Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 120

Chapter 120 – House of Treats



Afternoon, I am reading manga in the mansion’s garden leisurely.


There is Balthazar nearby.

She is wandering around here and there, walking around chasing a butterfly in the garden.

Balthazar who loves butterflies so much that she calls them「Chou-chan」. I read manga while watching her on the side.


The one I’m reading right now is a series manga that I brought from the Grimoire Library.

It’s a work with a ridiculous story, starring a bad looking picaresque hero-like main character, who did not only took a legendary Demon Sword in his hand, but even made that Demon Sword give birth to another Demon Sword.


Things like doing something like a husband and wife stand up comedy with a Demon Sword, and the heroines around are cute too, so it’s a manga that is easy to read.



「Un, whatーーwhat’s that?」

「That is my line you know? What is this?」


Balthazar tilted her head cluelessly.  

What she is carrying is a big bee’s nest.


Her appearance of hugging it with her very long sleeves was lovely, but scary at the same time because of the bee’s nest.


「That’s a bee’s nest. It’s dangerous so put it back where you took it」

「Dangerous? But, this smells really good you know?」

「Well, there’s honey inside after allーーoh, there it is, it’s that thing drooping there」



Balthazar dexterously peeked on the bottom of the bee’s nest while hugging it.

And, she licked the drooping honey.



「It’s honey after allーーoh hey!」


Without giving me time to stop her, Balthazar bites the bee’s nest, and made a「×」on her face.


「So bad……」

「Well, it’s a bee’s nest after all, it’s the bee’s house」

「It smells this sweet too……」



Sweet smell……house.

I remembered a certain magic.


「Balthazar, you want to eat that?」

「Call me, Hacchan? I don’t want to eat it anymore because it’s not delicious you know?」

「If it was delicious?」


Balthazar made a clueless face.

I gently pinched her nose, and casted magic on the bee’s nest that she’s holding.


「『Hexen House』」


The light of the magic enveloped the bee’s nest.


「You should be able to eat it with this」

「Ah! It’s chocolate」


Balthazar bit on it without hesitations and made a delighted face.

Its appearance did not change from being a bee’s nest, but it looks like it became chocolate.


「*MoguMogu*……whash thid……*MoguMogu*……Rusho-shan」

「Don’t talk while eating. That was a house of treats magic. In short, it changes any structure into treats」

「House to treats?」




Balthazar pointed at the mansion.


「If I casted magic on it, yes. But the mansion’s not okay, alright? Everyone’s living there after all」

「……Lucio-chan, come here okay?」


I stood up being pulled by Balthazar.

And just like that, I was forcefully taken away.


We arrived at the back of the mansion.

There is a huge dog house there, and Coco is napping curled up inside.


Coco who is a beast-kin stays a lot of times inside the mansion, but there are also times when she would feel relaxed in this really dog-house looking place.


“Don’t tell me, she wants to eat Coco’s house……?”, I thought, but we passed by.

Moving further ahead, we arrived at the back of the back of the mansion that we usually won’t visit.

In there was a deserted-looking storage that stopped being used.


「This is house too you know?」

「You want to eat it?」


Balthazar nodded clearly and had her eyes sparkling.


「I got it. 『Hexen House』」


I used magic on the storage shed and changed it into a house of treats.

As soon as I finished using the magic, Balthazar immediately jumped onto it.


「It’s sweet and delicious」

「Let me have a taste……oh, the window’s like candy」

「The door tastes like cookie you know?」

「The wall became a sponge cake. Un, it’s good」


Balthazar and I ate the shed.

There was too much of it to eat everything, so it’s like tasting this and that.


「W-What are you doing, Lucio?!」



I turned around, and saw Veronica looking at me like she was struck by a lightning bolt.




I noticed the reason for her surprise.

『Hexen House』changes structures into a house of treats, but it still looks the same.

In short, for Veronica who does not have any clue, Balthazar and I are eating a half-destroyed storage shed.


Well, she can’t be blamed to make such a face.


「To think that……Lucio has such a hobby」

「Wait, don’t misunderstand. Balthazar, you go and explain too」

「Waa〜, there’s Kumo-chan’s house too, Lucio-chan should eat this too you know?」



She plunges a spider’s net into my mouth.



「It’s like cotton candy」

「Waa〜.」 I should let Chou-chan eat it too. I’ll make her clear her long-standing grudge you know?」


Balthazar peeled off the spider’s nest that sticks to the storage shed, and ran off to somewhere.


「To eat even a spider’s nest……on top of that, he even said it tastes like cotton candy……」


Veronica bursts into tears.


「To think that my husband is such a person」

「Wait a second, I’ll explain it okay」


It was almost a divorce crisis, I stopped Veronica from leaving, desperately explained to her the magic, and was somehow able to make her convinced.


After that, the storage shed was eaten deliciously by our family.




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Well, this the last chapter for the web novel. Thank you for reading.

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