Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 106

Chapter 106 – Pe~ru~se~u~su



「My Senjukou, there is something very important I would like to ask of you」


Afternoon, the King who came to visit my mansion had a serious expression.

The way he calls me “My Senjukou” was just as usual, but for some reason, there was the air of “working mode” around him.


「What? Would I be of help?」

「Umu. Actually, recently, the nation’s people are dissatisfied. And when I demanded to search for the reason, it was found that they were dissatisfied about entertainment「」


「That’s right. Our kingdom has the traditional coliseum, and although fights between gladiators are held, their popularity has declined. But even so, there is nothing that could replace it. Because of that, the dissatisfaction increases」

「Aryarya. Un, entertainment is important. If the gas isn’t let out properly, it would be really bad if there’s a big explosion. Entertainment is the most important thing after food after all」

「As expected of my Senjukou, your knowledge as a statesman is perfect as well. Umu, that is right. That’s why, my Senjukou, do you have something good in mind」

「Should I take care of it using magic?」

「That is also good, but」


Saying that, the King looked straight towards me.

His eyes were saying, magic is also good, but a proper idea would be better.

Recently, the image of a strange King is completed inside of me, but he’s really a King after all huh.


「U〜n, let me think. How about some baseball?」

「Beisbol? What is that?」


The King tilted his head.



In the mansion’s garden, me, the King, and Nadia.


「Only Nadia’s around?」

「Un, Sylvie and Vero-chan and Hacchan, all of them went out〜」

「U〜n. If possible, I wanted two people」

「My Senjukou, is that Beisbol something that two people do? Just like duels」

「U〜un, it’s done 9v9 with 18 people……『Avatar』『Fake Growth』」


I continuously used two magic spells.

The light of the magic enveloped Nadia, and in an instant, she split into nine people.

They are about have the size compared to the original Nadia, and they are wearing a baseball uniform showing their blinding thighs.

That, 9 of them. All of them are holding gloves, and one of them has a catcher’s appearance wearing protectors.


「Like this, it’s 9 people per team」


「It’s alright to increase Nadia by 9 again, but it would be very hard to look at, so」

「Well then, I willーー」

「Please leave it to me, Danna-sama」


Amanda-san was there when I noticed it.

Wearing her maid clothes, she appeared like a ninja.



「Please let me help you」

「Un. Can I ask you that, Amanda-san」


「Then, I’ll cast the magicーー」


*Doron*, it sounded.

Soon after, Amanda-san became nine!

While wearing maid clothes, she split into 9 in the same size with Nadia.

Holding gloves, and the catcher wearing protection.


「Is this alright, Danna-sama」

「U-Un. Amanda-san……those clothes」

「It is the maid’s etiquette」

「It’s the maid’s etiquette huh〜」


It cannot be helped then〜.

I thought of not minding that thing about Amanda-san.


「Then, I’ll explain the rules okay」


Leaving it like that, I explained the baseball’s rules to the 18 Amanda-sans and Nadias.



The match started in the mansion’s garden that I quickly turned into something like a grass lot baseball park.

Nadiaz are batting first, and Amandaz are batting second.

Number 1 Nadia stood in the batter box.




「Watch me, Lucio-kun! I’ll do my best okay」


Holding her bat, Batter Nadia winked towards me.


「Do your best〜」


「Oku-sama……here I come」


Amanda-san said that, swung……she threw it!

ーーhey, isn’t that an underhand throw?!

Amanda-san threw the white ball just a few inches from the ground.

With her beautiful form, the baseball raised.

Why do you know something like that?!




Nadia swung the bat. *Gakiin!!*

She hit it squarely, and the ball exceeded the infield and fell. It was a clean hit to the left.

The first batter Nadia immediately ran.


「Ne〜, ne〜, Lucio-kun, in times like this, I should do “that” right」


The number 2 Nadia came to me, and asked for advice.

I patted chibi Nadia who became lovelier, and nodded to her.


「Yeah, the second batter’s job is “that”」

「Un! I’ll go now okay」


Number 2 Nadia entered the batter box.

Runner Nadia is in the middle to steal a base, and with a bound hit, the runner advanced to the third base.

Number 3 Nadia hit the baseball to the outfield becoming a sacrifice fly, and the runner returned earning a point.

BY the way, number 4 Nadia was three out strike became there wasn’t any runner left, shouted “So frustrating!” while she broke a bat with her knee.


「Fumu, this is quite fun. Beisbol, was it」

「Un. It’s very fun you know. There’s a lot of strategies, and just like how it went right now, the 9 of them has different kinds of roles, and the game is to compete for taking points」

「I see」

「The roles aren’t limited to 9, there’s also exchange players so you can do a lot of things」

「Fumufumu. Oh! That’s huge」

「Un? Ah! Amanda-san hit a homerun」


They exchanged offense and defense, and Amanda-san immediately hit a home run.

The white ball disappeared into the sky far away, and Amanda-san ran a lap in the diamond.

She’s so dignified〜……


「Fumu, that appearance looks great. Running alone while all other players stopped」

「Ou-sama, you have the makings of a baseball player. Un, that’s right. Going through a lap in the diamond after a home run is the coolest appearance in baseball」

「I see. Umu, this might be good」

「You liked it?」

「Of course. As expected of my Senjukou, to know such an amazing game」

「I’m happy that you liked it」

「Let’s immediately spread this. I know, let’s open a competition. Let’s open the first Senjukou Cup, and appeal it to the people extensively」

「Eh, my name」

「Of course. In times like this, authority must be shown properly. The best right now is the Senjukou Cup taken from my Senjukou’s name」


It’s like Emperor’s Cup. I feel ticklish.


「The open……let me see, a month later should be goーー」

「I have heard the story!」


I heard a voice from behind.

When I turned around, there was Ojii-san who came without me noticing.



「Abe, that Senjukou Cup, I shall participate」

「It is not good to spoil it by having old men」

「Have you forgotten, Abe. Although I look like this, I am a man of means. Even now, I am sponsoring some gladiators」


Eh?! Was that so.


「It is very easy to create a team with 9 people」

「Mu! If you mean it like that, then I cannot lose. I have only intended to organize it but hearing that, I need to create a proper team and participate」

「That is just as expected of Abe. However, a competition with Lucio’s name, I cannot yield its laurel of victory」

「Those are my words. It is my Senjukou’s competition, it is me who shall win」

「If so, it shall be a match」

「Let us meet in the competition next month」


The two of them glared with scattering sparks. For some reason, it became decided when I noticed it?


「I cannot be wasting time」

「I shall immediately gather promising young men!」


Saying that, the King and Ojii-san left.

Somehow……they look like they’re having so much fun, un.

In the garden where the two left, I watched Nadia and Amanda-san’s match, and cheered on them.

After this, because of the「Fourth Batter」and「Hit Pinch Hitter」death fight, baseball spread to the whole country, and became very popular.









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