Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 107

Chapter 107 – Even I Who Cannot Read Light Novels is the World’s Strongest



「Fire Ball!」


When I was reading Grimoire in the garden, magic suddenly came!

I instinctively created a magic shield and blocked it.


「An enemy?! ーーhey, isn’t it Nadia」



Nadia smiled very cutely showing her bright teeth. She was the one who shot the magic that I blocked right now.

Smoke came up from my hand that I used to block, and my other hand is holding a book.

I put down my hand, and ran to her.


「What happened. Did you read a Grimoire?」

「Un! How was my magic?」

「I’m surprised. Amazing. I heard you say Fire Ball, but isn’t it much stronger than normal ones?」

「Hehe〜, it’s thanks to this Grimoire」


Saying that, Nadia showed me the Grimoire.


「I seeーーa-re?」


I couldn’t help but look at the Grimoire a second time.

If it’s Fire Ball, I can also use it. I have also read its Grimoire.

I can remember most of the Grimoires that I read, so I felt something weird.

That Grimoire, it looks like one that I never have seen before.


「It’s different from the Fire Ball Grimoire that I know」

「Ah! You noticed it?」

「Noticed? What do you mean?」

「Uhm, you know. This, it’s called New・Grimoire that appeared recently」

「New・Grimoire ?」

「Un.」 It’s very easy to read, and most people can read it, but instead, you can only use magic once after you read it」

「He〜, there’s something like that huh」

「Un! It’s very popular. Everyone’s buying it you know?」

「He〜, let me take a look, oh」


I took the Grimoire, opened it, and doubted my eyes.

Soon after, I got convinced.

This new Grimoire, it doesn’t have drawings.

There wasn’t any drawing at all, but full of words.

In some meaning, it’s closer to the image of Grimoires that I have before I reincarnated.

That is……a light novel.

A story created with just words, a light novel.


「What happened, Lucio-kun?」

「Eh? Ahh, it’s nothing, I just thought that it’s so different from the Grimoires I’m usually reading」

「Well, of course. After all, everyone can read it normally you know. It’s natural that it’s different from what Lucio-kun’s reading right?」

「Well yeah……hmm」


I flipped the pages of New・Grimoire(light novel) till the end.

There’s no drawing at all, it’s only made out of words.


「Everyone can read it if it’s like this?」

「Un. It took me half a day, but I was able to read it you know」

「Half a day……it’s a decent speed for a light novel」

「And so, here」


Did she hide it from somewhere, Nadia took out another book, and gave it to me.


「What’s this」

「A different magic. Read this, and use it to us okay?」


「Sylvie, Vero-chan, Hacchan」


She means, all of my wives huh.


「Well, please okay」


Nadia said that, and trotted away.

Only the Grimoire in my hand remained.

I only need to read this, and use the magic that I can only use once to my wives huh.


I opened the New・Grimoire.

I read that book that is full of words.










I threw away the book.

There’s no way I can read that!

Something like a light novel, it’s the first time I read it in this life!

My mind powers got drained with just half a page!

No, no, Nadia asked it to me. I need to read it properly and learn the magic.


I opened the book.








「Die you people who write light novels!」


I threw the book away again.

I cannot advance from half a page after all.

Seriously, I can’t read it, I seriously can’t read light novels.


「Ku! This is bad. If this continues」


Nadia’s disappointed face appeared in my head, and the same with the other three.

They have disappointed faces because I can’t do what they asked me.

I need to do something. However, what should I do?

I don’t know what kind of magic this is, or if I have learned it in the first place.

Ku……! This is bad.

I need, I need to do something about it.





Amanda-san appeared.

It’s Amanda-san with her usual near-expressionless face.

She reaches out a book to me.


「This is?」

「It is a Grimoire」

「A Grimoire? What kind?」

「It is the same with the New・Grimoire that Danna-sama holds」

「The same……?」


I received the Grimoire and opened the pages.

It’s the koma panels that I’m familiar with, and its contents are all made out of drawings.

A relaxing feeling like I’ve returned to my family houseーーit’s Manga!

And……the first panel.

That one panel’s content is the same with the half page that I could barely read.


「If it’s this, I can read it!」


「Thank you, Amanda-san!」

「Yes. Well then, please excuse me」


Amanda-san bowed her head gracefully, and left.

I didn’t ask why Amanda-san brought something like this.

After all, it’s Amanda-san you know.

I threw away the light novel, and read manga.

With the magic I learned, I granted what Nadia wanted.









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