Ore Dake Kaereru Kurasu Teni – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Ability


「This is status, right!」


The who was saying those words, in a loud voice that sounds a bit happy, was Taniizumi Kazuki.

Well, it’s status alright.

Even if it’s not me, anybody who had played games would’ve figured that out.


「Status? Is that the term about worrying about the evaluation of others?」

「That’s way out of line! It’s the game’s icon! Class-representative-sama doesn’t even know that huh」

「Probably didn’t play games at all?」


Taniizumi and his entourage makes fun like that of the class representative.


「Mu……I have played a little. Mostly action games, intellectual games, shogi and othello and the like. Recently, my boom is minesweeper」


Uwa〜……even if it’s a game, he answered different kinds of games that Taniizumi was talking about with confidence!

This fossil-like person, they really exists.

It’s a person I only had small talks with so I didn’t know.


「Anyways, we cannot go along with this kind of game. I don’t know who, and how they took us here, but we should quickly go back to the city.」

「Even if you say that……」


Unlike Taniizumi and the guys who have some kind of expectation, we looked around.

We couldn’t confirm any kind of road that leads toward outside of the forest from this open lot.

It was like we were taken into this very deep part of the mountain by a helicopter, because the forest have no signs of being touched by humankind.

Well……we can only look at it from a distance though.

There are a lot of them, the birds that are flying by.

I tried to check them by focusing my eyes……but they’re too far so I couldn’t see them properly.

But, is it my imagination that they somehow look very huge?


「How will you know which way to go, to go back to the city?」

「u……A-At times like these we should be calm and write emergency signals on the ground, and thenーー」


Just like that, the class representative started to say the templates of emergency manuals.

You are appointed as something like secretary by the student council right?

You were holding your chest high saying you’ll be the next student council president, but it seems that you are unreliable during times of emergencies.


「In other words, wait here for rescue? Although you were saying we should go out of the forest」

「u……If that’s the case we should look at the slope of the mountain, and start going down. We should know the direction by looking at the sun」


I don’t know if he seemed reliable or not.

That said, what he’s saying is templates so maybe it would be worth trusting in?

Only on the assumption, that this situation is normal, though.


「Then, we should first organize around there. Nothing will start if we don’t investigate anything. Sensei is going to confirm the forest for a bit. Everyone else should investigate wherever you think that is safe」



Just like that, replying sparsely, even though the students are still confused, we started to investigate in the mean time.

Though, even if I said that……there is only a baseball park-like open lot nearby, and the investigation finished quickly with people this many in the class.

The result was, we only found a well and the slate……that was it.


「Yukinari, do you know what is going on?」


Shigenobu asked me implicitly.


「There are a lot of possibilities that come to my mind, though I am curious about the thing that came out from the black board before we woke up」

「……I agree. I also think that was the cause. But……what was that?

「Shigenobu should also have clues, or possibilities that comes up your mind right?」


I vaguely think that it’s a little different though?

I looked at Shigenobu while thinking that was something that wouldn’t happen in reality.

Probably, Taniizumi and the others were excited because they were expecting something like that.


「Well, yeah」

「Un. Like being summoned to another world……about something like a fantasy like that wouldn’t happen in reality」


If we investigated thoroughly the circumstantial evidence, that fits the best though.

In reality, things like the Status that can only be seen by himself are occurring, and we can select things like skills in their entry.

Just like, it was saying that we can fight anytime.


「Denying it from our head isn’t good……thinking like that, maybe it is biased with child-like dreams though」

「Don’t tell me that……but……」


There are also ones that believes seriously, that we were really kidnapped, inside the class.

It’s the class’ girls that was being annoyed from earlier and was restless.

Boys are familiar with stories like summoning to another world and with games, so we just thinking about it with our dreams, but on the girls’ part, thoughts that they’ve become victims in somekind of a crime are swirling within them……it probably looks.

Well, within those girls, some of them were also reacting the same way like Taniizumi was.


「I’ll go calm them down for a bit」

「Yeah, you should go. Cool Guy Shigenobu」



Although he was a little annoyed, he smiled back wryly and went to calm down the girls.

Well, it’s true that it isn’t the kind of situation for saying jokes.

Even so, it can also be said that we calmed down enough to say jokes.


「Are you okay? I don’t know what is going on, but let’s do our best so that we can go home quickly」



Shigenobu was the class’ charisma in the first place, so everyone’s reaction was good.


「But……there’s really nothing here」

「I wonder what is this」


The sight of the class’ boys were busy……I’m sure that they are checking their status.

They were chatting just like that.

I also, well, I was have only checked it earlier though.

Clicking the ability entry……Ah, it seems that the ability’s cursor activates with a click.

Setting the target……

Just like that, everyone was checking their status dubiously, but the next instance!




We heard a scream from the forest, and the instructor sprints towards us……What is it?!!

From the instructor’s behind, a rat that was as big as a dog……was weird to call it, living things that horn-like something growing in its head were going after him.




The girls raises their screams.

You’re too noisy! There’s no free time to raise a scream right now!

A rat that’s size is attacking you know!

I mean, it’s rat right?

I focused my senses and glared at it.


  Horned Rat


The rat’s name enters my sight.

As if “This is a game’s tutorial you know”, it was that kind of situation!


「Leave it to me!」


The first one who moved was Taniizumi.

He released a ball of flame from his hand, and pitched it with power towards the horned rat.




The instructor dodged the ball of fire that Taniizumi threw in the last minute.




Then it hit the horned rat that was charging towards the instructor from behind.




The horned rats went on flames and started to raise screams of death.


「One more time!」

「Ah, that’s sly! Let me do it too!」


The carefree Taniizumi and his friends, starting from ball of flames, started to kill the horned rats with blades of wind-like attacks.

The instructor couldn’t stand up, crouches and protects his head.

You would think that’s pathetic, but I couldn’t make fun of him because it was the best way to protect one’s body.


「Haha! Wow! It looks like we really came into another world!」


Taniizumi and the rest who took care of the horned rat, picked up the horned rat’s carcass and were laughing.

It’s not like I can’t understand their feelings, but there’s something that caught my mind.

What’s with that “I’m happy have encountered an accident”-like reaction.

This kind of person, he probably take pictures of the victims of road accidents with his smartphone.


「W-What was that right now……Taniizumi-kun. You……what is that」

「What, you say……this is the ability of course! I have……obtained the strongest power!」


Just like that, Taniizumi and the rest declared that they awakened their powers with excitement.

I think that it’s the strongest power is saying too much though.


「Power……that’s about the ability right?」


Shigenobu who was protecting the classmates asks confirmation to Taniizumi.

I mean, it’s surprising that Shigenobu was protecting our classmates in that instant though……


「That’s right! Once again, we should organize the situation and check it. I’m sure……we’re going to a survival yo?」


Assuming that, that is the right situation……why are you guys, the delinquent position of the class, acting like the strongest so happily?

That’s completely a losing flag you know.

These guys, aren’t they reading mangas?

No, they’re reading it so they could react like this, huh?

But……their adaptability is too high.

During this kind of situation, delinquents should be acting violently without thinking, treats the classmates badly, and tries to dominate the class, well, that’s the cliché though……

I wonder what will happen.

And while I was calmly analyzing the situation.



「Oh? Reinforcements huh! I will kill you instead yo!」


Just like that, Taniizumi and the guys were fighting the new horned rats that appeared.








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