One Piece: A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – The end of a legend and the beginning of a new legend


Lunacia, who returned to the ship and had all the spears stuck in her pulled out, told Shiki to retreat immediately, and quickly jumped off the ship and headed towards the center of the island.

With a glance, you could see that it was full of craters from the sky, and it was unlikely that the ruins were still intact, but even so, she still wanted to collect Rocks’ corpse, even just a part of it.

For Lunacia, even if he’s the worst pirate in the world, he is still her benefactor, the person who educated her and fed her.


Fortunately, she quickly found Rocks.

Because she saw Garp and Roger standing in front of him as he lay on his back.

There is also Tsuru at a distance, but she can’t see any other marine soldiers.


“Lunacia, huh…”

“It might be strange for a pirate to say this to a marine, but I have no intention of fighting.”


While she answered Garp, who had noticed her, Lunacia rushed to the side of Rocks and kneeled beside him.

She thought Rocks had passed away, but he was still barely alive.

However, it’s clear for anyone to see that he is fatally wounded. It’s unlikely that he would survive no matter how much treatment one could give him in this place.

She slowly spoke to Rocks’ ears.


“Rocks, thanks for raising me. I owe you a lot.”


Rocks seem to have heard her. He showed a distorted smile with his bloody lips.


“Damn brat… you’ve grown so much…”


Rocks squeezed out his last strength, put his hand on Lunacia, and gently stroked her hair.


“The time with you… wasn’t that bad…”

“A lot of things happened, but I also had lots of fun.”


Rocks reply to Lunacia’s words while coughing.


“It’s goodbye, Lunacia… live as you like…”

“Not goodbye. I’ll see you again someday. I might’ve become the King of the World at that time, so don’t be jealous.”


Hearing those words, Rocks passed away with a satisfied smile.

Lunacia hugs his body, showing a smile while enduring her overflowing tears.

Among the three who witnessed everything, Garp and Roger glanced at each other, making the other person call out to her.

There is still some grace period, but they still can’t afford to relax.


“…Lunacia, you should mourn him properly. Though it shouldn’t be something said by a marine like me.”


Tsuru, who thought that the men were unreliable, said.

Lunacia nods a little to those words and lifts Rocks’ body.


“Then, let me excuse myself first. Thank you for letting me see his last moment.”


With that said, she ran away and disappeared in a blink of an eye.


“That girl will probably do something similar yet different from Rocks. I want her to be my crew member, but I want to fight her with full strength, too… what should I do…?”

“Hey, can’t you read the situation…”


Hearing Roger’s words, Garp glared at him while making a fist.


“If you are caught by me here, you don’t need to worry anymore. What you say?”

“Oh, anything but that.”


As soon as Roger said so, he began to flee.

Garp, of course, Tsuru also didn’t chase him.

Although Roger was also injured, they were too exhausted to deal with him.

After he disappeared from their vision, Garp says.


“That girl’s gonna get stronger. She will be the greatest threat to the Marines in the future… but… seeing that… even I couldn’t bear myself to raise my fists against her.”

“You picked the right choice. I don’t think that we could catch her, who had fought Sengoku, Zephyr, and Rayleigh without falling back with just the two of us.”


Garp nodded to Tsuru, who added, ‘that idiot Roger would probably attack everyone.’

And he asks.


“She got the spears pulled out of her, but how were her wounds?”

“The bleeding has stopped. According to the reports, she doesn’t seem to regenerate while it was still stuck into her, so…”

“As long as she’s a Devil Fruit User, weapons made out of Seastone are effective against her.”


Tsuru nods to Garp’s words as if to show agreement and says.

“We defeated Rocks, but… there’s going to be big trouble after this. There’s no doubt about that. I mean, we should run away quickly!”

“It’d be painful if we get caught by the Buster Call after all!”


The two also left running.


On the other hand, Lunacia deployed her wings when Garp and the others couldn’t see her anymore and returned to the ship flying in the sky.

Around that time, so many fleets had gathered around the island because of the Buster Call, and they had already started their bombardment.

However, none of them were able to chase after a flying ship, allowing them to leave the battlefield leisurely.


“Sorry to say this at this time, but I’m leaving the crew.”

“I’m leaving too. Oh, Lunacia. We’ll continue our friendly relationships, okay? Let’s get along well.”


Shiki and Linlin said, and no one stopped them.

Lunacia declares to all the crew members, including the two.


“The Rocks Pirates is his pirate crew. I won’t be taking over.”


No one disagreed with her substantive declaration of dissolution.


“For now, let’s agree not to kill each other until we reach some suitable island.”


Everyone agrees with Lunacia’s proposal, including Shiki and Linlin.

Many crew members were killed, and the survivors were exhausted without exceptions.

The same goes for Lunacia. Although the body parts where she got stabbed with spears made out of Seastone were healed on the surface, the regeneration within her body was slower than usual.

She knew in her head that spears made out of Seastone were her weakness, but she only experienced it in form this time.


‘I need to get stronger――’


Kaido asks while she is thinking of that.


“Lunacia, what are you going to do from now on?”

“I’m thinking about a lot of things. What about you, Kaido?”

“I’m going to get a lot stronger! I’ll then gather a pirate crew!”


Lunacia shrugged her shoulders to Kaido, who declared so.

She felt that he would somehow rise with simply just his strength.


‘It’s not fun getting overtaken by an apprentice――’


Lunacia renewed her determination to become stronger, and called out to Newgate, who was silent all the time.


“Newgate, how about joining my pirate crew…”

“You haven’t given up? Damn brat. I refuse.”


Lunacia sighs.

She could hear other crew members also planning to make their own pirate crew, so everyone here might become her enemies in the future except for Linlin, who has a friendly relationship with her.


‘I should mourn Rocks first. After that, I’ll pick up Bakkin and the others, then think about the future――’


Lunacia decided so.


The Rocks Pirates has lost their captain and many crew members in God Valley.

With the death of Rocks, the pirate crew had disbanded, and the World Government and the Marines, as well as masses were relieved, but――shortly afterwards, those who belonged to the Rocks Pirates began to make a name for themselves.

They varied from those who were already big names to those who were originally unknown.

The masses feared big names such as Roger, Whitebeard, Golden Lion, and Big Mom, and the World Government and the Marines also prioritized dealing with them.

However, the upper echelons of the Marines were suspicious.

Because Lunacia wasn’t included among them.

Maybe she retired, or maybe she’s planning something else――Lunacia, who they couldn’t find the whereabouts of, became an ominous existence.


Lunacia was in a certain sea area in New World.

There are many vast islands scattered throughout the area. It’s a place that took her 3 years to find after the battle of God Valley.


She decided to pick a suitable place and create a base from scratch――in other words, she decided to be a pioneer. 

A place where there are many large islands and a relatively stable climate――those were the two conditions that she couldn’t give up.

Also, according to the information she gathered, it’s unlikely that there will be any people living here because every island is a nest of fierce beasts.

She confirmed that information because all she could feel when she used Kenbunshoku Haki were the presence of beasts.


There are various definitions of strong pirates, but Lunacia personally thinks that it’s to have economic power.

Various industries generating huge profits in a stable manner, and by using the economic power brought by that background, a large number of troops are trained and educated systematically, with every soldier deployed equipped with the latest tools and weapons.

She was convinced that that was the strongest pirate crew.

Therefore, she chose the path of pioneering, which is very time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive, in order to do whatever she wants.

Nonetheless, anyone who would hear her thoughts could confidently tell her that’s definitely not a pirate, and she’s also somewhat aware of it.


“…this is so un-piratey.”

Lunacia whispered involuntarily, but immediately reconsidered.

“I’ll just do it as I like… that’s all.”

She smiled fearlessly.







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