Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 118

Chapter 118 – Ferris Wheel of Time



「What Grimoire is that?」


Veronica talked to me in the afternoon in the garden.

She is peeking at the Grimoire I’m currently reading from above, but from her looks that wandered around, she seemed like she can’t read manga after all.


「It’s things about Ferris Wheel. The magic I learned from it is quite unique you know」

「What kind is it?」

「You want to try it?」



Veronica nodded. I gestured her to get close, and let her sit on my side.


「『Chrono’s Wheel』」


The instant I used the magic, the surrounding scenery became something like a mosaic.


「This is?」

「It’s a magic that shows past, present, and future for three minutes continuously in that order. By the way, what you will see is random」


「Well, it’s better to take a look」


I also think that she won’t understand with just that explanation.

It’s quite a complicated magic.


After waiting with my body close to Veronica, the mosaic was taken off, and a scenery was shown.

It’s inside the city of the royal capital, and Coco and Balthazar are there.

It’s Coco’s walk, but Balthazar is clinging onto her as usual.

The difference from before is that Balthazar is holding the lead that connects to Coco’s wrist.


Honestly, rather than a walk, it looks like horse riding with reins.


「They’re on a walk. However, I saw Coco sunbathing over there earlier?」

「Un, that’s why it’s a past scene. This would continue for a minute, and after that, a scene from the present will continue for a minute, and a minute of the futureーーit’s like that」

「I see」

「By the way, we’re only able to see it, but unable to intervene」


After waiting for a while, the scene changed again.

After a mosaic, it changed into a room from somewhere.


「Hmph! I’m beautiful as I’ve thought」

「Ara, isn’t it Aniue?」


It’s Isaac.

He’s standing in front of a standing mirror, fixes his hairstyle using his hands, and takes poses.

……Isaac, you.


「Well, I shall go meet the lovely girls waiting for me then」

「Aniue, he really has a good sense of jokes as usual」

「He’s seriously saying that」

「I know, I am just backing him up」

「I see」


And after this and that, the screen changed again.

This time, it’s in the future.


「Fuu……today was a good day too」

「Eh? Oi」

「Ara, isn’t it Lucio. On top of that, it’s a rare bathing footage」


That’s right, what’s being shown is me soaking in the bath.

Outside the window is dark, and it would seem that it is already in the evening.


「Something like a shota’s bathing footage」

「This in itself has some demands desu wa」

「I don’t even want to imagine that」

「I shall enjoy it very well」

「Keep it easy」


And just like that, I was forced to spend an embarrassing play of watching my own bathing scene together with my wife.


Finally, the bathing scene ended, and the scenery returned to the garden where we are.


「Well, like that, it’s that kind of magic」

「That was very fun. Can we do it once more?」

「Yeah, any number of times」


Veronica changed to a very good mood, it looks like she liked it.

I’ll do it for her as long as she wants if it’s just this much.

It’s for the sake of my lovely wife.


「『Chrono’s Wheel』」


I used the magic and we waited for a while.

The scenery changedーーit looks to be inside a mansion or palace somewhere.


And there, there is a young girl crying. She looks familiar.



「Yes, it looks like it’s me. It’s in the past, and from my body sizeーー,it’s when I’m around 4 years old」

「You’re so cute. By the way, why were you crying this much?」

「Who knows……? I don’t remember it」


Veronica tilted her head, but I found out the reason immediately.


「Give me, give me my binky(pacifier)〜」


「Binky, hee〜」


I looked at Veronica, her face was completely red.

And, a different girl appeared inside the scenery.

This one’s a middle-aged woman.


「You must not, Hime-sama. Hime-sama is already 4, please stop using your binky already」

「Noo〜〜, give me my binky〜, give me〜〜」


The young Veronica throws a tantrum.


「Veronica……you, a binky until you’re 4」

「This is a lie desu wa! It’s fake desu wa! It’s libel desu waaa!!!」

「No, but……」

「Oh really! Please do not look!」


Veronica covered my eyes.

No, even if you do that.


「Give〜〜 Mee〜〜」


I could hear the young Veronica’s voice clearly though.

Well, whatever. There’s no need to corner Veronica too much as well.

I let her do what she wants.


She continued to cover my eyes.

Finally, the scenery changed, and the young Veronica disappeared.


「……oh really, what are you letting me see」

「It’s random after all」

「Forget what you have just seen, understood?」

「Yeah, I’ll forget about it」





A time of silence came.

Finally, the present was shown.

Somewhere in the royal capital, it’s Isaac tied up by a rope by Mamiーーwell, it’s a trivial scene.


I thought of how to make it up to here.

Making it that I had never seen it, it’s easy to erase my memory of it using magic, but I must make it up to Veronica before I do that.

I thought of what I should do to do that.


I did my best to think of a way, but I was unable to.

And while this and that happened, the scenery changed again.




Veronica let out a voice.

“What is it?”, I thought, and followed her sight.


There is one old woman there.

An elegant Obaa-chan, a very kind looking, red-haired Obaa-chan.

I have never seen her beforeーーbut I know her.

I know her, without a doubt.


She is holding hands with one man, looking at the cherry blossoms fall by the spring wind together.




「I, I am very dependent on things since a long time ago. Very bitter medicine was placed on the binky, only then that I was able to stop using it」

「I see」

「Probably, I’ll continue on being dependant」



Veronica holding hands with me beside her.

Just like that scene of Veronica and me, very far in the future.


We held hands for one whole minute, waiting for the time to pass without doing anything.





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