One Piece: A Pirate Unlike Any Pirate – Chapter 02


Chapter 02 – Get-rich-quick scheme


“It was really difficult, but I’m glad that I managed to get over it.”


Lunacia sighs deeply.

Here is Hachinosu, a pirate island where Rocks is very influential.

There was a bit of a fuss when Rocks was rumored to return with a little girl with him, but it was not a big deal.

Rocks told Lunacia to spend her time as she likes on this island, so that’s what she’s doing.

The last three years have been too long for Lunacia, but there were only three things she was doing.

Listening to lectures, combat training, and dealing with pirates and bounty hunters targeting Rocks.

That’s all of what she’s done in the last three years, but Rocks would always let her eat a good meal, so that was the only salvation she had.

She also felt fortunate that she didn’t stop growing just because she turned into a vampire.

She guessed that she would stop growing when she reached a certain age.

From how she looks, she estimates that she would stop growing old when she’s in her late teens, but she’s not quite sure yet.


“Do as I like, as I like, huh…”


This place, Hachinosu, is a lawless zone where you can do anything with very few exceptions.

It’s okay to kill and steal, and you can do whatever you want, but it also seems to be a place suited for doing business, so you can find plenty of stores open.

There are also stores that pirates run on a whim, but the number is small, and most stores are opened by merchants.

All kinds of products are being sold here, from dangerous drugs to weapons. It’s very extensive.

One of the few exceptions in this unlawful island is to not touch merchants, so every pirate on this island would unusually pay merchants in exchange for their goods obediently.


“…yosh, I’ll go training.”


Lunacia couldn’t think of anything she wanted to do in particular, so she decided to do the thing that had become a daily routine in her life.

Fortunately for her, there is no shortage of opponents here.

After all, this place is a pirate island. Only violent people come here.

Lunacia puts up a sign on the square of Hachinosu.

Simple words were written on the sign, ‘Recruiting Challengers, Preferably Strong Men’.

The pirates who were in their spare time quickly gathered and smirked at Lunacia.

She could clearly tell she was being despised, so she took them as challengers.


“Come on! I’ll be your opponent!” 


With that declaration of Lunacia, the pirates grabbed their weapons without a word and attacked her.

They had the idea of releasing their anger towards Rocks at the little girl he brought with him.

But it was the beginning of their tragedy.


It was only an hour later after Lunacia put up the sign, that Rocks came to see the interesting show he had heard of.

When he arrived at the main square, he burst into laughter at the expected sight.

Countless pirates were piled up on the ground.

Standing in the center is the figure of Lunacia dyed in bright red blood. She had not fallen once, even after receiving countless wounds.


“You really did it in such a big way.”

“I couldn’t defeat them without any injuries, so I think I need a lot more training.”



There is no reason for the pirates who use Hachinosu as their camp to be weak.

Many among those defeated pirates were confident with their skills.

However, none of them was a match against Lunacia.

Rocks is very satisfied with the efforts Lunacia put into herself as well as with her Devil Fruit’s ability.

She really is a great treasure he had picked up. He became convinced that with her, one of the pieces needed for his ambition was collected.


“Two months later, we’ll raise our pirate crew’s flag, Vice-Captain…”


Hearing Rocks’ words, Lunacia felt happy and answered with a smile.


“Aye, Captain…”


Two months later, Rocks gathered the pirates in the main square revealing his get-rich-quick scheme.

A scheme, which even Lunacia did not know its content, made most of the pirates guess that he was targeting a treasure somewhere, however――


“I will become the King of the World! After I become King, I’ll give anything they want to those who followed me! Women, Wealth, Power, everything you want!”


Lunacia looks coldly at Rocks, who starts saying something naive stuff like world domination.

However, pretending to be unaware of her cold gaze, he continued his words to entice the pirates.

She found this kind of skill also very attractive to learn, but the contents are quite out of the question.


“Is this really, really okay?”

“Of course! I have a good idea…!”


Rocks answered Lunacia’s question confidently.

Thinking that she’s already boarded the pirate ship anyway, she did not say anything else.

With that, the Rocks Pirates were formed and set sail, but Lunacia was quite surprised that there were a lot of familiar faces among them.


Edward Newgate, Shiki――both are strong men who have fought against Rocks.

And, of course, against Lunacia as well.

Without them, there are also famous big shots such as Charlotte Linlin, although she had never fought her.

Honestly, she had a feeling that most of them came to stab their backs, and because Rocks declared anyone could do as they liked on board the ship, it made her feel more certain that someone would make a mess somewhere.

There are only two rules Rocks imposed. One is to obey the captain’s order, and the other is don’t do anything that would sink the ship.

The unpleasant thing about this was that he did not say anything about obeying the vice-captain’s orders.

It was like implicitly telling Lunacia to make this group of self-assertive strong people convinced of her vice-captain, including the three mentioned before.


“No, that’s really it. Kaido is the only one who relieves my stress.”

“It’s kinda weird for me to say this, but… are you really saying that in this situation?”


Kaido, who snuck aboard as an apprentice, is currently piercing Lunacia’s heart from behind.

It is something that had become a daily routine, her heart being pierced like this.

Kaido is greedy to find any way to become stronger, and has the great courage to attack Lunacia on the first day Rocks introduced her to the crew as the vice-captain.

Since then, he has been working hard as an apprentice, while spending almost every day attacking Lunacia.


“No, well, you’re the only one younger than me on this ship, and you won’t say crazy things like the other crew members, so…”

“Well, that’s true, but…”


Kaido answered as he pulled his hand from Lunacia’s body.

He thought of it once again.


‘This woman, in a sense, she’s crazier than the captain.’


Until now, Kaido had tried various ways, and judged that he was unlikely to be able to kill Lunacia any time soon.

Launching an attack covered by Busoshoku Haki might wound her, but the fatal injuries do not become fatal for her.

She could be injured in a way that an ordinary person would die a hundred times over, but such wounds would regenerate in a blink of an eye.

Whether you crush her heart or smash her head, everything will return to normal as if it were nothing.

He had no way to deal with it.


“It’s about time for someone other than Kaido to attack, so maybe I should take the initiative. After all, the captain is saying that you can do whatever you want, with the exception of following the captain’s order…”

“I’ll go drink, then sleep.”

“You won’t come?”

“It’s not like you’re gonna do it today, right.”


After that, Lunacia watched as he leave the room after saying and came up with an idea.


‘If anything, let’s fight during the night――’


Being a vampire, her abilities are generally more powerful during the night compared to during the day.

However, since arriving at Hachinosu, Lunacia had never fought during the night.


“We’ll reach an island by tomorrow, so let’s fight there.”


Lunacia was very eager to fight.







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