Ore Dake Kaereru Kurasu Teni – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Ability Confirmation


After there aren’t any more reinforcements showing, we decided to have a meeting with everyone.

It had passed a few hours, and it’s almost the evening.

Taniizumi and the guys that seemed to be able to move, went to the forest to collect firewood, and created a bonfire in the middle of the open lot.

The monsters……as the monster-repellant huh?


「For the mean time, we should confirm the situation!」


Taniizumi, who couldn’t restrain his excitement, leading, he said that with a happy tone.


「I don’t know how did it happened, but it looks like we came to another world, and awakened to strange powers! That is something that is very clear to anyone yo!」


「I agree」


The boys group that was familiar to games nodded positively.

I also agree. Even Shigenobu is like that.

And a part of the girls group seemed to understand.


「But, is that kind of situation……really possible?」

「It can’t be helped since it is happening like this in reality! Don’t escape reality and just accept it yo!」

「There’s no way I can accept that!! Let me go home!」


The girls……representative, shouted with a hysteric voice.

Taniizumi heard that reaction, and looked at that with very bored eyes.

Even so, compared than Taniizumi and the guys, the girls reaction was normal.

It’s not like I don’t understand the feeling though.

I’m think that I’m also that side.


「I dunno how to back. Just accept the reality. If you can’t, shut up and just go escape reality!」

「What did you say!! You, enjoying this situationーー」


When she was saying that, she was stopped and held back by her girl allies and the boys.


「And? Taniizumi-kun. How did you release that ball of fire?」


The class representative and the instructor asked Taniizumi at the same time.


「That’s simple」

「Click where the ability shows in the sight with will, just like cashing out money from the ATM, specify the target and activate……right?」


To my answer, Taniizumi clapped his hands exaggeratedly like saying it was correct.

No, what’s with that reaction.

Just like a delinquent, he knows how to fight, but he can’t read the air.

Look around.

There are more of those who felt unpleasant feelings you know.


「Correct! It looks like there’s also a cooldown, but it looks like the applications of these powers are wide」


Taniizumi shows off by coating flames on his fist.

In the latter half, he was using that to punch the horned rat.


「It’s strength can also be adjusted with inspiration. And also, the living things that comes out……you can get experience points by defeating monsters!! I already became level 2 too」


Fumu……can you really gain experience points by defeating that.

It’s completely a game.


「There’s also the “point” thing that is gained, but we can check that later right」


Just like he said, the instructor and the class representative swirls their eyes and activates their abilities.


「A-Amazing……on what principle is this working?」

「Equation or formula……what kind of elements is it? ESP, the mind makes some kind of interferenceーー」

「Ah〜……without something like that, you should just think you became able to use abilities or magic yo!!」


Taniizumi started explaining as if the class’s delinquent failure became its top in a day.

It looks like he would put everything away as magic.


「Well……it would be like that huh」

「Yeah, I’ll just use it if I can」


Just like that, the boys group adapted quite quickly and started confirming their abilities.

The girls group also, although while being confused, they started to check it because they knew it was needed to be done.


「Well, your abilities that is written on this slate is what it is though. Let’s start with checking on what we can do yo!!」


In Taniizumi’s leadership, we checked the abilities from top to bottom.

Uhmm……Taniizumi haD Flame User as the ability name.

And, there are also those that were simply named as Ice User.

And with that, it became Shigenobu’s turn because it was the attendance number order.


「Shigenobu, your ability, Smith is written. What can you do?」

「Eh? U〜n……my ability……un. It says points are not enough」

「Ah? Point huh? Transfer……looks like it can. Here, take it!」

「……I got it. I’ll try」


Shigenobu stood in front of the bonfire, and took the firewood towards the fire.

The firewood softly floated, coated by flames, it somehow starts making a figure.

It was a very, fantastic sight.

It looks like creation would take a while, and after five minutes, the firewood and flames floated and made a circle.

After that, the flames that coated the firewood splatters……and it changed into a single rod.

Is it a club?


「The feeling after using it, I probably use the something like a hammer to hit it, but this is the limit with only firewood and fire」

「Isn’t that a club! Oh? It can be seen in the status! That’s a convenient ability yo」


Taniizumi answered eagerly.


「It’s something that can be used using materials huh」

「It looks like that」

「Then tomorrow, I get something and let you make something!」


At that time *Ghuu*……a sound like that echoed.


「I’m hungry……」

「Endure it, I’ll search something to eat in the forest tomorrow. I mean, there’s someone that uses Cooking as an ability right!!」


Taniizumi looked towards the person who had the Cooking ability.

Don’t tell me, you’re saying something like eating this rat?


「At worst, use you ability to cook this rat!」


It looks like, it bullseye.

Well, at the worst situation, there are chances of that happening though.




Taniizumi, although as expected, he also agrees with that reaction, he having nasty look.

The ability that makes monsters edible would be convenient right〜.


「It uses magic powers and points anyways, we should get through the nice using the bento we brought yo!!」


Everyone was eating their bento’s a bit conservatively so they can endure their hunger.

I thought Taniizumi who showed his strength would declare monopoly right now, but it looks like he had moderation in that part.


「Well, next」


Well, just like that, the classmates explains their abilities one next to the other.

And, it became my turn.


「Hanebashi Yukinari, your ability……Teleportation huh. What kind of ability is it? Don’t tell me you can go wherever you want huh」

「I’m still confirming it. Why are you asking so close」


I activated my ability and selected Teleportation.

A cursor emerges.


「Can we return to Japan with Teleportation?!」


The girl leans while shouting hysterically and draws closer to me.


「Who knows……I don’t know until I try」


I, myself, do not understand what my ability is.

I tried to use it, and just like it was casting, the cursor changed into an hourglass and started falling.

I can cancel it if I want.


「Return me! Return me to Japan!」


The hysterical girl grabs my collar and started shaking and strangles me!

I got caught by someone troublesome……


「Calm down!」


When everyone around somehow told her to calm down, the hysterical girl stopped strangling me.

Khu……I had a bad time.


「It looks like it’d take time to activate huh」

「Well, I’ll try it」



I targeted the firewood and imagined to moving it.

It’s not like the a list of where I imagined to send it comes out, but I somehow could see where I can send it.

Is it something decided by creativity?

For the mean time, I commanded for the firewood to jump to somewhere else.

……the hourglass started to fall.


「……Not yet?」

「It’s just started you know. It takes time like Shigenobu’s」

「It doesn’t look it can be used in battle」


Khu……Taniizumi looked at me with eyes that are completely making a fool of me.

Before long, the hourglass fell completely, and the firewood shines in an instant, and it teleported to the place I targeted.


「Oh〜that’s plain」


Shut up!

I was saying that to myself, but it’s patience right now.


「Then, let’s test with that Teleportation ability if we can return to Japan. It looks like somebody wants to go home too」

「Taniizumi! Are you saying we should do human experiments with that?!」

「Ah? It looks like Otsuka wants to go back right, isn’t that good」


Otsuka is the surname of the hysterical girl.

It isn’t good at all.

How are you going to take responsibility if it fails.


「If I’m going to stay here for a minute or a second, I’d rather do anything!」


Eehh〜……you’ll agree with that.

How much of confusion is Otsuka in.

It felt like she was only thinking of going back.







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