Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 116

Chapter 116 – The Start of Time and Space



After lunch under the clear sky.

I relaxed in the mansion’s garden with Mami and read manga.

Mami went and chase after flowers and insects in the garden, return to me and put her head on my arm or on top of the manga.


It was that kind of afternoon just as usual.

And then, I suddenly noticed.

I noticed that I hadn’t seen my wives today.

“Did they go out?”, I used magic while I thought of that.


「『Current Status』」


It’s magic that shows the current status of the mansion.

I narrowed the contents to「Number of people」and displayed it.


『6 Residents, 0 Visitors, 1 Others』


There was quite a lot of residents.

It means that excluding Mami and me, there are 4 other people in the mansion.

Everyone’s in the mansion? But I can’t see any of them.

I put down the Grimoire that I was reading and called with a whispering voice.



「Do you need something, Danna-sama」


The maid, Amanda-san, appeared right at my side.

She shouldn’t have been there just an instant before, but she came just like a ninja.

Right now, I almost cannot feel her presence as well, although I can see her. She is the most mysterious person among us as usual.


「What’s everyone doing?」

「If it is about Oku-samas, three of them have gathered in the living room. Only Nadia-sama have left」

「They gathered. Are they doing something?」



Amanda-san silently nodded.


「Do I need to help them with magic or something?」

「It is for the best that you have not heard about it」

「Fu〜n, I got it」

「『Erase Memory』」


I used magic, and the memories inside of my head disappeared like an eraserーー.

After lunch under the clear sky, I am reading a Grimoire in the garden.

Mami tripped and made a bucket fell over her and turned to Coco after being splashed with water.

Coco came to me pitifully, and I dried her using『Quick Dry』

Coco curled her body around my feet and started to take a nap.

She took out a doll of me that who knows where she kept and slept blissfully.

I continued to read manga.

Come to think of it, I haven’t met any of my wives today.

But when I was thinking of that, Sylvia came out of the mansion.

She came to me while she let her beautiful golden hair sway while it reflected the light of the sun.


「Lucio-sama, can I ask something?」

「Un, what is it?」

「The first job that Lucio-sama didーーe〜to, the water job」

「Ahh, we walked and sold water huh」

「What magic did you use then?」

「It’s『Distillation』. A magic that removes impurities from a liquid and makes it pure」


I took the glass of juice I placed on the side that I drink when I’m reading manga.

I used the『Distillation』magic that Sylvia asked.

The color of the juice gradually diminished and turned into transparent pure water.


「It’s this! Distie, re……?」



I slowly told Sylvia again because she seemed to have a hard time saying it.

It’s a word that in after all.


「Distillation. Un! Thank you very much, Lucio-sama」



Sylvia turned around with a face full of smiles and returned inside the mansion.

After I saw her off, I suddenly got curious.

Why did she ask about that magic? On top of that, all she asked was about its name.



「Do you need something, Danna-sama」

「What is Sylvia doing?」

「She is talking with the other Oku-samas in the living room」

「Were they talking about memories or something?」

「……I heard the word “surprise”」



I ruminated on Amanda-san’s words.

Surprise……they’re probably planning on doing something to me.

If so, I need to get surprised properly.


「Un, thank you, Amanda-san. I got it」


Amanda-san let silently.

“If the things are like that”, I used『Erase Memory』after a long time.

A magic that perfectly erases designated memories, if you use it too much, you can become a holder of the unisex fist of justiceーー.

After lunch under the clear sky, I am reading a Grimoire in the garden.  

It is very peaceful with Coco sleeping around my feet.

I got thirsty so I took the glass I placed on the side table.


「Water? How weird, it should’ve been juice inside」


I tilted my head. I am sure that I brought juice with me, but that changed into water.

“It’s probably someone’s trick.”, but when I was thinking of that.

*ParaParaPara*, it started to rain.

I looked up the sky, there are almost no clouds, and the sun is shining very brightly.

A sunshower huh, how rare.

I closed the Grimoire and looked up to the sky.

“This feels good in its way”, I let myself get hit by the rain.

Coco who was sleeping around my feet got wet with the rain and changed to Mami.

Mami woke up. And after she looked around carefully, she crawled into the narrow space below my chair and slept again.


「Ahaha,『Quick Dry』」


It would be pity if she gets a cold so I made her body dry.

After a while, the rain stopped and I started to read the Grimoire again.



「Veronica huh, what is it?」

「I heard about it from Sylvia. It seems like you went to bath with the three of you together before」

「Bath? We do enter together from time to time. What’s up with that?」

「It is about the time when Lucio and Nadia became small while Sylvia has her normal size」

「Ahh, about that huh」


I had used『Small』on Nadia and myself for fun when Nadia and I entered the bath before.

We became smaller, and when we were swimming around the bath that became as wide as a lake, Sylvia came, and after that, she entered the bath with her normal size.

Sylvia in her original size and Nadia and me with our small size.

We climbed on Sylvia as if she was an attraction and took the bath time leisurely.

That was fun.


「What’s with that?」

「Can you show me the scene at that time?」

「Scene?   『Create Delusion』……like this?」


I used magic and created a video in mid-air.

Sylvia who entered the bath and Nadia and me like dolls.

I climbed on Sylvia’s shoulder, and Nadia is horsing around on top of Sylvia’s hand.


「This is……it really looks fun」

「Yeah, it was fun, we also did things like hanging from Sylvia’s hands and do a water swing」


I showed her that with the video magic while I explained.

Veronica stared at that very intently.

Don’t tell me, does Veronica wants to do it as wellーーno, Veronica said「really」.

I wonder if she heard about it from somebody.


「Thank you, Lucio. Well then」


Veronica casually ran towards the mansion before I could carefully ask about it.



「Uwwa! I’m surprised. What is it? Amanda-san」

「Does the magic『Erase Memory』have any side effects?」

「That one that erases memories? It’s alright as long as it isn’t used many times at once, but why do you ask?」

「If it is four times in one day?」

「Well, it should be fine」


When I answered that, Amanda-san became silent without expressions.

What was that all about?

「This might be very rude, but can you please forget about what Oku-sama did right now」

「Veronica?……I got it」


I don’t know why, but it’s Amanda-san who said it.

I used『Erase Memory』on myself.

About the things Veronica asked, about her asking a questionーー.

After lunch under the clear sky, I am reading a Grimoireーー.


「Lucio-chan, Lucio-chan, Lucio-cha〜n」


Balthazar suddenly came flying and tackled me.

She hugged me while we rolled on the ground.

For some reason, the ground is wet and soaked.

When I took a proper look again, I saw there Balthazar with an excited face and Amanda-san with a complicated expression a little far away.

What is it, really?



The sun has set and I was about to return to the mansion after I closed the manga.

Today, for the whole day, I have not met with my wives.

This is quite rare. The day is about to end, but I have not met with anyone although they’re in the house.

Because I have not met them, I really want to meet them.

I walked around the mansion and searched for the four.

And then, I met Amanda-san.


「Thank you for the hard work, Danna-sama」

「Hard work? I have just read manga today though. Rather than that, where’s everyone?」

「The Oku-samas are in the living room」

「I see」


I nodded and started walking.

For some reason, Amanda-san made a worried face.

This isn’t very like Amanda-san, did anything happen?

And while I thought of that, I arrived at the living room. I knocked and entered.


「Everyone, are you hereーー」


There are the four inside.

Sylvia, Nadia, Veronica, Balthazar.

My lovely wives are there.

The four of them surrounded a table and were writing something in a paper using colored pencils.

And it looks like they have just finished a whole book, it was bound and covered, becoming a proper book.


「Ah! It’s Lucio-kun. Just right in time」


Nadia stood up and quickly ran towards me.


「Just right in time?」

「Un! Come here」


I had my hand pulled and I was taken where everyone is.

My lovely wives, the looked at me with a face that was satisfied but expects something of me.


「Lucio-sama, please read this」

「This is……mu! A manga?」


What Sylvia passed to me was the book everyone made.

That thick thing, unbelievableーーit is a proper manga!

「This is?」

「Everyone made it desu wa」

「It’s full and fu〜ll of Lucio-chan you know?」

「The title is……DoroDoroDoroDoroーーJan!!」

「It is『I am a world’s strongest, because I can read MANGA』, desu」


The four of them showed to me with bragging expressions.

I am a world’s strongest, because I can read MANGA……? The title was like that, but its contents were too.

I flipped the pages and got surprised, it was really a proper manga.


「Ne〜, ne〜, read it Lucio-kun」



I got pushed and started to read my wives’ manga.

The story started with me reading mangas in Ojii-chan’s archive.

Me, who learned all kinds of magic, deciphering Grimoires.

I met with Sylvia, and she peed on our bed.

I met with Nadia, and I saved her from the slave merchant.

I met with Veronica, and I walked with her under the sea.

I met with Balthazar, and she sneezed on me.

The free lifestyle from when I met with the four of them became a manga.

Everyone was silent while I was reading it, but excited as well.

Sylvia sat with a seiza and Nadia hugged Sylvia while smiling.

Veronica was sitting in a way that shows dignity in her bearing although she is in her child form and Balthazar is taking a nap with her chin on top of my thigh with a snot bubble.

Within that, I finished reading the manga.


「How was it?」


Sylvia asked as the representative.

I looked at the four of them.


「This lifestyle, I hope it continues forever」


The four of them clearly nodded, and Balthazar also was awake when I noticed it.

This lifestyle, the lifestyle with the four of them that I spent, that lifestyle that even became a story like this.

I want it to continue, no matter where it would take us.

I thought of that and they also thought so.

That is why, I reached out my hand.


「『Space Time of Sazae』」


I used magic.

I used the magic that appeared inside of my head when I finished reading the mangaーーGrimoire『I am a world’s strongest, because I can read MANGA』that my wives made.

The light of the magic released from meーーit spread through my wives, the mansion, and the whole worlds.

I do not know how long has passed, but the light gradually dissipated.

The four of them had face that thinks of it strangely from an excited face.


「What magic was that now?」(Veronica)

「It’s ancient magicーーno, probably a magic in a higher level than that」

「As expected of Lucio-kun〜, you can even use that huh〜. Ne, ne, ne, ne, what effect does it have?」

「I made this world, Sazae-san’s Time and Space」

「Sazae-san Time and space?」


Sylvia tilted her head.

The others also made a face that doesn’t understand.

A higher level of magic than the ancient magic that controls weather, a magic that changes how the world works itself.

I held my hands with my wives that let me be able to use that.

Sylvia, Nadia, Veronica, Balthazar.

My very, very important wives’ warmth and existence could be felt through our hands.


「I know, since it’s the occasion, let’s take a picture」

「I do not know what occasion it is, but that is true」

「I’ll go call Amanda-san and Coco-chan and Mami-chan okay」

「I’ll go change clothes」



My four wives started moving with their own task, and I became sure after looking at the four of them.

In this world that I reincarnated into, I became a world’s strongest because I can read manga.

From now and forever, my willful life with my wives will continue.

That, I thought so.

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