Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 99

Chapter 99 – Musou Order



「It is great that you have come, my Senjukou」


In the palace’s audience hall, I was called here by the King this time for the first time after a while.


「It’s been a while, Ou-sama」

「Umu, umu, my Senjukou, did anything happened? Do you feel inconvenience with your lifestyle? I know, it will become colder from now on, I should give you have of the heatstones that the palace keeps」

「Your Majesty, if it is half of those that is kept in the palace, Duke-sama’s mansion would become buried」


The minister on the side pointed that out, and stopped the outrage of the King.

“It’s the usual combi”, I thought, and continued the conversation.


「Thanks, Ou-sama. Can I get just some of it. I’ll try using it with everyone, and just ask later on if it’s good」

「I see, I see. Umu, you can take them anytime」

「Your Majesty, please hurry……」


The minister made the King hurry up from the side.

Unlike the King whose eyes were always drooping to the side, the minister is somewhat……no, quite serious.

I would probably be asked to do something, so I prepared myself.


「Well then, my Senjukou. The reason that I called you sir, is because, I want you to do something」

「Un, if it’s Ou-sama who asks. What should I do?」

「It’s subjugation」


「That is right. Do you remember about Guernica」

「Un, of course」


Veronica came from there, there’s no way that I could forget about it.

The small kingdom Guernica. A country that became a vassal of the Kingdom because of financial difficulties.

Soon after it became a vassal state, the King sent me there to rebuild their economy.

A lot of things had happened, I remembered a simple thing that veins of gold not only exists in land but also under the sea, so I mined 100 tons of gold using magic, and left it in Guernica.

By the way, the value of gold is just the same here compared to the gold in the world I was before, so when I computed how much its value is when I went home, I found out that it was between 4 trillion and 5 trillion.

That is well, off the subject.

The most important thing for me was that I met Veronica.

My very, very important lovely wife, Veronica.

The best thing that happened to me in Guernica was meeting her, and taking her with me.

Something like mining gold, it is only the by-product of our date under the sea.


「What happened to Guernica?」

「A few days ago, insurgents appeared in the town called Mi Amir in Guernica’s territory, and King Guernica sent 2000 soldiers to suppress them」

「2000 of them? Were they such amazing insurgents? ……wait a second, isn’t that a bit, weird」

「Umu, as expected of my Senjukou, it is great that you have noticed. That’s right. Guernica is our vassal state, they are deprived of their military rights when they commended to us. As long as I do not permit it, they shall not be able to have soldiers, let alone mobilizing, it is preposterous」

「Of course, you didn’t permit them right」


If he did, he wouldn’t be talking about this right now.

The King nodded.


「Umu. They did it all on their own」

「I see」

「On top of that, I have heard that after subjugating the insurgents, they continued to stay at Mi Amir」

「……that is also bad, right」

「It is substantially a rebellion」


The minister said from the side.

I guessed so. They mobilized soldiers without having military rights, on top of that, they’re “holding” a town.

Just like the minster has said, it is substantially a rebellion.


「And so, my Senjukou. Can you go to Mi Amir for a bit and annihilate the Guernica’s soldiers」


The King paused there, and stared at me.

It was an unusually serious face.


「Go on your own, and show them the might of my Senjukou」


He gave me such an unreasonable thing to do.

I was ordered to go beat 2000 enemies completely by myself.

Normally thinking, it’s an absurd order, and it’s better to be told to “go die”.

In my case, and in the King’s case.

It wasn’t absurd nor telling me to go die, he literally wants me to go there by myself intentionally, so that he can brag about me.


「Un, I got it」


That’s why, I nodded. I accepted what the King said, and accepted to go by myself.

Well then, 2000 people huh.

“I wonder what magic would be good?”, from early on, I already started to search for the magic I should use inside my head.









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