Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 117

Chapter 117 – Dog Gathering



「Lucio-sama, I learned magic」



Afternoon, Sylvia said something like that when I returned from the library.

There is a book on her hand. From how its cover looks, it seems that it’s the light novel type「New Grimoire」.


New Grimoires can be learned by anyone, but there’s a limitation that the magic can only be used once.

Nadia showed it to me before. Sylvia was the same with Nadia at that time, it looks like she learned a one shot magic after reading a light novel.


「What magic is it?」

「I’ll use it okay. 『Cat Collection』」


Sylvia used magic.

After the light of the magic raised from her body, it enveloped the garden and disappear.

And in the center of the garden, a carpet-like rectangular shaped place appeared.


「A magic that makes place huh. What’s its effect?」

「It’s Come Anything hoi〜hoi〜. It’s magic that makes the designated thing during the magic was used gather a lot」



I thought about cockroaches from its name, but refrained from saying it.

I was about to ask what would be coming, but I immediately understood, there was no need to ask.


A puppy came from outside the area.

It’s tiny, white, and round, it’s a cotton candy-like puppy.

The puppy went to the carpet and started to lay around.


「Ahhhhhhh〜 so cute〜〜〜!」


Sylvia’s eyes sparkled and approached the puppy.

The puppy continued to lie down and did not run away. It just raised its head to look at Sylvia once, and continued to relax.


「I see」

「Yes! I wonder what kind of puppy will come next. Wakuwaku, wakuwaku」


Sylvia waited for the next puppy to come excitedly.

But, the next puppy didn’t come, no matter she waited.


「I wonder why……the wan-chan won’t come」

「……don’t tell me」


「Since it’s just limited to one time only, isn’t there only one that would come?」



Sylvia got surprised and got terribly crestfallen soon after.

It’s probably like that.

The magic that was learned from New Grimoire can only be used once and it would seem that the effect of this magic was also limited to once.


Because of that, there was only one that hoi〜hoi〜d.

Sylvia probably expected a wan-chan paradise, but got more crestfallen because of that.


「Lucio-sama……can you use Cat Collection?」

「That’s a magic I don’t know」

「Is that so……」

「But, I can make puppies gather」



Sylvia closed in to me with sparkling eyes.

It’s cute.

It’s for my cute, I’ll make her ‘sacrifice’ a little.


「Coco〜, Coco are you there〜」


I called Coco with a huge voice. After a while, the dog-eared girl appeared from the mansion.

It’s our pet dog, Coco.


「What is it〜, Master〜」

「Can you sit on top of that carpet for a bit」



Coco obediently seiza-d on top of the carpet.

Un, this is also cute and lovely.


I reached out my hand towards Coco and used magic.




The light of the magic enveloped Coco and disappeared.



「What happened with that, Lucio-sama」

「Well, just look. Ah, Coco can lie down there」



Coco once again obediently curled up and started to sleep.

A beast-kin girl who has a human’s appearance with dog ears and tails.

Her instincts come out here, and I think it’s cute.


And dogs gathered around that Coco.

One by one they came, and started to surround Coco.


Finally, every one of them started to rub their body to Coco.

Coco slightly opened her eyes and after checking the dog, she licked its face.

As I’ve thought, it’s a cute gesture that shows her instincts.


「Uwaaaa〜, so cutee〜〜!」

「I see」

「There’s so many Wan-chans〜, Lucio-sama Lucio-sama! That Wan-chan’s eyes are so cool〜, he’s ikemen!」


Sylvia was especially excited to the husky-like dogs within those that gathered.

Sylvia ecstatically looked at the garden that started to get full of dogs.




I secretly added a magic.

After all, Coco will be in danger if this continues.


The『Estres』that I casted at the beginning is a magic that makes one’s pheromones easy to be sensed by animals, and with that happening to Coco, “male” dogs gathered.

And the『Castration』after that is a magic that forcefully controls one’s sexual urge, it’s to protect Coco.


「So cutee〜……」


Sylvia who did not have a clue that they came to copulate was ecstatic to the Wanko Heaven.

While thinking that ignorance is bliss, I looked at the gathered dogs with her.





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