Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 97

Chapter 97 – Hay Fever of Fall





I heard a cute sneeze.

Recently, if it’s sneezing, it’s Balthazar, but it wasn’t the sound of her sneezing.

It’s Sylvia.

Sylvia who was helping Amanda-san to fold the clothes inside the room sneezed.


「Are you okay?」

「My nose is just, a little itchy」

「Is it the cold?」


I approached her, and checked her temperature by sticking our forehead.


「U〜n, you’re a little hot. It’s the cold after all」

「I-I-It’s not, i-it is not the cold」

「Un? But, you’re a little hot. And your face is red as well」






Amanda-san opened her mouth.


「How about measuring it using magic to be sure」

「Hmm. Well, that’s fine too」


It’s more accurate to measure her using magic.




I casted magic on Sylvia, it’s a magic spell that measures the temperature.


「Hmm, 36.1 degrees, it’s normal」


「But, I felt that you were a little hot though」


I stuck our foreheads again.



「See, you’re a little hot after all」

「Danna-sama. I think that Danna-sama should believe on his magic? It would be better if you stop measuring like that」

「That’s true, magic is more accurate. I got it, I’ll refrain from doing it as much as possible」

「Ho……thank you very much, Amanda-san」

「Please excuse me for being intruding」


Sylvia said something to Amanda-san, but rather than that, it’s Sylvia.




And while we were like that, Sylvia sneezed again.




The door opened, and Nadia entered inside.

She ran to me while sneezing.


「Lucio-kuーーshun! I’ll go out for a walk with Vero-chaーーkkushun, okay」

「Ahh, that’s fine, but. Do you have the cold too?」

「U〜un, not at all? For some reason, Vero-chan wouldn’t stop sneezing as well, but I think that it’s just that kind of day」


「See, Sylvie too. See ya later then〜」


Nadia said that, and runs again out of the room.


「Nadia, and……Veronica too?」


I furrowed my eyebrows.

This isn’t a situation that I can leave alone.




「Maybe it is hay fever?」

「Hay fever? Although it’s fall right now?」

「There are some people who get it during fall as well. Pollen would scatter in seasons that flowers bloom after all」

「It isn’t just during the spring huh, hay fever」

「Yes. From how Oku-sama seemsーー」(TL: Female version of Danna-sama)


She looked towards Sylvia, I followed her and looked there as well.

Sylvia who’s furrowing her brows had a runny nose.


「I think, that it is like that」

「I see. That might be so. If it’s hay fever, it can’t be helped then」

「Un, I’ll endure it」

「Are you sure it is fine?」

「What is?」


I looked at Amanda-san, she who does not comment usually, is very talkative today.


「If Oku-samas are having hay fever, then……」



What is it.

When I was thinking of that, the room’s door opened again.


「Ah〜, Lucio-chan’s here〜」


This time, Balthazar entered inside.

Balthazar who’s recently not very clingy to me and goes to play here and there.

For some reason, she loves chasing after butterflies, and there’s a butterfly staying on her shoulder even now.


「What is it」

「Bal, you know, she became friends with butterfly-chan〜」

「I see, that’s good」

「Lucio-chan can also transform into a butterfly you know?」

「Well, sometime in the future」

「Un! Let’s go, Butterfly-chan」


Balthazar left the room.

The butterfly fluttered its wings and followed her.

It’s an insect, but it looks like she really got along with it.

After seeing them off, I suddenly saw Sylvia and Amanda-san’s expression.

The two of them were having an unsettled face.


「What happened」

「Lucio-sama, I just thought right now」




Sylvia sneezed again while she was speaking.

Her runny nose became worse, and I felt sorry for her just by looking.


「What a second, I’ll do something about it right now alーー」




Hay fever? Sneeze?




I looked at the door where she left to.


「That is correct」


Amanda-san said with a whispering voice.

Is it, maybe……quite terrible?

After all, Balthazar would explode her magic powers with her sneeze, and if she gets hay fever?


「There is no evidence. After all, the sneeze that reacts to Danna-sama’s magic and the sneeze from the hay fever is different」

「No, it’s good that you noticed. I see, sneezing huh」

「She was just born so she has not gotten hay fever yet. And, she’s a Demon King-sama after all, she might not get iーーkkushun!」


Sylvia added.

It was not a consolation at all, and Sylvia who was saying that sneezed again.

Somehow, I feel that it’s dangerous.

I imagined it for a bit.

Balthazar who got the hay fever.

Sneezing the whole day, and every time, her magic powers directly hits my face.


「……that, honestly, I’d hate that」


“What should I do”, I thought, about the pollen and Balthazar.

I thought which if them should I take care of if I would.


「Would it not be better if the all of the pollen removed? The other Oku-samas would be relieved as well」

「I guess so. Yosh, I’ll do something about the pollen」


I said that and stood up, and just like Amanda-san has said, I’ll do something about the pollen.

When I was about to walk out, I suddenly stopped.

I felt something bothering me.

I don’t know what it is, but it really bothers me.


「What happened, Lucio-sama」

「No, it’s just……u〜n」


What is it really.




Sylvia sneezed again.


「Danna-sama. Think of Oku-sama’s condition」


Amanda-san made me hurry. With a very serious face.


「I guess so」


I said that, and tried to start walking againーーbut stopped.

Amanda-san made me hurry?

The thing that bothers me became clear.

Amanda-san made someone hurry? She made me hurry?

That did not happen up until now, not even once. If one would describe Amanda-san, she’s a maid-san that is strangely otherworldly and superficial.

No, there are even times when I think why is she a maid-san, she’s a very mysterious beauty.

And that maid-san is making me hurry, strangely, emotionally.


「Is it……」


I thought like that, and looked at Amanda-san.

For an instant, Amanda-san widened her eyes. It was only for an instant, but immediately returned to her usual superficial expression.

She collected her expression? Or is it just my imagination?

In the next instant, she gave me the answer.


「Fu, fu, fua……fuakusshun!」


Seemingly unable to endure, Amanda-san sneezed.


「kkushun! ……fuaakkushun!!」


The recoil from holding it back up until now, Amanda-san continuously sneezed.

Her eyes and nose also gradually turned red.



「Is there something」


Amanda-san crisply said. No, it’s not “is there something”.

Looking at her face closely, her nose was flinching a little.

Is she holding it back again.





She frowned, and glared at me.

Leaving everything aside, it might be the first time she glared at me.

I thought of it, and became more and more amused, this time, I’m the one who’s holding back, although it’s my laughter.


「Yosh, I’ll go for a bit. I’ll go exterminate the source of pollen for everyone’s sake」

「Ehhhhhhh, Lucio-sama, you don’t need to go that far」

「Please be careful」


Sylvia fretted, and Amanda-san had a very serious face.




I turned around, and laughed out where she can’t see, and left the mansion.

While Amanda-san’s cute sneeze echoing inside my head.



By the way, there was an uproar because starting from this year, the hay fever during the fall had completely disappeared.










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