One Piece: A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 05

Chapter 05 – In Wano Country


It is difficult to enter Wano Country because it has isolated itself from the outside world and because of geographical problems.

However, the reason why Rocks dared to give Lunacia the task is because she has a very convenient ability.


“I really think it’s super convenient being able to fly in this world.”


Lunacia is flying in the sky with bat-like wings growing from her back.

She is carrying a giant bag filled with five gold bars worth 1 billion belly each.

The ability to fly is one of her abilities as a vampire, and only Rocks and Lunacia are aware of it.

She has many other abilities, but all of them are only known to Rocks and Lunacia herself.

While training with Rocks, she discovered many abilities other than her passive immortality, so the two of them agreed not to talk about or use them except in emergencies where there are a third party’s eyes.

Just like this time, she even went so far as using a small ship to run for a distance, only using her flight ability when their flagship could no longer be seen from the horizon.

With that said, Lunacia descended into a forest in Wano Country, then headed towards the nearest castle town that she saw from the sky.

According to the signboard, the town seems to be called Kuri, and the townscape makes her feel nostalgic.

Wano Country really gives that Japanese vibe.

With that said, it’s only that of the Edo Period――but still, anyways, it’s still very Japanese.


“It’s so delicious…”

“You betcha! This is the best dango around here.”


Lunacia attracted quite some attention due to her appearance, but she was guided by a person who looked like a Kabuki actor who suddenly hit on her, leading her to a teahouse to eat dango.


“What’s your name? I’m Lunacia.”

“I’m Kozuki Oden, Kuri’s daimyo.”


After looking at him suspiciously, Lunacia looked towards the passers-by who were watching her, a foreigner.


“Is he really the daimyo?”


To her question, the passers-by nodded.

Lunacia laughs loudly inwardly.

She could not have any better opportunity.


“Should I call you Oden-sama or something?”

“No, it doesn’t matter. Call me as you like.”

“Then, Oden. Actually, I want a katana… I also have my circumstances that need me to have a friendly relationship with the Kozuki Family.”


Guessing that there must be something in her words, Oden answered.


“Let’s change the place. Let’s talk at the castle.”

“Yes, thank you.”


At the suggestion of Oden, Lunacia was guided to the Kuri Castle.

She was impressed by the Japanese castle and couldn’t help but ask Oden this and that.

Then he told her many things.

After making many detours in the castle, when they arrived at their destination, both of them had broken the ice.


“Do you know Kurozumi?”

“I’ve heard of it.”

“There’s this fellow called Kurozumi Higurashi. She gained something from the Rocks Pirates and ran away.”


Oden tilts his head.

“What connection does that have with the Kozuki Family?”

“I’m not sure, but from what I’ve heard, it seems that Kurozumi was defeated by the Kozuki Family in a power struggle a long time ago. That’s why, I came to warn you that Kurozumi Higurashi is probably planning on a rebellion to revive her family.”


‘Hmm’, Oden crossed his arms.


“I don’t know about complicated things. But if they go too far, I’ll beat them up.”

“But you look like someone who’s not good at schemes. I think you’ll get tricked by them at some point.”

“There’s no way! I can just simply destroy their traps altogether!”

“That’s what I’m saying. I warned you. You better gather powerful figures to take countermeasures.”


Oden nodded obediently to Lunacia’s words.


“You have my gratitude.”


Seeing Oden bow deeply, Lunacia was impressed.


‘It’s the one I saw in historical dramas!’


While she was feeling impressed, Oden raised his head and asked.


“By the way, you said you have your circumstances. What is it specifically?”

“Actually, I’m the vice-captain of Rocks Pirates. So, that Kurozumi Higurashi sold our information to the Marines.”


Oden couldn’t help but lean forward to hear her story.


“That’s unforgivable. You must make her pay.”


It seems that he was quick to adapt to such situations.

Lunacia said.


“But I can’t just find her and kill her. It’s not even enough killing her most precious loved ones in front of her…”


Pausing there, Lunacia gave a proposal.


“Returning to Wano Country, Higurashi is a treat to Kozuki Family if she wishes to revive the Kurozumi Family. So, I want to cooperate with the Kozuki Family, destroy her plans, and kill her.”


After that, she pauses for a few seconds before continuing.


“By doing that, we could let her pay her due debt, while the Kozuki Family can crush the buds of rebellion in advance. We and you, both benefit from each other.”


Oden nodded heavily and replied.


“I shall immediately consult with my father.

“Great. And by the way, that person is called Higurashi. She looks like a grandma and possesses a treasure called Devil Fruit that allows someone to gain special abilities. She might’ve gained an ability that is best for disguise… after all, the fastest way to cause civil war is to borrow the appearances of powerful and influential figures.”

“We are very thankful for your advice…”


Lunacia waved her hands in reply to Oden, who bowed deeply. She then says.


“By the way, there’s another matter. Is it alright?”

“I don’t mind. Is it about your katana?”

“Yes, you’re right.”


Lunacia pushed forward three giant bags while she answered.

She opened it, showing that it was packed full of gold bars


“There’s 3 billion belly worth of gold bars. I want Wano Country’s greatest swordsmith to make me a custom katana.”

“3 billion belly!?”


Lunacia laughed as he saw Oden jump up while making a strange voice.

Nonetheless, one could easily imagine their sources knowing Lunacia is a pirate.

But he doesn’t care about that.

However, he couldn’t accept it due to his personality.


“You came to give us important information. We should not ask for your money.”


For Oden, who has a strong sense of obligation and gratitude, just her action come to convey information about Kurozumi Higurashi, who could endanger not only the Kozuki Family, but the whole Wano Country, is worth a thousand times more.

Although such matters are different things in reality, for Oden, Lunacia is his benefactor.

He could not allow himself to ask for a referral fee from such a person.

However, Lunacia sighs deeply.

She likes people with such a strong sense of obligation and humanity as an individual, but it’s different with business transactions.


“Oden, such good quality is admirable, but we’re doing business.”


Lunacia paused for a moment before continuing.


“By paying the price, those who accepted it should have even more responsibility to pay back. Also, money involves everything in the world, so the lives of your people also depend on it.”

“The lives of my people?”


Lunacia looked at Oden, who was tilting his head and answered.


“With the character you have shown so far, I guess you’re not like a villain who would keep your money for yourself to satisfy your own desires after obtaining great wealth. Am I right?

“…s-sure, you guessed it!”


Oden’s eyes couldn’t help but waver because of his past experience of almost emptying the treasury because of spending too much time in brothels.


“Oh, was I wrong?”

“It’s different now, okay!? When I was young, I indeed spent too much, but I don’t go there anymore…”

“It doesn’t matter then, since it’s in the past. Anyway, by handing you my money, you could do many things. Such as river management or land reclamation…” 


‘Oh, I see’ Oden nods in understanding.


“By hiring people to manage rivers and reclaim lands for a fee, they can live with just that salary. By repeating that, a country could grow richer.”


Finding her convincing, Oden replied to Lunacia with a serious expression. 


“Lunacia, my retainers and I need to improve in our study. But I don’t want to invite those strict guys from other places.”

“Oh, I have a very bad feeling about this…”

“How about it? Would you like to be my retainer?”


Hearing what she had expected, Lunacia sighed again.


“It takes time for the katana you asked for to be made by the swordsmith. It would take at least several months to gather materials and other things. Of course, you will be well paid during that period.”

“Let me talk with my boss for a moment.”



Oden gave the permission, so she left the room and took out a Den Den Mushi that connects directly to Rocks. 


“Rocks. It’s gotten somewhat weird here in Wano Country.”

“Tell me about it.”

“I told a daimyo called Oden from the Kozuki Oden about Kurozumi Higurashi, and built a good relationship. But when I was asking for my katana to be made…”

“It takes time?”

“Yes. I was told it would take at least several months. I was invited to be Oden’s retainer during that time.”

“It’s fine, do as you like. I’ll contact you if needed. You have my Vivre Card, right?” 

“I have it. I’ll do it as I like then.”


The Den Den Mushi was hung up.

Lunacia triumphantly returns to the room where Oden waits, and tells him.


“If the boss calls me for anything, I will need to give it priority over anything. Also, I want to be a consultant rather than a retainer.”

“Ok! Then from today, you are my retainer!”

“Listen to what I’m saying, stupid lord.”

“Yeah, yeah. Here’s your stupid lord, one that needs excellent talents like you!”


Lunacia is already regretting it, but it was a rare opportunity.

She finds it necessary to gain practical office experience for the future.


“Then, I want to inspect the whole Kuri.”

“Fine. However, you should first meet with my other retainers. Don’t worry. All of them are good guys.”

“I’m already worried just them being your retainer… in many ways.”

Five minutes later, it goes without saying that Lunacia’s premonition hit the bull’s eye, so she couldn’t help but cry inwardly.

However, she was fine with the siblings called Izo and Kikunojo.


With this and that, it has been two weeks since Lunacia became a vassal――although she still insists that she’s just a consultant――of Kozuki Oden, Kuri daimyo of Wano Country.

Most of her time was spent visiting various places in Kuri and reading data records. Still, she is now finally heading towards Amigasa Village to ask a swordsmith to make her a custom katana.

According to Oden, although the swordsmith has a difficult personality, he could guarantee his skills, so Lunacia was excited. However, as soon as that swordsmith found Lunacia, he couldn’t help but leer at her.


“Oops, sorry ’bout that! I am known as Tenguyama Hitetsu!”


Although he tried to disguise it in a hurry, he even covered his face with a tengu mask he had at hand, but it was utterly useless.


“Good, this is Lunacia, my retainer. She wants a katana, so I want you to make her a custom one.”

“Goodness, ‘that’ Oden-sama has such a beautiful retainer!? Wouldn’t she, by any case, your fiancée…?”

“No, no. There’s just no way.”


Lunacia immediately denies it and tells him her requirements.


“As Oden said, I want you to make me a katana.”


When she said that with a serious expression, Hitetsu narrowed his eyes, but he asked Lunacia to show him her palm.


“You must have started using a katana recently?”


Lunacia nodded honestly at what Hitetsu pointed out.


“Then there is no point making something customized for you. An amateur would simply be overwhelmed by the weapon itself.”

“I wouldn’t have a hard time if I could swing any katanas being sold anywhere… can you let me swing some of your katanas here?”


Hitetsu nodded to Lunacia’s question and handed her a katana that was nearby.

After receiving it, Lunacia held the katana forward with both hands (Seigan No Kamae).

And, she fills the katana with her Haki.

Oden was impressed by her ability to use Ryuo, and Hitetsu realized why Lunacia wanted to ask for a custom-made katana.

Cracks quickly started to show in the katana’s blade, but Lunacia swung down without any care.

At the same time, the blade shatters into pieces.


“Normal katanas can’t stand your power, huh.”


Lunacia nodded at Hitetsu’s words, and says.


“I have given Oden the gold. You could ask him for anything you need.”

“Right. I have received Lunacia’s payment. There is enough gold for anything. Of course, I haven’t even touched it yet!”


Hitetsu sighs.

It was the same as Oden saying that he would use some for himself in the future.


“Since the daimyo of Kuri has said so, there is no reason for me not to do it. What are your other requirements?”

“I want a katana that could withstand my strength, one that wouldn’t get destroyed even if I used all my powers… also, is it possible to incorporate Seastone into it?”

“You girl really makes such difficult order… I could do that, but the help of the Kozuki Family is indispensable for processing Seastone…”


While saying that, Hitetsu turned his eyes to Oden.


“I don’t mind. Although it’s just for a limited time, she’s my retainer right now.”


Hitetsu couldn’t help but smile at Oden, who gave permission so easily, and told Lunacia.


“It’s impossible to make the blade out of Seastone. But I could put it on the head of the katana’s handle and scabbard.”

“Is it possible to increase the strength of the scabbard and handle to the extent that it’s okay to hit someone with all of my strength?”

“It’s possible. However, to be able to withstand your strength, both the scabbard and the katana will be heavier than usual. Be prepared for that.”

“Okay. I’d like a masterpiece that would make me want no other katana in my lifetime.”

“Since you say so much, I can’t help but want to make one. I shall make it will all of my heart. But it’s up to you if it could become a Kokuto.”


Lunacia returned a strong nod to Hitetsu.


And on the way back, Lunacia asked Oden.


“So, how could I make it become a Kokuto? I mean, what’s Kokuto anyway?”

“You didn’t know!?”

“I don’t know! Shiki didn’t teach me!”

“Who’s Shiki!? Listen, to make a katana become Kokuto…”


Lunacia understood after listening to Oden’s explanation.

In short, using a katana through countless battles, the color of the Busoshoku Haki would permeate to the blade due to the imbuement and hardening applications of Busoshoku Haki, increasing the strength of the katana.


‘That sounds great’, Lunacia thought with her newfound knowledge. Lunacia was very excited and looked forward to her own katana that was about to be made.







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