One Piece: A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Preparation


In the last few years, strange bounty hunters have come in and out of a particular Marine base in the New World.

The strange part was the young ages of the four girls.

The leader, Amande, is a girl in her mid-teens, and the other members are about the same as her.

However, their ability is certain, and they would bring a large number of caskets every time they came.

Everything that was worth a penny was taken off, but the corpses were in good condition, with most of them dying with a single stab to the heart.

They not only hunt those with a bounty in the unit of tens of millions, but even those who have 100 million belly would get killed.

They are very famous in this Marine base as very skilled bounty hunters with promising futures, and the total prize money paid to them by the Marines was enormous.

Basically, their leader Amande would interact with the Marines’ side, but she only talks about what she needs and quickly leaves with the other members as soon as they finish their errand.

The mysterious girls attracted the interest of the marine soldiers, leading to rumors such as they were secret agents under the direct control of a previous Fleet Admiral, or children of some Admirals coming to gain experience.


If they knew their true identity, they would regret having given them the reward money.


“Amande, Hachée, Custard, Angel… you’ve worked hard.”

Lunacia praised their hard work and hugged and kissed them one by one.

Lunacia smiles at Amande and the others, who are pleased with the reward, and looks at Bakkin, who is working on counting for the money at a distance.


“How much?”

“In the previous calculation, it’s 1.25 billion berries this time. I’m still counting, but it seems that the Marines paid for it this time as well.”


Bakkin, who had the same appearance as when she first met Lunacia, charmingly smiles while answering Lunacia.


“Hey, Lunacia. There’s a new bag I want…”

“Alright, alright. I’ll give you money with that in mind.”

“I’m really glad I followed you~.”


Bakkin replied to Lunacia’s words and returned to work while humming a song.

Lunacia couldn’t help but smile seeing her self-interested side.


Lunacia was happy to find a suitable place, but she had almost no money for development.

This is because the 2 billion worth of gold bars she had originally were used to operate the orphanage in Wano Country.

Another reason is that she only killed pirates that she met while searching for suitable islands so as not to make a fuss.

Well, not only for development. Most things in the world require money.


Lunacia, who found her ideal island, was forced to make money, so she came up with an idea.

She wondered if she could let Amande and the others who are not known and not wanted receive prize money from the Marines using the bounty heads that she hunted.

They tried it once with ones with lower bounties, but although Amande and the others were doubted because of their young age, they were still paid immediately after showing they could use Busoshoku Haki.

It only shows their desire to be useful for Lunacia which led them to start training from a young age and finally bear fruit.

Lunacia praised and rewarded Amande and the others for their achievement, and since then, Amande and the others and the others took the role of acting as bounty hunters so they could earn easy money.

They are only acting as a front, because even though they are getting stronger, they are still not strong enough to win unscathed against pirates in the New World.

Nonetheless, Lunacia would still bring them to fight wanted pirates to let them gain combat experience.

If there were weaker pirates, Lunacia would let the girls take care of the weaklings, but they would basically fight under Lunacia’s command most of the time.

There are a few pirates with high enough bounty and able to fight against Lunacia. Most of them were people she knew, such as Roger Pirates and Golden Lion Pirates.

Therefore, Lunacia easily reaped the lives of the wanted pirates while giving Amande and the others a safe environment to gain combat experience.

And during other times, she would go around the archipelago to kill the fierce beasts living there.

She was a little surprised to find some beasts that looked like dinosaurs or dragons, but they were no match for her. 


“Lunacia, we have collected enough money. What’s your arrangement for gathering people and supplies?”


Lunacia sticks her chest proudly as if to say, ‘just leave it to me’ in reply to Bakkin’s question.


“I’m thinking of gathering people who have dreams of getting rich. No matter what race, identity, background, or history they have, I’ll differentiate them, but I won’t discriminate against them.”


Lunacia replied, then continued her words.


“I want to do it with the spirit of welcoming those who come, and those who leave are not regretted. I think that will probably work the best. Though spies from the Marines and other pirates are an exception.”

“Still, I think that you should show your fists first. After all, the world is beginning to forget about you.”

“It’s been five years since God Valley after all…”


‘It’s already five years, huh’, Lunacia felt nostalgic.

She can still vividly remember that time, and she also remembers her conversation with Rocks.


‘The preparation to do whatever I want is troublesome, but it’s also fun――’


Lunacia wonders if Rocks felt like this when he was preparing to become the King of the World.


“Bakkin, we still don’t have enough money. It’s always the most expensive when starting anything.”

“…there’s around 10 billion in the safe right now, you know?”

“The digits aren’t enough. I want at least one more digit.”

“Would there be enough pirates in the New World?”

“It’s okay. New World is vast, and there should be many pirates worth more than 100 million that we can safely kill. Well, if they want to convert and be my subordinate, I don’t mind taking them under my wing.”


Watching Lunacia say that with a wink, Bakkin fell into contemplation.


‘I really wonder what’s going on in her head――’


Still, she wouldn’t complain if Lunacia decided to do so.


“Lunacia, what about our supplies?”

“I have a little connection, so don’t worry.”


Lunacia replied with confidence.

And two weeks after that conversation――she came to Wano Country.


“Oden, can I have the vagrants and broke people in Wano Country? Also, I want to order various supplies and equipment as well.”

“Sure! Take as many as you want!”

“It’s Oden as usual… I’m going to ask Sukiyaki-sama for permission, so come with me.”

“Hey, why is that so?”


Oden asks as if he is not convinced, but Lunacia only laughs in reply.


“By the way, thank you for continuing to carry out the plans I suggested before.”

“Oh stop that. Doing those things you and the civil servants planned, everything got better, so… by the way, Lunacia. I think that it’s time that you take me with you.”

“Once Sukiyaki-sama and Yasuie-sama give permission, I will start considering it positively.”

“Isn’t that your way of refusal? I think I heard that before.”


Lunacia just smiled at Oden, who was staring at her.


“By the way, what about Kikunojo? She must have been thinking of you all the time…”

“Huh? I come to see her every once in a while.”

“…why don’t I know?”

“When I come to take a look at the orphanage, she would be there, so the two of us would just play as we’d meet. Go on a date or something.”


Oden was convinced after hearing that.

Although Kikunojo is his retainer, there is no need for her to report it when he goes on a date with Lunacia.

Nonetheless, Oden found it very pleasing that they are getting along well.


“It would’ve been fine going to the castle, but O-Kiku would say, ‘please keep it a secret from Oden-sama’.”

“Well, can’t blame her.”


When Oden nodded in understanding, Lunacia changed the topic.


“O-Kiku, she’s getting stronger.”

“Sure does. She’s mostly training for you, so I’ll beat you up if you make O-Kiku unhappy.”

“You got yourself a promise. Well, with all that said, I have explained many things to her and also got her agreement.”

“…what did you tell her?”

“Of course, things that one cannot tell in public… by the way, from how you speak, letting O-Kiku quit being your retainer is…”


Oden nods and affirms Lunacia’s question.


“That’s what she decided. I respect her decision.”

“You’re really so tolerant, huh.”

“Don’t praise me so much!”


Lunacia couldn’t help laughing as well, seeing Oden laugh heroically.

After that, she goes with Oden to get permission from Sukiyaki.

Sukiyaki welcomed Lunacia and immediately accepted her visit.

On the spot, she talks about what happened in the last five years and that she is trying to pioneer an archipelago.

On top of that, Lunacia tells him that she wants to bring vagrants and broken people with her, along with her order for supplies.

Both of them only benefit Wano Country, so Sukiyaki accepted Lunacia’s proposal and asked.


“What kind of country does Lunacia-dono wishes to build?”

“Just like a pirate, it should be a country where regardless of race, identity, or background they have, people might get differentiated but never discriminated… I guess. Also, I want to do other things I’ve thought of.”


Impressed by Lunacia’s words, Sukiyaki says.


“Wano Country shall do its utmost to help you.”


Lunacia bows deeply to his words, and expresses gratitude.

And there, Oden interrupts them.


“If you want manpower, I’ll go too. Lunacia, when are we leaving?”

“Oden! You have the duty of ruling Kuri!”

“…just a little bit, can’t I?”



Oden tries to insist with a bitter face while listening to Sukiyaki refuse vigorously.

Watching their exchange, Lunacia simply sipped green tea in a carefree manner.







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