Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 110

Chapter 110 – The Assailant From the Future



「Veronica, are you free right now?」


I walked around the mansion searching for Veronica.

I found her when I came to the living room.



「Ara, Lucio」

「Ah! It’s Otou-san」


There was Lala together with Veronica.


「Lala?! Why are you here」


I don’t remember using『Time Shift』. There should be no way that she’s here.


「I asked Otou-san to send me」

「Me? No, I……」

「It’s not that, I asked my Otou-san」

「……ahh, you mean me in the future」

「Un! You know, after that, when I told Vero-mama about it, Vero-mama told me to clear the misunderstanding, so I asked Otou-san to send me」

「……sorry, I can’t understand」

「Lala came to clear my misunderstanding about Lala desu wa. About her being Lucio’s fifth wife」

「About that huh」


It’s true that Veronica was saying something like that.


「That’s fine but, are you convinced now?」

「I received a message from the future me. Given that I was given a proof, something that only I would know, of course I would be convinced」

「……I see」


Everyone has one or two secrets that they would absolutely not anyone know, so the future Veronica let Lala know that, and told the current Veronica huh.


「There’s also something for Otou-san. Otou-san also said that he was still dubious right now」

「This is confusing. The future me said that right?」

「Un! And then, and then, he said that you’d believe if I say this」

「What is it?」

「E〜to, ne, Soft on Demandーー」

「ーーit is great that you have come, my daughter. Take your time and relax」


I interrupted Lala’s excited words.

Un, Lala is my daughter. My daughter that came from the future.

At the least, I’m completely sure that she has something to do with the future me.

I mean……you, future me.

I’ll call you and kick your ass next time.

What the hell are you making my daughter say. (TL: SOD is a group of companies making porn)


「Ne〜, ne〜, Otou-san, what is Soft on Demand?」

「It’s something that a kid doesn’t need to know」

「Otou-san’s also a kid though」

「I’m an adult, I’m married after all」


That’s right. One could marry at any age in this world, and a married person is treated as an adult.

Meaning, I’m an adult so even if I look 8 years old, even X-rated are all okay.


「Eh〜, Otou-san that’s unfair」

「It’s not unfair」

「Lucio, I’m also interested in that Soft……something. I’m also an adult so can you please tell me what it is?」

「Uu……! T-That is」

「That is?」

「It’s a man’s dream!」

「Man’s dream?」

「It’s a man’s dream!」


I returned a counter to Veronica who still looks unconvinced.


「Then what about Veronica. What did Lalaーーthe future Veronica tell you?」


「Veronica was also told something, right? Something that only you knows」

「T-That is……」

「That is?」

「……it’s a woman’s dream desu wa!」


Cornered, Veronica shouted with a red face.


「A woman’s dream huh.」

「It’s a woman’s dream desu wa」

「I see」

「Yes desu wa!」


……although this is just a feeling, I think that I shouldn’t pursue it.

No, it’s not that I’m worried that I’d also get pursued.

I just thought that what I was told was something hard to tell so I’m sure that Veronica’s just the same.

We stared at each other, we read that looking at each other’s eyes.


「There is no……」

「Yeah, there is no prying」


Like that, we agreed.

That is the only way that no one would get sad.


「Well then, I’ll go back now okay」

「Go back, you mean to the future?」

「Un, I finished what I need to do today too. I’ll come again okay」



I nodded and waved my hand to Lala.

Lala waved her hand back. Her body gradually turned transparent and finally disappeared.


「She was a storm-like girl」

「Yeah, I wonder who’s daughter she is」

「You do not know?」

「Yeah, I don’t know. I just know that she’s the daughter of one of the four of you」

「Ara, he might’ve made a fifth or sixth wife you know, the future Lucio」

「There’s no way」


「Lala’s twin tail, there’s two gems used in her hair clips. It’s the same color with everyone’s ring. The left one is the same color with Sylvia’s and Nadia’s, and the right one is the same with Veronica’s and Balthazar’s」

「Ara, you looked so closely huh」

「That’s unfair saying that she’s the fifth one although you noticed」

「Was that so?」


「Was that so?」


Repeating the same words, Veronica softly held my hand.

Holding each other’s hand. It’s the best skinship that me and my wives like.

We held our hands and looked at each other.

And when we were looking at each other like thatーーthe door suddenly opened.


「Otou-san, I’ll go back now okay」


The one who entered was Lala who should’ve returned earlier.


「Lala? Haven’t you returned?」

「Ah! I’m the second one after all」

「Ha? Second?」


When I was thinking what she was talking about, more Lalas appeared behind Lala.


「I’m the 3rd me. I’ll return after I finish okay〜」

「The 4th, here I am! Well then〜, I should go back and eat Syl-mama’s curry」


Three Lalas gathered, and disappeared at the same time.

What the heck is thisーーbut when I was thinking of that.

Sylvia, Nadia, and Balthazar appeared in the entrance of the room.

The three of them had flushed cheeks, and went towards me timidly.






The three of them stood in front of me, and stared looking up to me.


「It looks like」


Veronica said.


「It looks like 4 of them were sent at the same time」


……I see.

Four times with time interval, coming to the same timeline.

And the four of them said something to my four wives at the same time.


「Everyone’s the same huh」


Veronica said, and the three nodded.

It looks like they were told the same thing.

I wonder what they were told, I’m very curious.

I tried to ask them, but Veronica who understood my face.


「I will not tell it」(Veronica)

「Yes, I cannot say it」(Sylvia)

「I can’t say it」(Nadia)

「It’s about when we started to like Lucio-chan you know〜」


The three tried to keep it a secret, but Balthazar didn’t read the air and casually said it.




The three of them raised their voices at the same time, and Balthazar was dumbfounded.

……this is bad, this is really bad.

To think that they would say something like that.

The three embarrassingly and shyly steals glances to me, and Balthazar had a smiling face alone, came to me to hold my hands.

This is bad, I started to get embarrassed too.

And thereーーLala appeared!!


「That’s right, another thing from Otou-san. “The instant when I had the resolution to propose to everyoneーー”」

「Soft on Demand!!!!」


I was so embarrassed and interrupted Lala with a loud voice.





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