Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 115

Chapter 115 – If the Wives Combines…



Morning, within the chirping of the birds, I slowly woke up.

The start of the leisure day of reading manga will start today tooーーbut when I was thinking of that.

Veronica was staring at me from above.


「……what is it?」

「I am looking at Lucio’s face」

「I know that but, why?」

「Lucio, can you become an adult for once?」

「……I got it」


The reason is unknown, but since Veronica wishes for them, there’s no need to think twice.

I went off the bed and casted the magic『Fake Growth』to myself.

With the magic that changes appearance, I changed into adult appearance.

It’s the adult appearance that I change into once in a while.

And while Veronica stared at me intently, she said furthermore.


「Can you make me an adult as well?」

「Just your appearance? Or mind too?」


Within our house, only Veronica is a bit special.

She was originally an adult, she was really a bewitching beauty.

And from that form, she has the same 8-year-old appearance like me right now.

The magic I casted on her is『Reconnection』. It’s a magic that changes not only the appearance, but also the personality according to the age.

And so, if I would return her to her adult appearance, I need to ask if I need to return her personality too.


「It is alright with just my appearance」

「I got itーー『Fake Growth』」


I casted magic on her and changed Veronica to her adult appearance.

Her red hair became long and into a dress with a lot of skin showing.

She changed into the bewitching beauty, Veronica.

Veronica stood on my side.

She took my arm and took me to the mirror on the corner of the room.

We stood together, and our appearance was shown in the mirror. She stared at that intently.



「What is it, Veronica」

「This time, can you change us younger Let me see, around 3-years-old I think」

「I got it」


I didn’t ask anything and casted『Fake Growth』one again.

The two adults gradually became smaller and changed into a younger appearance than originally, that to a 3-year-old’s.

Veronica took my hand and our appearance was showing in the mirror looks cute.


「……I see」

「What was it about?」

「I was curious what kind of appearance my child with Lucio would look like」

「Child?! Ahh, that’s why we became adult and younger」

「That is right. Thanks to that, I understood pretty much」

「If you want, do you want to meet the real one?」

「Real one? Does such magic exist?」



I nodded. Veronica thought for a bit then nodded.


「Can I ask you please」

「Leave it to meーー『Time Shift』」


First, I called ourselves for one hour in the future using『Time Shift』.



「We have been waiting」


Us after one hour, Lucio Dash and Veronica Dash appeared while smiling.


「They are us, in the future?」

「Yeah, to these twoーー」

「I’ll do it」


The future me said and used magic.


『Next Generation』


They held hands, and the next instant he used the magic, Lucio Dash and Veronica Dash became light, and that light merged.

The light gradually converged and finally turned into one girl.

The girl had a long red hair and wore an armor that reveals a lot of skinーーthe so-called bikini armor, and carry a large sword as big as her body.


「This place isーーoh! Isn’t it Tou-chan and Kaa-chan. That appearance, were you playing with magic again?」


「Why are you acting like a fool Kaa-chan, did you forget your daughter’s face?」



Veronica got surprised and looked towards me.


「『Next Generation』is the magic that combines the male and female and turns the two into their child’s appearance. It can also be used as a matching fortune before marriage」

「Even if it’s child that would not be born?」

「That’s right, this is a magic that shows “this kind of child will be born between these two”」

「Was that so……」

「I don’t know what you’re talking about butーーoh hey! This is the capital’s mansion? I mean, it’s new? What the heck」


My daughter with Veronica went towards the window side while making her armor sound.

Her appearance is very similar to the adult Veronica.

Her personalityーーshe’s quite unrefined, I wonder who she got that from.


「She looks similar to me」

「Looks like it」

「Was she raised by Nadia or something?」

「There’s also the possibility that Ojii-chanz doted on her that she became like that」

「That’s true!」


Towards our daughter that might be born in the future, Veronica and I discussed.

And while we were like that, the magic ended and the magic that calls to the future also ended.

Lucio Dash and Veronica Dash left a wink towards us and returned to the future.


「Ne〜. Lucio, that’s」

「Yeah. Since we’re at it, let’s look at other children too」


I nodded with Veronica

I used『Time Shift』again and this time, called Sylvia and me.

The future me that left a wink on me didn’t say anything and immediately used『Next Generation』.


「A-re〜, where’s this?」


The one who appeared was a girl with golden-colored long hair around high-school wearing idol clothes.

Her appearance is without a doubt Sylvia’s child, but her personality seems cheerful and bright.


「Oh, isn’t it Papa. You came to see my life?」

「Live? What do you mean?」

「Vero-mama’s also here, a-re? What does this mean?」

「Rather than that, can you let us hear a song before your live?」

「U〜n, I got it. I’ll sing as a rehearsal okay」


My daughter agreed to my suggestion and started to sing.

She sang and danced in high spirits.

Her performance is almost perfect.

Her turns and voice and even the aura that she releases from her whole body that is completely that of an idol.


「Sylvia’s daughter will be like this huh」

「I want to let her drink once, whether she be a drunk cried like her mother」

「……my child took off her clothes without drinking」


Veronica had a complicated face.

I have used before『Reverse Sober』the magic that makes one drunk even without drinking.

At that time, each of my wives showed a face different than usual.

Sylvia is a drunk crier, Nadia wants to kiss a lot, and Veronica started to want to undress.

I don’t think that that has something to do with Veronica’s daughter wearing a bikini armor, but it looks like Veronica feels complicated.

Finally, the song ended, and my idol daughter returned to Sylvia and me from『Next Generation』, and the『Time Shift』also ended, and the two disappeared.


「Nadia should be good next」

「I got it」


The third Time Shift, and the third time Lucio Dash used combination magic.

The future me and Nadia combined and turned into a green-haired baby.

The baby was around the age where she could crawl, looked around and started to play with this and that.

Like trying to climb the curtain and tearing it, biting the bed sheet making it wet with drool, and began to write on the floor using the crayon that came out of who knows where.

Until she returned, she did all that she wants.


「That really seem like her daughter」

「She’s still too young butーーthat is true」

「Lastly, let’s go」



The last Time Shift, I called the future me and Balthazar.

Balthazar and I appeared. And they used『Next Generation』.

Balthazar let out a huge sneeze because of that.

The magic powers went towards me.

It was unexpected, so I guarded in a hurry.


「Lucio?! Are you alright?」

「Yeah, there’s no problem. Rather than that, the child is?」

「E〜to……ah! There he is」


The smoke of magic powers that filled the room cleared and one man appeared there.

It’s a man that completely looks like me, he’s like a wild-type young man around his twenties.

He is wearing a cloak and seems very bossy.


「Wahahahahaha, I am Balthazar the 9th who shall rule this world. You ignorant peasant, bow doーーBUGE!」


Towards the young man who started to speak exaggeratedly, the girl appearance Veronica, *Poka*, hits his head.



「I just thought that he needs to be disciplined」

「I guess so, I agree with that」


After that, Veronica and I made Balthazar the 9th to seiza and made him return after giving him a sermon.





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