Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai – Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 2

Chapter 1 – The Reason Why My Little Sister and I Became Light Novel Authors (Part 2)



My name is Nagami Yuu.

I acknowledge myself as an ordinary first-year high school student.


My grades are just a little above the average.

I don’t have special skills.

My appearance is……, well, I think it’s just ordinary.


If you were to ask me if I possess something different, I could only say that I love light novels.


Although I say I love them, it’s not just simply wanting to read them, but write them as well.


I have submitted applications on light novel awards since my first year in middle school.


I would answer like that as well even when my parents ask about my dream and I would also reply the same when I am asked in school.


I’m what you call an open otaku, but it’s not like that made me attract attention.

I understand what TPO (Time, Place, Occasion) is, and in the first place, in this age, it isn’t that rare to have a hobby of an otaku right?


My family has four members, me, my little sister, and my parents.

Our house is just a simple residential house with two floors.

Our relatively wealthy household has both of my parents working.

Both Father and Mother seems to be always busy, so it is often that they are not home.

They would also come back late at night and the cases where they would not come home in the first place are plenty.


Because of that, it became natural for me and my little sister to semi-live alone with the two of us, but I have never felt lonely.


However, I am troubled by a different problem.

More specifically, I am troubled by situations like the one I’m currently experiencing.





During dinner.

Suzuka and I are eating our meal facing each other in the table in the living room.


Both of us are using our chopsticks without saying any words.


The food that Suzuka makes is really delicious, silent situations like this makes the feast unappetizing.

That’s why, I would try from time to time to do something about it, butーー


“……hey, Suzuka. Can I turn on the tv?”

“Do you have a show you would like to watch?”

“No, not in particular.”

“Then you can’t. I hate it being noisy.”


……well, it is only as usual that I get shot down like this.

But today, unusually, I thought of being more persistent about it.


“……but you know, eating with just the two of us, don’t you feel lonely?”

“If you are speaking about Father and Mother, it cannot be helped because of their work.”

“Well, that’s true, but eating without a single conversation is a little bit……”

“I guess that is true. Well, please go on.”


Does that mean……, I should come up with a topic?


Even so, isn’t a family conversation starting with “Well, please go on” a bit weird?


……but well, for the meantime, it doesn’t matter that much since it leads to the start of a conversation.


“Uhh……, how was it in school today?”

“It was normal.”

“No, no! Conversation is like a catch ball right?! Don’t end it there!”

“Even if you say that to me, it is troubling if you ask about something very vague.”

“I-I got it…… Then, how’s your work as a student council president?”

“I only organized paper work today.”

“I’m saying, I think you should answer with things that would make the conversation last, okay!”

“……I cannot help it, I do not have anything in particular to say. Shouldn’t Onii-chan have more topic for conversations?”

“Uu, me huh…… let me see……, by the way, recently, I found a godly novel. Well, I have read countless light novels and there are sometimes great works that are hidden gemsーー”

“I’m sorry. I can’t understand very well about light novels.”

“……I knew it〜.”


Conversation finished.

If you were to ask the result, I can only say that I found out that both of us doesn’t have a common topic we can share and talk about.

And just like that, we finished eating dinner.


My little sister went to the kitchen to clean up the dishes and I entered a bath and returned to my room.








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