Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 119

Chapter 119 – MAGI System



When I returned to the mansion from the library, I saw Nadia groaning like “U〜n, u〜n.” in the living room.

I entered the living room and talked to her.


「What happened, Nadia?」


「You seemed to be worrying about something, what happened?」

「Un, you know, I’m sleepy right now, so I want to take a nap, but if I sleep right now, I won’t be able to sleep at night, so I was thinking what should I do」

「I see」


Well, it’s a common problem.

I get how she feels, and this current situation that’s hard to decide which too.

I also know very well that there’s no correct answer.


「Ne〜, Lucio-kun, what should I do?」

「Let me see……I’ll let you decide for yourself」

「By myself? Oh really, Lucio-kun, it’s because I can’t do that that I’m troubled」

「Well, no rush, just look」


I took a step away from Nadia and reached out my hand.

She understood that I was about to use magic, and she started to look excited, that it’s unknown where her sleepiness gone.

“Maybe there’s no need for magic anymore?”, I thought, but I still used the magic as planned.




The light of the magic enveloped Nadia.

After the light had dissipated, Nadia split into three.

She turned into a doll-size that is a third of the original.


There are things like nametags placed on her clothes, and each of them says,


「Lucio-kun LOVE」

「Sylvie LOVE」

「Everyone LOVE」


Like that.


「What’s this, what’s this, what happened?」

「I don’t know why but I became cute」

「Lucio-kun, what magic is this?」


The three chibi Nadias asked noisily.


「That is a magic that temporarily divides a person’s characteristics by three. It’s the type of Nadia exactly written at your chest」


The manga I read was a story about 「the female me」「the mother me」and 「the scientist me」


In Nadia’s case, it’s me LOVE, Sylvia LOVE, and everyone LOVE.

Sylvia and I stood among the rest, and our other family (probably) is in a complete separate slot.

It’s very Nadia-like.


「He〜, is that so」

「It’s so interesting〜」

「But, why is there three?」


「Three is the smallest number that you can decide with a majority decision」



The chibi Nadias got convinced the three of them at the same time.


「Well then, go decide by majority. Whether you will take a nap or not」

「Un! Well then……the person who thinks we should not take a nap raise your handーーgo!」


「Here, here!」


The three of them raised their hands together.

I’m surprised, she was hesitating, so I completely thought that it won’t be a unanimous decision.


Soon after the decision by majority, Nadia returned to normal.

And then, I asked her.


「It was decided unanimously that you won’t take a nap huh」

「It’s because Lucio-kun used an interesting magic〜. It’s not the time to take a nap you know〜」

「I see」


It was a very Nadia-like reason again.

Although she was sleepy and hesitated whether she should take a nap or not, all of it disappeared because she saw a new magic.


「Ne〜, ne〜, this magic only divides a person into three right? It’s not like it’s needed to make a majority decision right?」

「Yeah, that’s right」

「Wait a minute!」


Nadia ran outside.

When I waited for her thinking what it was about, she immediately returned.


「What was it?」

「Wait a little longer」


Nadia said while smiling.

There’s no problem with waiting. I waited just like I was told to.


I leisurely waited while reading the Grimoire that I brought back from the library.

After a while, I heard a loud sound, and our pet cat Mami entered.


It’s not only Mami, but she also took Isaac who was tied up with her.


「I went and hunt」

「Oh〜, good job, Mami. Good girl, good girl」



Nadia patted Mami’s head.

Mami seemed like she was bored, but her red cheeks tell otherwise.


「Lucio-kun, Onii-chan too」

「I guess so」


I’m also interested what Isaac would be if he were divided into three.




I used magic and divided him into three.

What appeared within the light of the magic was the tied up Isaac with a third of his original size.

Those three tied up, the following was written in each of them,


「The cool me」

「The charming me」

「The world’s strongest me」


「Ahahahahaha! Onii-chan, what a great confidence」


Nadia laughed out loud.

However, Isaac, you.

Where in the world does that confidence come from.


I told Mami to return Isaac from where she got him, and Nadia asked for more.


「Ne〜, ne〜, let’s do a lot of things, I mean a LOT of things」

「I guess so」

「Ah! It’s Sylvie. Sylvie〜, come here」

「What is it? Nadia-chan」

「Lucio-kun, please」



I used magic on Sylvia, dividing her into three.


「The polite Sylvia」

「The cry-baby Sylvia」

「The Sylvia that did not stop peeing in bed」




The three chibi Sylvias raised a scream at the same time.

When Sylvia returned to normal, she ran away with a red face.


「I wonder if she’s alright.」

「It’s okay, it’s okay, I’ll scold her later」

「Eh? Scold her?」

「I’ll tell her to hurry up and stop peeing in bed」



Though I think coming this far, it’s fine if she doesn’t fix it anymore.


After that, we went around and used『Magi』on our acquaintances.

Each of them changed into three persons, and it was quite interesting.


And, we met with Amanda-san.






「What is it, Danna-sama, Oku-sama」


「Let’s not to it to Amanda-san」

「Un, let’s not」


It’s somewhat scary.

Amanda-san’s “that”, I feel that it’s better to keep it in secret.


Me and Nadia’s sense of danger was perfectーーbut, because of that, we did not have enough.

At that time,


「O〜i, my Senjukou」


The King visited the mansion.


「Go, Lucio-kun! Use the magic on Ou-sama!」

「Got it!」


I used magic in high spirits with Nadia’s command.

When I casted『Magi』on the King,


「My Senjukou LOVE」

「My Senjukou LOVE」

「My Senjukou LOVE」


It became those three.


「「「I wanted to meet you, My Senjukou」」」


The King that turned into three doll-sizesーーclung to me at once.





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