Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 112

Chapter 112 – Human Consent



I continuously flew towards the sun.

Well, I started to get tired because it was a little boring so I took out the Grimoire that I took with me.

It was a boisterous love-comedy where a boring high school student prayed「I want a girlfriend」to a shooting star, that shooting star itself became human and came to become his girlfriend.

It was very boisterous because there wasn’t only one shooting star that granted his wish but nine at once.

What magic will I learn from this? And what kind of ending would this manga have?

I read it looking forward to that.




I stretched and yawned.

Oh no, if I stretched when Balthazar was on my shoulderーーbut when I thought of that, I didn’t feel a presence on my shoulder.

What happenedーーit was when I thought of that.




Something entered my mouth.

*MozoMozo* it entered forcefully.




It was Balthazar who came into my mouth. A bit smaller than a doll, she waved her butt for some reason and tries to enter my mouth.

I tried to ask her why she’s doing this, but my mouth is blocked, and I can’t speak.

Using magic to do something about itーーthe target’s Balthazar so I can’t be careless using it.

When I tried to grab her out, she flicked me with her tail.

And while that happened, Balthazar completely entered my mouth, turned her body showing her face.

She placed her arms on my lips and lowers her head on the side there.

And just like that.




She started to sleep.

H-Hey! Are you going to sleep?! Are you going to sleep there?!!

「Ehehe〜……it’s Lucio-chan〜……」


Of course, it’s me! You’re inside me right now after all!




I’m troubled, I’m really troubled.

It’s probably about the second pinch that in this life ever since I reincarnated.

What to do, what should I do?




Moving around inside my pocket, Sylvia who slept together with Nadia woke up.

Sylvia who had sleepy eyes showed her face and looked towards me.







Save me Sylvia, please do something about this situation.


「……ish the demon king inshide Rusho-shama’s moush」


「……thish ish a tream. Nighty〜」


Saying that, Sylvia went back inside the pocket.

She held her hands with Nadia who shrunk at the same size, sleeping in the same pocket, and the two slept close to each other.

How cute, look how cute they are.

They are so cute, but!




The situation didn’t change at all. It’s still bad!

*Pachin!*, the snot bubble popped.




No, what the heck is fumya?

She looked up to me who’s cornered. Although it was noon, a very bright shooting star fell on the side of the sun.

Instinctively, I prayed to the shooting starーーdamn it, there’s no way that it would be granted!

While cursing inside, I gave up.

I gave up thinking “she would wake up anyways”.

However, at this time, I was still clueless.

The nightmare……because of Sylvia, Nadia, and Veronica who got jealous, there was the future where not only my mouth was targeted, but the holes of my nose and ears as well.

It was something that I did not know yet.




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  1. Angel Xiriga says:

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  5. It feels weird seeing that they are going to get jealous, and target the holes of his nose and ears as well… Thanks for the chapter!

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  7. The nightmare……because of Sylvia, Nadia, and Veronica who got jealous, there was the future where not only my mouth was targeted, but the holes of my nose and ears as well.
    He really should be happy that he didnt get marry 6 wifes xD

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