Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 108

Chapter 108 – The Powerful Person in the Shadows



「Amanda-san, do you know where everyone iーー」


The instant I opened the door, I got petrified.

Inside the mansion, I felt Amanda-san’s presence when I was searching for my wives and Coco/Mami.

And when I opened the door and entered, Amanda-san was in the middle of changing.

White underwear and garter belt, half-undressed maid clothes.





ーーI’m gonna get killed.


In an instant, I finished my resolution.

After all, it’s Amanda-san. It’s because, I saw that Amanda-san in the middle of changing.

I, cannot be saved anymore.

I felt like I was a carp on a cutting board and sit on the ground.


「I have dropped as a dew, and vanished as a dew, all things at Naniwa were only a dreamーー」

「What are you doing, Danna-sama」

「It’s my death poem. Well then, finish me in an instant」

「I do not know what you are talking about, but. If it’s Oku-samas, they have left together」


「I have said, they have left togetherーー」

「No, I don’t mean that. Is it okay, Amanda-san」

「There is no reason for a maid to have the authority to restrict Oku-sama’s actions」


No, I don’t mean that……

……is it okay?

It’s okay.

It’s okay huh.

…………I survived〜.

I quickly stood up, and tried to leave before she says something.


「Thanks, Amanda-san」

「Please do not mind itーーDanna-sama」


The instant I turned around, Amanda-san called out to me.

There’s no way that I would turn around here, I’m not that stupid that I would place a half step to hell.

I’m not stupid, but.


「There is no, second time okay」


It looks like it’s already too late.

*KokuKoku*, I desperately nodded my head, and ran away from there in a hurry.



Escaping to my room, I started to read Grimoire.

Forget it. That was an accident. Let’s forget it by reading manga.

Thinking of that, I tried to focus myself to reading manga.

I read the new manga that I brought back from the library. It’s a manga where a gamer man came to a different world due to some happenings, started role playing as a Demon King, and flirt around with his slaves.

It’s so interesting, on top of that, it’s a series so it is worth reading.

When I focused on reading manga, I started to forget what happened earlier.


The room was knocked.

The only person in this house that knocks……is Amanda-san.

My heart skipped a beat for an instant.


「P-Please come in」

「Excuse me」


It was Amanda-san as I’ve thought.

Amanda-san who opened the door entered while pushing a cart.

On top of the cart, there was cake and tea.


「I have brought you some tea」


「Please excuse me」


Amanda-san served me without speaking.

She was expressionless just the same as usual, but her service was perfect.

……isn’t she angry?

She isn’t angry right?

Rather, I feel like she doesn’t mind it.

Thank goodness.

……don’t say that I’m a coward, it’s “that” Amanda-san you know.

Although it’s just a coincidence, I saw “that” Amanda-san in the middle of changing so, it can’t be helped that I would get ready to die right?

After serving me, Amanda-san bowed and was about to leave.




Instinctively, I called her. Amanda-san turned around and looked at me.


「Is there something you need?」


「You’re welcome, please excuse me」


Amanda-san bowed her head once again, and then left the room.

She doesn’t mind it, so I shouldn’t mind it as well.

While enjoying the cake and tea that Amanda-san prepared for me, I read manga.

I continued reading manga. Was it because I felt relieved, I enjoyed reading manga better compared to earlier.

It’s a very interesting manga, the main character that kills the couple without mercy is so cool.

And when I finished reading all of it.


The door was knocked again.



「Please excuse me」


It’s Amanda-san again, and she’s pushing a cart again.

This time, it’s sandwich and tea.


「I have brought your meal」



Amanda-san served me, un, a perfect maid as I’ve thought.

Looking at her serving appearance, she looks very cool.

She put down the new tea and sandwich, and took away the cup and dish of the cake from earlier.


「Please excuse me」


Saying that, she left the room.

While I enjoy the tea and sandwich, I read manga.





In exactly the same timing that I finished eating the sandwich, there was a knock, and Amanda-san entered while pushing a cart.

This time, she brought tea and cookies that seemed to be just made.


「Please excuse me, I have brought you your meal」

「Eh? I just finished eating just noーー」

「I have brought it」



Somehow, she’s very intense.

This is……don’t tell me.

She took away the dishes from earlier, and Amanda-san put down the new ones.

After she had left the room, I stared at the cookies and tea.

Eating that much, I’m already full. It’s okay even if I don’t eat thiーー.




The next instant, I felt shivers down my spine.

I felt fear as if my back was frozen cold.

I looked around panicking, but I’m the only one in the room.

I’m the only one, but……


「L-Let’s eat」


I lost my composure to read manga.

I ate the cookies.

It’s delicious, they’re super delicious.

It’s just made, so its smell and taste are excellent.

It’s excellent, but……I wanted to eat it when I’m not full.

They were such amazing cookies.

And when I somehow finished them.


Amanda-san, once again, entered the room pushing a cart.

This time, it’s pudding and tea.


「I have brought you your meal」


「I have brought you your meal」


Un, I got it.

I finally understood.

She’s angry, Amanda-san’s very angry!

As I’ve thought, I mean, she’s really angry!

「H-Hey, Amanda-san……」

「I have just made it, so please eat it while they’re hot」



All that I could do was nod.

Amanda-san collected the ones earlier, and left.

I stared at the pudding she left behind.




I got a heartburn, and it’s so difficult to eat it.

Fuu, I should use magiーー.




The instant I thought of that, I felt overwhelming fear again.

The overwhelming fear drenched my back with ice water.

Ahh, magic is bad huh, it’s bad huh.

I, gave up, and ate the pudding.



「Please excuse me」

「Please forgive me, Amanda-san!!」


I did my best, super excellent amazing dogeza to Amanda-san who brought an excellently delicious-looking pancake with her.








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