Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 109

Chapter 109 – The Messenger of Happiness




When I was reading manga while holding hands with Balthazar who was sleeping like *Supii*, with a snot bubble.




Coco entered running in the room.

She stopped in front of me, and shook her tail so quickly as if it would be torn away.


「What happened」

「I’m going for a walk with Mama-sama desu〜, I want to go together with Mami-chan desu〜」

「I see. 『Time Shift』」


I used magic.

『Time Shift』, the magic that would take the target’s「One’s self in the future」to the present.

I have used this to increase my own number or make the two people with one body, Coco/Mami who transforms to the other every time they are splashed by water exist at the same time.

This time is also like that, Coco and Mami, they said that they want to go for a walk with Veronica together so I used magic. It’s how I used it before.





Balthazar who was sleeping had her snot bubble pop, and the magic powers through the wormhole hit me in the face.

Balthazar, she reacts to my magic and makes it malfunctionーーoh no! I forgot.


「Gehogeho, gehogeho」

「Master〜, are you alright〜」

「Yeah I’m fine. Hey wait, who are you」


After the smoke from the direct hit of the magic powers dissipated, there was an unfamiliar face.

Coco was still there, but there was a girl that I don’t know on her side.

Her age is pretty much the same with my wives, and her long hair in a twin tail was silky smooth.

She somehow seems stubborn, cheeky looking girl.


「A-re? Isn’t this Otou-san’s room. Eh, who are you?」

「That’s my line, who are you?」

「Me? I’m Lala Martein. The world’s cutest daughter of the duke」


「It’s the same name with Master〜……」


Coco whispered.

Martein, it’s true that it’s the same surname as me.

Adding to that, daughter of the Duke, the『Time Shift』’s malfunction.

……don’t tell me!


「A-re? That way of speaking……Coco-chan」

「Do you know me〜?」

「Are you really Coco-chan?」




Lala stared at Coco for a while, looked around the room, and then trotted towards the window side.

She took the flower vase there and splashed it to Coco.


「Nyaaaa!! What are you doing?」

「Ah! It’s Mami-chan. It’s the real thing」



Mami intimidates with her the hairs on her tail standing.


「Mami. Leave this place to me and go change into dry clothes」

「……I got it」


Mami sulked, but she left the room just like I told her.

The ones remained is Balthazar who still have a snot bubble, and the twin tail girl Lala.


「Ne〜, who the hell are you. Why are you in Otou-san’s room?」

「My name is Lucio Martein. Probably, your father」

「Eh? What are you talking about?」

「Do you know about『Time Shift』?」

「Of course I know that, Otou-san uses it on Coco-chan frequently you know」

「It looks like I called you by accident because of that magic. The one right here is me, the 9-year-old Lucio」



Lala got convinced in an instant.


「I see I see, so it’s like that. That’s why the mansion looks new, and I also thought it’s weird that Coco-chan was young. Ah! Then, the person there is Bal-mama?」

「That’s right」

「I see I see, hee〜. She’s always sleepy like that huh」


Are you saying she haven’t changed?

I mean, are you like this even in the future, Balthazar?

……no, well, it’s really like her though.


「I see I see, you’re Otou-san huh. Fu〜n」


Lala stared at me intently. And then made a mischievous smile.



「I just thought, Otou-san said that you’re 9 right now right. You’re younger than me huh〜」

「How old are you, Lala」

「I’m 10, I mean I was in the middle of a party. A birthday party」

「Is that so」




「Hey, whose daughter is Lala?」

「Who do you think? Among the four」


She replied to me with a mischievous smile.

I stared at Lala.

U〜n, I can’t tell.

Her personality is different from my wives, the color of her hair is black, different from them as well.


From how she looks, I can’t really tell.


「I don’t know. Who is it?」

「Fufun, then it’s a secret. It’s your assignment until I come next time okay」

「Next time?」

「It looks like I’m about to return. Since Bal-mama is here, it’s the『Time Shift』’s malfunction right?」

「That didn’t change too huh」

「Otou-san haven’t changed that he’d use magic when Bal-mama’s around you know〜」

「……no way」


I got a little shocked. The future me is like that huh.


「See you later Otou-san, Bye bye bye bye〜」

「Hey Lucio, I heard from Mamiーーara?」


It was the at the same time that Veronica entered the room and Lala disappeared.

It’s the『Time Shift』’s unique way of disappearing. Lala returned to the future.

A daughter huh, I wonder who’s daughter she is.

I just hope that she’d tell me when I call her the next time.

A daughter huh〜.

Somehow, I couldn’t help but grin.



「Eh! Ah! Veronica」


Come to think of it, Veronica entered the room.

That’s fine in itself, but she’s glaring at me for some reason.

What is it?


「Haa〜, it is alright though」


「She’s the fifth wife candidate right. It’s alright, really. Just, I wanted you to consult it to us for once」

「Eh? No, no, it’s not like that. Lala is not like that」


It took me a very long time to convince Veronica who sulked that she’s my daughter in the future.








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