Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 111

Chapter 111 – Chase to the Sun



「This is bad, Lucio-sama!」


Sylvie came to the living room in alarm.

Honestly, I faltered to her menacing attitude that I have never seen before.


「W-What happened」



「We did not go on a honeymoon!」



I put down the manga that I was reading.

Come to think of it, I did a lot of things, and I proposed marriage four times, but I never went on a honeymoon.

It was a careless miss that cannot be left as just a careless miss.



I am flying in the sky.

I didn’t change into a dragon nor created wings on my back.

I placed a bamboo-copter on the top of my head, and fly with that spinning around.

……honestly, isn’t this bad?

I felt it was very bad the instant I used the magic.

But this is one of the ways flying in the sky I dream of and a way to fly that I really want to do as a manga reader.

I got resolute on it getting bad and flew to the sky.


「Waa〜……we’re really flying」

「As expected of Lucio-kun. I never imagined flying like this」


It’s all thanks to F-sensei. I thought of that, but I didn’t say it.

The one who talked right now was Sylvia and Nadia who got small with the magic『Small』. They showed their faces from my pocket and got impressed looking at the bamboo-copter on the top of my head.


「Honestly, I like this better desu wa. In a dragon’s form, I feel like Lucio’s warmth is very far」


Veronica said while showing her face from my collar.




By the way, Balthazar is on my back, sleeping with her chin rested on my shoulder. I’m a little worried that she would slide down.

Carrying my four wives, I flew freely in the sky.

The magic I used for the first time was very popular among my wives.


「And so, where do we plan on going?」


When I asked that, my wives became silent (one of them is sleeping though).

As I’ve thought, there’s no plan huh.

Well, the cause in the first place is Sylvia’s「Let’s go on a honeymoon」after all.

We went for the honeymoon, but I wonder if there is a destination.


「What should we do. Nadia-chan, do you have any idea?」

「Ehhh? D-Don’t ask me. Vero-chan help me」

「I am satisfied being just like this desu wa」


*MozoMozo*, Veronica went deeper to my waist. She got so close to me hiding her face with my collar as if to wear a muffler.

The three who’s awake has completely no plans, on top of that, they couldn’t think of an alternative.

That is fine as well, but I want something.

And it was then when I thought of that.


「Supii〜……sun-chan, don’t run away, nano desu〜……」


Balthazar mumbled, saying her sleep talk.

Sun don’t run away?


「That sounds good」


I am thinking of doing, that thing that I am curious what would happen if it was done.




Half a day passed, and I am still flying.

Sylvia and Nadia, the best friends pair. Nadia climbed on my body going to the pocket on the other side and slept with Sylvia together.




Balthazar was asleep at the same position when we started to fly.


「Lucio, are you alright, are you not tired?」

「I’m fine. It’s not like my stamina is being spent by this magic」

「Is that so. But, I really wonder how far will this continue」




Veronica asked tilting her head.

Right now, I am flying chasing the sun.

Specifically, I’m flying while keeping the sun on a 45 degree ahead.

I did the thing that I was very curious of ever since I was a child,「What would happen when one chases the sun at the same speed?」.

I know, in theory, chasing the sun at the same speed, it would never set.

……probably, it’s like that in theory.

In fact, I flew over half a day, and the sun has not changed that it is 45 degrees ahead.


「Forever, desu ka」

「Yeah, forever. Maybe, we’ll even reach the end of the world」


I said it as a joke.

If this world is the same as Earth, the end of the world wouldn’t exist, and we would just have gone around.



「Un? Did you say something?」

「As long as I’m with Lucio, I do not mind going to the ends of the world」

「……I see」


I got caught by surprise but, I was still happy.


Chasing the sun, the honeymoon of (probably) making a trip around the world continues just a little longer.





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