Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 105

Chapter 105 – Trick or Treat



「Ohh, you were here huh, my Senjukou. I searched for you」



When I was reading Grimoires inside the Grimoire Library, the King came.

Spreading both of his hands, he approached me with an overreaction.


「It has been a while, my Senjukou. Were you doing good?」

「Un. All thanks to you. Thank you, Ou-sama, increasing the Grimoires again」

「What, do not mention it. This much is nothing if it’s for my Senjukou. And, the Grimoires would also be happy if they are with someone who could read them」

「Un, thank you」

「Even so, it has become narrow huh, this library. That’s right, let’s expand it soon」

「Please do」


I honestly said that.

It’s the King that runs wildly usually, but unusually, he’s decent today.

In this world, one needs to read Grimoires to learn magic. And those Grimoires, for some reason, their contents are manga.

And in addition, for some reason, there are only a few people in this world who could read it, and even if they could, it would take years of time to finish.

But, I could normally read it, and an hour is enough to read something like a manga.

Thanks to that, I became the only one in this world who could learn magic so easily, and at the time I met the King, I already learned thousands of magic, so I gained the status of a Duke, and started to be called as Senjukou(Duke of Thousand Spells).

By the way, I have already learned more than ten thousand, but it is still Senjukou.

And the King that gave me that name really liked me, but collects Grimoires from all over the world for me.

And those Grimoires couldn’t be placed in the library anymore so expansion is needed.


「My Senjukou, what Grimoire are you reading right now?」

「It’s Trick or Treat」

「Trick or Treat?」

「You don’t know about it?」

「Umu, those are words I hear for the first time」

「Is that so」


The manga I’m holding has a Halloween theme. That’s why I thought that there’s also Halloween in this world so I told the King “Trick or Treat”, but he said that he doesn’t know about it.

Is it just that he doesn’t know, or is it that it doesn’t exist in the first place.

……well, leaving that on the side.


「Should I use the magic and show it?」

「Umu. My Senjukou, please show me your magic」



「『Trick or Treat』」


I casted the magic on the King.

The light of the magic enveloped his whole body, and changed his clothes to that based on a pumpkin.


「Ohh, my clothes changed」


「Is it a magic that changes appearance?」

「U〜un, that’s just a bonus. The person who had been casted on by this magic would be played a trick if they don’t give the one who casted the magic some treats. There’s many kinds of tricks, but it’s random what’s going to be done」


「In the Grimoire, the children wearing those clothes come, and ask many kinds of people for treats. It’s that kind of a festival」

「I see. Tricks would be played to those who don’t give treats. Umu, it is a festival after all, one wouldn’t be so unkind to not give children treats」


The King immediately understood the Halloween.


「Then, Ou-sama, Trick or Treat」


This time, not the magic, but just the phrase for asking.

The randomness of the tricks is really bad, so I need to be given some treats.


「Ohh, that’s right. Wait for me, my Senjukou, I shall immediately gather all the treats in the kingdom」

「Ehhhh, I-I can’t eat that muchーー」

「Just wait for me!」


And just like that, without leeway to stop him, the King ran out of the library.

It was the usual extreme King, he might really gather all kinds of treats in the kingdom.

Maybe I should call Sylvia and the rest. Eating treats tastes better with everyone.

But when I was thinking of that.


「Ohh, Lucio」


This time, Ojii-san came.


「I met with Abe just earlier, but he ran away very quickly. Did something happen?」



When I explained about the magic to Ojii-sanーーI felt something bad’s happening.


「What, a magic like that. Lucio, would you cast that on me as well」


As I’ve thought.

The two would always compete with each other at everything, I thought that Ojii-san would definitely do what the King would do if he knew.

And, I also thought that it’s useless to stop it.


「Okay, 『Trick or Treat』」


Ojii-san also changed into a Halloween costume with pumpkin as a base.




「Ohh, this looks very fun」


Ojii-san looked at his own appearance.


「Ojii-chan, if you don’t go and bring me treats, you’d get tricked you know?」

「That is alright. Here」


He said that, and reached out a small packet. I took it, and opened it.

Inside was candies of various colors.


「What’s with this?」

「I made it. I made it to past time, but it unexpectedly looked good, so I came to give you some」

「I see」

「Sorry to keep you waiting, my Senjukouーーmu! Isn’t it Luka」

「You’re late, Abe. It’s my win this time」



The King came near, but looked at Ojii-san and the candy I’m holding alternately.


「Ku! This is cheating, Luka」

「It is you’re fault taking so much time」


Ojii-san snorted smugly, and the King that was like “Gununu……”.




He stopped the “Gununu”, and the King became resolute of something.


「I shall not give the treats」


「I have lost with the treats, but I shall come back with the trick」

「……ku! There was that huh」


Ojii-san became frustrated. No, what’s “that”.


「Just look there, Luka. This is! My Senjukou’s! Trick!」


As if to bring out some kind of a killer move, the King raised both his hands to the sky.

In the next instant, light enveloped the King.

Ten minutes, that time limit of the magic came.

The light that was so bright that it couldn’t be looked at straight, gradually weakened.

I wonder what kind of trick it is? The『Trick or Treat』’s tricks is random, and even me who used it doesn’t know what it is.

I swallowed down, and looked what would happen.

After the light dissipates, the King transformed.

He transformed to a very cute twin-tailed bishoujo with a bright smile.


「What, it’s like this. Hmph, something like this isn’t a trick」


That’s right, the nyotaika King said, but.




I heard a disgusting sound from beside me.

It was a repulsive sound, one that I wish I would not find out.

I brought out my courage, and looked to the side. And there, there was Ojii-san with a red face.


「How pretty」


「Please go out with me〜」


Ojii-san suddenly jumped to the King.




The nyotaika King was pushed down to the ground.

It was really, repulsive. I couldn’t watch them.

I couldn’t watch it, so I did my best, and pulled away Ojii-san from nyotaika King who was about to be played some sexual tricks.









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