Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 113

Chapter 113 – A Story Like Catching Clouds



I continued flying towards the sun.


The speed the sun moves in Ptolemaic theory, the speed this planet rotates in heliocentric theory.

I don’t know which it is in this world, I don’t know, but.

Anyways, I matched the speed the sun moves, and continued to fly towards that.


Carrying my four wives that I shrunk in size, I continued to fly.

Always keeping the same distance with the sun, it is always bright.


I flew continuously day and night.

I’m flying using magic, but it’s not a big burden to me.

Reading Grimoires, my magic powers increase every time I learn magic, so it isn’t much burden just flying.


I was like that, but my wives weren’t.


「Lucio-kun, can we take a break somewhere?」

「What happend」


「My limbs started to get numb, it’s also tiring」

「The positions we could take inside Lucio’s clothes is limited, and it takes stamina to grab on」


Veronica agreed to Nadia’s suggestion.

I see, that’s might be true. Looking carefully, Sylvia seemed a little tired.

……Balthazar is in her snot bubble sleep mode as usual.


I’m flying with my wives shrunk in size inside my pocket, but it’s true that it can be said that it’s not a comfortable journey.


「I got it」


I nodded and looked around.

There was a fitting place, so I stopped chasing the sun and flew there.


It’s a giant cloud. It’s a cloud that the size of Tokyo Dome could enter inside.

It’s not a rain cloud, it’s a beautiful white cloud.


I stopped in front of that cloud.


「What are you going to do, Lucio-sama?」

「I’m going to use magic」

「Understood, leave it to me」


Nadia said, and Sylvia made a complicated face.

Nadia approached Balthazar who was sleeping, popped her snot bubble, and blocked Balthazar’s nose with her two fingers.


「Do it, Lucio-kun」

「Yeahーー『Sky Island』」



Reacting to my magic, the sleeping Balthazar sneezesーーbut.

It was stopped by Nadia putting fingers into her nose, and the sneeze unexploded.


The magic activated properly.

A bright light transferred from me to the cloud and enveloped all of it.


After waiting for the light to disappear, I landed on the cloud.


「Ohh! Riding a cloud」

「Everyone go down. Ahh, keep your fingers in Balthazar’s nose」


I said that to Nadia, and after my wives went off me, I casted magic returning them to their original size.

Me and my four wives, we are standing on top of a full-size cloud.


Sylvia has sparkling eyes.

Nadia is jumping around excitedly.

Veronica stood on the end of the cloud and looked down.

Balthazar curled her body and slept like Coco.


「This is the first time being on top of the cloud desu wa」

「Was it so?」


「We flew a lot on top of Lucio-kun, but I think this is the first time we rode a cloud」

「Right now, Lucio-sama used magic but, is it that we can’t ride clouds normally and Lucio-sama made it so that we can?」


Sylvia asked. Nadia and Veronica also looked at me.

It’s common sense that one cannot stand on top of the cloud, but anyone would like to try riding on top of it or want to.


But it looks like that common sense wasn’t common with my wives.


「That’s right」

「I see, as expected of Lucio-kun」


「Well then, let’s rest here for a while」

「But, if we do that, the sun would escape. You said that we are chasing the sun throughout this trip right」  


「It’s alright, I’ll chase it with this whole cloud」

「It’s true, it’s moving in a different way with other clouds」


Nadia looked around and said in a great mood.

Veronica who asked the question also confirmed that and nodded with satisfaction.


And just like this, I landed on the cloud with my wives to take a break.


Sylvia got her hand pulled by Nadia and ran around the cloud.

I made it that we can ride it, but I didn’t change its shape.


It’s like an athletic, natural jungle gym, and it was the Sylvia and Nadia pair who played around on top of that cloud.


Veronica timidly swung her feet, and stretched.


I also walked around on top of the cloud.

I climbed the places that have difference in height, or looked down from the edge, and kick it like one would do with piled up snow.


When I was a child, I kicked and punched the snow piled up on the side of the road. Remembering about using the umbrella to release killing moves in manga and animes feels very nostalgic.


Just like that, when I returned, I saw Balthazar waking up.

She placed rests her cheeks on her hand on a small table-sized cloud, and poked something on top of that.


「What are you doing?」

「Playing with Lucio-chan」

「With me?」


“What does she mean?” I thought and looked on her hand.

There was a chunk of cloud there. It was a chunk, but it’s not a cloud made naturally.


Described with few words, “It’s me wearing noble clothes, with sharp canine and bat-like wings”.

That’s on top of a Grimoire.


Somehow, it looked like a Demon King. Compared to a real Demon King, Balthazarーーit looked more like a Demon King compared to Balthazar the Eight.

Balthazar enjoyed poking a doll that looked like that with her finger.


「This is?」



「Did you make it?」

「Un, like this」


Balthazar placed a cloud on her hand, and molded it like clay.

Finally, it became a small crown, and Balthazar placed it on top of the me doll.


「You’re quite dexterous」

「It’s because it’s Lucio-chan you know〜」


「You want to color it as well?」



Together with Balthazar, I molded around cloud clay.


After refreshing for quite a lot, I continued the honeymoon in the sky with my wives.




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