacia told Morgans about.

It varies from what she was doing over the last 5 years to her thoughts about the recent pirates.

There was some part that Lunacia asked Morgans not to include in articles until a certain period, and he also agreed.


“Now then, let’s do our best gathering new settlers. I wonder if it’s better starting from nations that are not part of the world alliance…”


The nations who are affiliated with the World Government would gain its protection and support, so the security is good, and the lives of the people are stable.

On the other hand, non-member countries do not have such a thing, so they tend to become lawless areas without some national power.

That was exactly the case on the island where Lunacia was born.

It requires a courageous decision to throw away your life in the land where you were born and raised to be pioneers.

Even more so if such a place could provide you with a stable life.

However, for those who are at rock bottom, the possibility is high that they would not hesitate to throw away their previous lives and their hometown.


“Hmm~… I want to make at least a small village within ten years.”


Unlike other acquaintances who were fighting for supremacy in the seas――although Roger might probably be just going on adventures――Lunacia is having fun doing a different thing.


And a week after Morgans’ interview with Lunacia, the world was



‘Exclusive news!

That Lunacia was alive!

Five years of her life, and much more about her thoughts about recent pirates――!

Lunacia special feature!’


On the front page of the World Economic Newspaper was a big picture of Lunacia’s smug face.

The pirates who know about Lunacia reacted differently after seeing that newspaper. Some burst into laughter, some smiled wryly, and some just couldn’t help but sigh.

The world remembered Lunacia and was frightened of whatever she was plotting, but――the person in question just read the newspaper about her to Bakkin, Amande, and the others with a smug smile and even went to Wano Country to flaunt it to Oden. 

Among the various reactions, the ones who had the most headaches were the World Government and the Marines.

Both of them questioned the newspaper company because of that article, but their side simply wouldn’t answer, and even beat away the officials who were bothering them.

Needless to say, Morgans was the most acting at that time.


Rocks who have touched the world’s taboo.

And Lunacia, the No. 2 of his pirate crew.

They don’t know how much she knows, but she is a very dangerous person for the World Government and the Marines.

In a way, she’s more dangerous than Roger.

At least, he hasn’t been doing terrorist activities here and there, thinking of overthrowing the World Government.

They want to deal with her as soon as possible, but if they poked her carelessly, the casualties would be too big.

However, they cannot simply leave her alone, so the World Government could only raise the amount of Lunacia’s bounty, raising it to exactly 500 million belly to show their attitude.


In any case, because she was written on a newspaper of the World Economic Newspaper has the world’s most readership, and is the most widely spread, Lunacia’s name and face have spread all over the world.

That was her aim all along.


“Really, it’s the best getting along with the media.”

Amande tilted her long neck to Lunacia’s words.

Sensing her gaze, Lunacia says.

“Everyone reads the WENP, and many readers believe in what is written on it. By having a friendly relationship with their reporters, I can manipulate the masses as I wish. Of course, they won’t let me do such a blatant thing, but still, it’s better than hating each other.”

While teaching Amande, she continued inwardly.

Information manipulation by the media has an outstanding track record on Earth.

Amande nods in understanding and asks.


“But, Lunacia-sama doesn’t seem to have any pirate-like ambition.”

“That’s not true at all… I’m always thinking that I want 5000 trillion belly… and as they say, haste makes waste. I’m just taking a detour…”

“Aren’t you taking too many detours? With your strength, even if you fight a country head-on…”


Amande’s words were justified.

In fact, Lunacia’s method is clearly not a pirate’s method.

Rocks had the ambition to become the King of the World, but the way he tries to achieve it is how a pirate would do so.

The difference may be that, for better or for worse, the memories, knowledge, and values she had from her previous life.


“Doing that, I think that I’ll get crushed by the World Government and the Marines in the future. It’s better to build a solid power base that they can’t easily reach, by then, I can do whatever I want.”


Amande thinks that Lunacia’s words make sense.

But she still feels impatient for her.


“I think it’s a waste. Shouldn’t you use your strength to push things forward forcefully?”

“For example?”

“Something attacking pirates here and there, putting them under control, and repeat to increase your influence… you can even let them gather settlers for you. How about that?”

“Would they work seriously?”

“If YOU tell them, those who wouldn’t obey are only guys like Roger or Golden Lion, right…?”


Amande’s words convinced Lunacia.

Pirates are afraid of those who have higher bounty than them.

Even if they don’t know her background of being the vice-captain of the Rocks Pirates, pirates who aren’t stupid should be able to tell how dangerous she is.


“Oh, right. I should use my position as vice-captain, and take Newgate as my subordinate…”

“He’d refused you so many times. You’re still gonna continue that?”

“There’s this idiom three visits to the thatched cottage for talent…”


While saying so, remember recalls what she had done as vice-captain.


Going here and there, running errands for Rocks.

Being asked by Rocks to buy or gather something.

Manage and procure goods needed in the ship.


“…huh? I haven’t done anything very captain-like…?”


Lunacia was stunned.

The management and procurement of goods might be like that, but she only did that because Shiki, Newgate, and Linlin successfully made her willing to do so.


‘You’re the vice-captain, so you should do that at least――’

‘Yeah, you’re our respectable vice-captain after all――’

‘As expected of the vice-captain――’


They were sly people who pushed her to do some errands.


“Was I too plain…? Should I have done something like knocking Newgate off the ship…?”

“Why Whitebeard?”

“Shiki will probably evade and fly, Linlin is Amande and the others’ mom, and Kaido will probably think that it’s just a game, so… it seems that only Newgate would have the most ordinary reaction.”


It sounded like something a third party would doubt after hearing.

What the hell is Whitebeard the most ordinary?

Amande’s words get stuck in her throat, but she still does her best to tell Lunacia what she wants to say.


“W-Well, anyway… Lunacia-sama has the strength, so I think we can do it more aggressively.”

“The easy money plan of hunting pirates will end, huh.”

“…we can hunt pirates who won’t obey Lunacia-sama?”

‘Well, that’s true’, Lunacia was convinced and was thankful for Amande, who gave her advice.







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