Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai – Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 1

Chapter 1 – The Reason Why My Little Sister and I Became Light Novel Authors (Part 1)



“I’m back〜!”


I opened the door to the house and saw a pair of shoes properly arranged.


It looks like my little sister had already returned home.


‘She’s quite early although she has work in the student council……’, I thought, but immediately realized that I was the one who’s late to go home.

Well, I even took the trouble of going to Akihabara because of my desire for a new release.


I carried the bag filled with near ten light novels and tried to quietly go upstairs.


“Welcome home, Onii-chan. You came back late.”


However, the living room’s door suddenly opened and Suzuka who was wearing an apron on top of her school uniform came out.


I flinched as if a kid whose prank was found out.


“I believe I told you before to keep in touch if you are going to be late?”

“N-No, well, it’s still just past six, it’s not that late right?”

“It concerns the time for dinner. People call that as etiquette.”


After saying that, Suzuka looked at the bag I’m carrying.


“You went to Tokyo again just to buy light novels?”

“I wanted to get the new release as soon as possible. Also, there are perks to buying it in stores you know? There was no way I could ignore that, especially as a light novel lover……!”

“I don’t understand.”


Suzuka easily brushed off my words that were full of emotions, expressionlessly squatted down in the entrance, and fixed the position of the shoes that I had just taken off.


This girl who really seems strict, has a serious face from the beginning to end of our conversation, and has a cold attitude is my little sister.


Nagami Suzukaーーa third-year middle school student as well as the student council president of the prestige school for young ladies Hakuou Jogakuin.  


She is a perfect human who has excellent grades, possesses great athletic sense, very popular, and even has top-class charisma.


Even at home, she is great at housework, it is simply just difficult to find her faults.


Her personality is calm, cool, and collected, she is diligent as well. Her air around her that always feel elegant, and although she has a petite stature, you could feel dignity from her.


Her appearance, well, although it might be improper for me, her big brother, to say this, but she is a beautiful girl who would gather the attention of 10 people if there are ten people.


You might say that I do not have a partial eye for praising my little sister this much.


But unfortunately, everything I said is the truth.


Besides, it’s not like it would give me profits by doing that. In fact, I am troubled by it instead.


“On top of that, you even tried to hide from me and sneak to your room.”

“Don’t make it sound so bad. I did it to for your sake too, you know. You, you hate these light novels or otaku type of things right?”

“It is not like I hate otaku things. I just don’t understand them very well.”

“To not be able to understand the amusement of light novels, you’re losing 120% of your life! Yosh, since it’s like that, I shall lecture you the greatness of light novelsーー”

“No thank you.”


Suzuka rejected with a serious face.


……well, I’m also a bit weird since I still said that although I knew how she’d answer.


“Rather than that, Onii-chan. Your uniform looks very disordered.”


Suzuka said and reached out her hand and started to straighten my uniform.


“It has only been washed yesterday yet it already seems a bit dirty. Your necktie is too loose as well. The button on its sleeve is about to be taken off, and also, your shoes look dirty. What happened?”

“……no, well, I just saw a kitten that climbed on a tree but couldn’t go down on my way back when I passed by the park. Its owner, a little girl, was crying, so I just thought I should give her a hand.”

“……that is very admirable of you.”

“Well, you know right? In this events, the main character of a light novel would naturally help right?”

“I can’t understand what you are saying.”


Suzuka’s impressed face instantly turned cold.


“After all, as someone who aims to become a light novel author, I think that one must always act the proper way to understand the feelings of the light novel’s main character. Un.”

“Please stop your self-containment that makes no sense.”

“And also, you know, by saving that kitten, the story where a girl that turns into a beautiful girl would come to pay back the favor might start……”

“Onii-chan, let’s go to the hospital and get your head checked up.”


Suzuka’s eyes already turned ice cold and I finally regained my senses.


“N-No, I didn’t mean that, okay? There’s no way that I’m seriously thinking of that like someone who has a middle-grade disease, it’s only for imagining and inspiration for writing light novels! You get me right?!”

“I really can’t understand.”


And after saying that, Suzuka sighed and continued as usual.


“Onii-chan, please get a hold of yourself.”


Although she would tell me that every day, hearing her say that seriously like this makes me feel a bit depressed.


I think you understand now just by seeing our conversation, but my little sister is a steady person.


It’s just, you need to prefix it with ‘super’.


Her standard is her own outstanding self, so the contents of what she points out are very strict and very detailed.


And, I am always the target of her strictness.


On the other hand, we do not have the way of interacting just like typical siblings.


If you were to think generally about big brothers and little sisters, I believe (with bias) that it would be the doted little sister and the big brother saying “it can’t be helped” every time to dote on her.

Well, in short, we do not have such heartwarming interaction between us.


“Anyways, please put your blazer in the laundry basket. I will fix its button later. And please make sure to clean your shoes before dinner.”


Suzuka ordered with a crisp and returned to the living room after giving me a grouchy glare.


“Also, you should wash your hands first after returning home.”


After saying that in the end, Suzuka closed the door.


I shook my head after sighing with a deep breath, but I immediately changed my mood and went to the washroom.


That was the interaction between us in our daily life, so I won’t last if I keep getting depressed every time.


……come to think of it, there are many kinds of little sister character in light novels.

And at the same time, big brother characters would also be with them, but I am really impressed with them, doing their best for their little sisters.


In my case, even my chance of doing my best as a big brother was taken away……


Well, it’s not I’m implying something.


Only, I would think that sometimes, those kind of siblings are enviable.









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