Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai – Volume 1 Prologue




ーーI’ll say it to you as many times as you want. I, I love Onii-chan! That’s why, I’ll absolutely become Onii-chan’s bride in the future!


“……I-I’ve done it.”


I pressed the enter key and completed my novel.


At the same time, I felt my face quickly getting hotter.

I hugged my pillow to hide my face that should have already turned red and rolled around my bed.


*Rolls in the bed*




I finally calmed down.


Even now, I have written things like「Onii-chan Note」, but this is the first time I have completed a novel, so I somewhat feel very embarrassed.


If this was published, the whole world shall approve of my relationship with Onii-chan.


“And that is…………………the best!”


My cheeks naturally melted in happiness just imagining it.

‘Ehe〜, ehe〜’, I involuntarily let out a laugh that I myself think is quite wilful.


*Rolls in the bed*




I calmed down a bit better again.


But well, I do not think that it would be chosen though.


Although it is unfortunate, I would have never submitted it if not.

I feel easy about it.


……at the least, that was what I thought at that time.



Half a year has passed since then.



I was in a daze seeing the email that was sent to my notebook laptop.


I was stunned with shock by the words “Congratulations on winning the award!”.


And, at that time, the words that unconsciously came out of my mouth was the start of everything.


“……this, isn’t it the best chance to get along with Onii-chan……? Ehe〜……”








Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto – C1 Part 1

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