Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 114

Chapter 114 – Aircraft Carrier Lucio



I am still flying in the sky with the same speed towards the sun.


It’s about a week since I started flying and my wives are already used to the life in the sky.

They climbed on my continuously flying body like it’s a jungle gym or relaxed on my back.

And even now, a small kotatsu is on my back, and they are relaxing there.


「This, I just thought of it right now but, isn’t it going to be hard going back」

「Hard you say, why is that, Nadia-chan」

「Aren’t we flying and chasing the sun? We need to fly the same distance when we go back right?」

「Ah!……that is true」


Sylvia and Nadia who are currently relaxing on my back right now said.

There’s no need to go back if this world is a sphere-like planet like earth, but it seems like neither the two has such awareness.


「Ne〜, ne〜, Lucio-kun, how are we going to go back?」

「Let me see, I thought of many things, but it’s probably either increase the speed when we return or just return in an instant」

「In an instant, desu ka?」

「There’s a magic that can substantially teleport」


Balthazar’s space.

The space that the Demon King from a long time ago, Balthazar the First is imprisoned even now.


That space is what they call as a different dimension, but it has one significant characteristic.

It is that it is connected to any place in this world.

Meaning, if one could enter that space and leave that space.

Doing that, one can move to anywhere making them substantially warp.


Well! To do that, one needs to defeat Balthazar who is holding his power.


「If so, we can return immediately huh」

「That’s right」

「Ne〜, ne〜, Lucio-kun, I want to fly in the sky」


「Un, with that same thing with Lucio-kun」


Nadia pointed to the spinning bamboo-copter on my head.

It’s that thing that exactly looks like the greatest dream that F-sensei made.


「Come to think of it, you haven’t done it huh」


「Yoshーー『Bamboo Fly』」


I used the magic, and a bamboo-copter appeared on Nadia’s head in her doll-size.


「Well then, I’ll go now okayーーhyahoooi〜!」

「Wait Nadia-chan, you should listen to the instructions」


Not waiting for the stop call of her best friend, Nadia jumped off my back.

The instant she took off, she could not control it properly and fell vertically.



「Ohh, this is quite difficultーーis it like this」

「Lucio-sama! Nadia-chan is!」

「It’s okay」


I raised my hand and showed it to Sylvia.

A red string is coming out of my little finger and stretches, connecting to Nadia.


「I’ll pull her up if it looks dangerous」

「Ah! You gave her a lifeline huh」

「Of course. Does Sylvia want to do it too?」

「Come here Sylvie, it’s fun you know〜」


Nadia who immediately got used to operating the bamboo-copter suddenly rose up and invited Sylvia while flying at the same speed on my side.


「I guess so. Lucio-sama, please let me do it as well」



I used the same magic on Sylvia and the bamboo-copter appeared on her head.

The difference with their personalities appeared here.

While Nadia learned to fly jumping off immediately and struggling in the air, Sylvia carefully tried to fly, jumping vertically from my back.




And while she was doing that, Nadia got better and better.

She flew around me acrobatically, doing a touch and go, flying off my back.

She did this and that and seemed to enjoy it very much.


「Sylvie, let’s race up to that cloud」


「The person who wins gets the rights to sleep on Lucio-kun’s butt pocket today alright」

「ーー!! I won’t lose」


Sylvia’s expression changed.

Sleeping on my butt pocket.

It’s the place that is the most popular spot since we started to fly.

My wives who became small tries to sleep in many ways like hanging onto me, entering my pockets or mouth.

The most popular spot is my butt pocket.


According to them, it is “soft and warm”.

It means that they are racing in the air with those rights on the line.


「I cannot keep silent hearing that」


「Lucio, use that magic to me as well」

「Bal, she really likes Lucio-chan’s butt you know?」


Veronica showed her face from my pocket and Balthazar who crawled out of the kotatsu.

The two of them said that they were also going to participate on the battle for the butt pocket.

My butt is being targeted, so I feel very complicated, but I still placed a bamboo-copter on Veronica and Balthazar while I Nadia took care of Balthazar’s sneeze.


「Well then, let’s start……ready, go!!」


With Nadia’s call, my four wives flew away at once.

With bamboo-copters on their minimized heads, they flew away from me to the grand sky.


The race started with Balthazar who flew elegantly like a lone traveler, but she had a hard time turning on the cloud checkpoint, so the other three passed her.

I thought that Nadia who was ahead of the path would be the first one to take the goal, but Nadia who is very used to using the bamboo-copter got cheeky and flew acrobatically just before the goal. So she lost speed and fell off, and while that happened that, Sylvia and Veronica passed her and goals in with a tiny difference.

It’s a subtle decision who’s going to be ranked first, but there is to back pockets, so there is no problem for the bet.


Nadia stomped on the air while flying because of her failure and Balthazar who could not follow up on the second part placed a finger on her lips enviously.

The race ended there, but the four of them continued to fly.

They flew to here and there, rested on my back when they got tired, and flew once again after taking a break.


I feel like, I am a aircraft carrier.

Four carrier-based wives equipped on aircraft carrier Lucio.

I tried a somehow fun delusion.


「Lucio, something feels weird」



Veronica who flies beside my face.

She is staring straight ahead.

The sky that we continuously flew chasing after the sun. There are black spots ahead.

Not only that, smoke came up from several places on the ground.


「W-What is it」



I made a circle with my fingers and chanted the magic.

I checked how it looks using the magic that makes me see far places.


「A dragonーーsomething like a wyvern」


What I saw were a huge number of wyverns.

Hard scales, sharp claws.

Flames were swirling from their half opened mouths.

The ground was being attacked by those wyverns.

And, surprisingly.


「La Linea huh」

「The city?!」

「Yeah, there’s no doubt」


I nodded.

In the telescope magic, I saw the building ahead that is made upside downーーthe Royal Grimoire Library.

There is no doubt that it is the royal capital La Linea that we live in that is being attacked. We made a full turn huh……

But it isn’t the time to think of that.


「They are being attacked one-sidedly, I need to defeat them」

「Lucio-kun, leave it to me」

「Nadia will?」

「I will also go Lucio-sama」

「I have heard a lot of stories about cockroach subjugations, leave it to me desu wa」


My wives said out their participation to the fight one next to the other.

Normally, wyverns that would even attack the royal capital is dangerous, but.


「I got it」


I nodded, and casted magic on my wives.

A magic that would lend them a single kind of attack magic and a magic that would create a barrier around their bodies.

I casted those two magic spells on my wives.


「Be careful. The barrier will disappear after you receive three attacks. Come back if it disappears, I’ll cast it on you again」

「I understood」

「I’ll go now okay」

「This is very exciting desu wa」


Sylvia, Nadia, and Veronica, they launchedーーthey flew away.



「Balthazar, what is it?」

「Right there, there is a Bal-like thing there you know?」



What does she mean?


「Isn’t thatーーah! She went off……」


When I was about to ask what is it specifically, Balthazar flew away before I could do so.

I wonder what it was.


The first battle in the sky was intense.

My wives equipped with bamboo-copters and barriers attacked the huge wyverns far bigger than humans.

They are strong monsters that would even make the royal capital be on flames, but the thing that my wives would use is my magic.

They fought more than equal even though they became small, doll-sized.



「The barrier disappeared? I will support you, Sylvia, go back to Lucio’s place」

「I will stop them here so hurry up and go」


Hey, that’s a death flag, Nadia.

I recasted a barrier on Sylvia who landed and wiped off the ashes on her cheeks with my finger.


「Are you alright?」

「Un, I’m okay」

「Don’t push yourself」

「I understood」


Sylvia flew away once again.

The wyverns were strong as expected, and my wives had their barrier taken off during the battle many times.

And every time, they returned and I recasted it again.

I felt more and more like an aircraft carrier.


One by one, the wyverns got defeated.

Our side could continue to battle just by recovering the barrier, but their side fights until they get defeated, so their numbers gradually decreased.

And finally, all of the wyverns got defeated.


「Fuu, this is all about it huh」

「This is very fun」

「It’s also fun in ant’s nests you know. Also, inside the body」

「Inside the body, desu no?」

「Un! Diseases are like small monsters invading inside the body, so we would subjugate them after getting super small. It’s fun like a dungeon」

「If it’s the dungeon in the body, Bal, she has also done it before you know?」


While my wives were talking after the battle, I landed on the ground.

The citizen of the capital on the ground looked up, some of them saw me and said things like “Lucio-sama banzai!”.

In the palace’s terrace, there is Ou-sama and Ojii-chan who’s together for some reason, and after saying something as if to brag, the two of them started quarreling.

I could imagine what they are doing so I let them be.


I don’t know the reason for the attack, but I don’t feel bad getting praised after saving them in their pinch.



「What is it, Hacchan」

「The ancestor’s, coming」



The next instant after Balthazar whispered, a disruption of space appeared in front of us.

This phenomenon, I know it.


「It’s Balthazar the First」


Nadia also knew about that, we have been summoned once before and fought.


「Fuhahahaha, I have waited for this time」


The space opened, Balthazar the First was about to come out anytime.

This guy, he’s the same as usual.

It can’t be helped, I should defeat him and reseal him.


「Let’s go, Sylvie!」


「I shall not fall behind」

「Bal, she’s already a wife you know?」


My four wives flew away before me.

Each of them flew different paths and attacked Balthazar the First.

I thought of participating in the attack, but stopped.


I decided to follow up on my wives just like an aircraft carrier.

My wives attacked Balthazar the First with great spirits. And among them, Balthazar who is a descendant was the most merciless.


After a while, I took a position with my face lying up turning from my prone position on the air.

And in my belly, my wives returned for the replenishment of their barriers.

I casted magic on them, patted their heads, and sent them off.

The humans on the ground could see the fierce fight.

This fierce fight in the La Linea’s sky against the ex-Demon King that would be written in history.




As represented by Nadia’s call.

It was a comical fight with my mighty magic powers.

Just like that, my honeymoon started with a trip around the world, and ended with an unexpected fight.





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