Ore Dake Kaereru Kurasu Teni – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Class Teleportation.


「Fuwaaaaahh……so sleepy……」


That day, I came to the school using the road that I am used to walking through, while taking a yawn.

How can I say this, it’s daily life as usual that has no changes.

The simple days of daily life wasted while growing to an adult……I don’t think that I don’t like it. A brain that wants interesting, complicated, and thrilling things, I had enough of that around middle school.  

Of course, having a very unique mental state during middle school, and being in agony after remembering the dark memories that is hidden within your heart, is what I think, an experience that anyone would have


Well, my name is Hanebashi Yukinari. A second year at some high school.

Tall, medium build, I think that my face is average.

I was told that I am a little blanky, but I wonder if that is true?


I don’t do club activities or the like.

I don’t feel that it has a meaning, and it’s not like I want to do one.

Doing something like a club activity might become a page on our youth, but unfortunately I am only average at sports and studies, and I think I have no unusual characteristics.


But……my friend said, “Can’t understand your points but can be relied on when in trouble”.

I sat on my seat at the classroom, and yawned again.


「Yo! Good Mornin! Weak during the morning as usual huh. Yukinari is」


The person that talked to me is my friend from grade school……Un.

He’s a person that I can feel happy of being called as a friend.


His name is Sakaeda Shigenobu.

Good in all sports and have excellent grades, personality is also good and has a lot of friends.

A superman that it would be more difficult to find someone he doesn’t get along in the class.

Height is tall, how should I put this, I can say that he is blessed in all ways.

His face also very good in my standards.

And when I tell that to him sometimes, he becomes modest and gets shy.

Ever since I had got along with Shigenobu,  I think that I have never got sarcasm from him at all.


「It’s very sleepy」

「Did you play a game again? I can understand the feeling but you should moderate because it might affect your test」

「I know that, you know」


Like……a connection that has a high frequency on being of the same class?

With that connection, a friend that I got along with that I could call as Osananajimi easily.  

That is Shigenobu.


I think that I am blessed.

Because during things like group work, Shigenobu would be a group leader, and would invite me as if it was natural, and because of that I was never isolated.

Promotion and advancement about the factions created within the class, things like that, I had never got trouble with that because of Shigenobu.

If I were to say Shigenobu’s faults……his luck in lottery, like in net games, isn’t that good……I think.


「Do you have subjects that you got behind?」

「nー……not really. Rather, I’m sleepy. Maybe I should sleep until morning assembly」

「Taking a nap around 10 minutes, you say……well, that is Yukinari-ish」


Just like that, today will passes by like the days before as usual, we were still thinking like that during this time.

Around the time when the class for the second period, I guess?


「And, for that, in this officialーー」


When I was taking notes of the instructor’s class, I saw geometric patterns that suddenly appeared on the blackboard.

What is that?


「W-What is it?!!」


The instructor also sensed the abnormality of the situation, and tried to erase the geometric patterns that appeared on the blackboard, he slides the black board eraser.


「W-What is that?!」

「Someone’s prank?」

「What’s that?!」


But, the geometrical patterns……the magic circle-like thing didn’t disappear……it emerged clearer, and shot a flash.



「S-So bright!」

「E-Everyone keep calm! I don’t know what’s happening but to be sure we should evacuーー」


Before Shigenobu had finished saying that……like a switch that had been turned off, my consciousness was cut off with a click……




A somehow plant smell that stimulates my nose……looks like I fell down.

While stressing my eyebrows, I opened my eyes, and raised my body.

I don’t know what situation I’m in, but it looks like I was being laid down carelessly on grassy-like place.

I mean……is this some kind of camp site?

There aren’t any tents, but in a open lot-like vacant lot that is surrounded by trees……it looked very deep so maybe a forest huh.




I looked towards where the voice is.

And then, that was the instance that everyone in the class woke up slowly.


「What was that really?」


Someone whispered that, and words that was similar to that continued.


「n〜……where is this?」

「That’s right! Where is this!」

「Everyone calm down……」


The instructor who stood said that while looking around.


「How can I calm down!」

「We are deep in a mountain when we noticed you know!」


That’s true.

What kind of circumstance made us come to a place like this?

But, the situation is the situation.


「To be sure, I’ll do a roll callー! From number 1ー」


Just like that, the instructor called the student’s name one by one.

Uhmm, the first thing to do here, is to organize the situation right.

My clothes are the school’s uniform because we are taking classes, the bag……there is a bento inside.

Wallet and student ID card, and the 1-year smartphone that my parents bought me……

To be sure, are we still in class right now?

Even though I was thinking it was unscrupulous, I looked at the screen of the smartphone.

……It is out of service. There is no antenna standing.


「O-Oi……where is this」


The one that was using his smartphone just like me whispered.


「The navigation isn’t also working」


Recent smartphones have GPS function in it, and you can check your current position in it.

But……if even that wasn’t functioning, then I can look at it like we were taken into a very deep mountain……I guess?


「Group abduction?!」


The class’ girl raised her voice.

That’s true, it’s normal to think of that right.

But, if it really is abduction, it wouldn’t be established without a culprit.


「Everyone please calm down!」


The instructor that has finished the roll call, clapped his hands and gathered attention.


「Even Sensei don’t know what is happening. But, there isn’t a good thing that will happen if we went into a panic right now. Everybody should take care of the situation calmly」


Well, that’s right huh.

Being told that, the classmates seemed to regained composure at least.


「n? What’s this?」


To the direction that everyone’s sight went, I also looked toward it.

In the middle of the plaza……a monolith-like black slate was towering.


「Is it an artifact from somewhere or something?」

「Ah〜……like an art forest? Like the television’s surprise and dokkiri-like something」

「Is that true?」


While chatting like that, I stared at the slate.

And then, I realized that there was letters carved in it.




In that slate……were names of my classmates from top to bottom carved in it.

It was too far to see anything at first, but I can see that names is written from below.

Of course, my classmates also noticed that.

And my name is also carved in that slate.


   Hanebashi Yukinari   Ability   Teleportation


……Teleportation? What?

Everyone was tilting their head while confirming what was the slate.

And then, the I knew what was the letter written in the very top part.


Ability List.


「Ability List?」


I talked to Shigenobu who was standing beside me by facing each other.

What it “Ability” that you say?

At the same time when I was thinking of that, a sound like *Pikon* echoed in my head, and in my sight……a mystery window came out.



「What’s the matter?」

「Something sounded, and in my sight……can’t you see it Shigenobu?」

「Eh? Ah, I heard something. Uwa! What?」


It looks like it’s something that would appear if you’re conscious of it, something that isn’t seen by anyone else……it’s something that appears for one person or the other.

For the mean time, while the classmates were buzzing,  I confirmed the mysterious window that came out.


   Hanebashi Yukinari   Level 1


Level? What is that, a game’s cliche-like entries.

I mean……this window……isn’t it perfectly the status icon that usually comes out on games?

If I check it very well, even a more detailed ability numbers was listed.

Well……as expected of a level 1, all ability numbers were all one-digit.


「It is very well-made……but how did they do this? I can’t understand it’s mechanism……its not like they’re showing it through smoke」

「n〜……isn’t it too different?」


I couldn’t think of it as a scientific phenomenon.

With my objection, Shigenobu immediately changed how he thought.


「That’s true……」

「What the hell is this!」


The class representative called out a dispute.

I know how you feel, but your voice is too loud.


「Who knows……?」


Even if you ask me to explain it in details, there’s no way of explaining it.

I think that nobody who is in this place can explain that.








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