Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 104

Chapter 104 – The First *Chu♡*



On this day, I came to the town together with Sylvia.

It was not like we have some errands, but something like a date.

We entered a cafe on the corner, and spent time leisurely with the two of us.


「Today’s weather is good as well huh, Lucio-sama」

「The rainy days just a while ago was like a lie」

「It is almost winter……Lucio-sama, what color does Lucio-sama likes?」

「Color? I pretty much like green, but why are you asking that」

「I, I am thinking about knitting a muffler. Will Lucio-sama wear it after I finished knitting it」

「Of course. I’ll look forward to it」



With those words, Sylvia made an excited face.

My first wife, Sylvia. Sylvia who is the most homely and lady-like.

Looking at her, it makes me want to give her a lot of things.


「Well then, let’s go somewhere」


「Yeah, let’s go for something like a date. Let me think, hmm, like a place where adults go」



Sylvia made a peaceful but pleasant smile.

I casted magic on her.

A magic that I have used many times.


「『Fake Growth』」



In an instant, an explosion that I didn’t expect attacked my face.

The explosion that attacked an instant after the sneeze, I was somehow able to block it by using magic.


「Geho! Geho! B-Balthazar huh」

「Wa〜i, it’s Lucio-chan」


She hugged me around my waist. My sight returned, it was Balthazar as I’ve thought.

The one that calls me Lucio-chan, the one that reacts to my magic, the one that releases magic powers on the level of a Demon King.

It is only one in this world, it is Balthazar.


「What happened」

「When I was walking around, I smelled Lucio-chan so I came」

「Smelled huh, are you a dog or something」

「Bal, she’s not a dog but a Demon King you know?」

「I know」


Demon King Balthazar the Eight, that is her identity.





I got surprised, a breath was suddenly blown to my ears.

The warm breath surprised me that I almost jumped up.

When I turned around, there was Sylvia.

It was Sylvia who became an adult with the magic『Fake Growth』.

It was an appearance that I saw many times, but she seems strange.



「Fufu……what is it, little boy」

「Little boy?」

「Hey〜, little boy, you want to do “good things” with big sister?」

「……what are you talking about, Sylvia」

「Oh really, why won’t you play along」


The adult Sylvia sulked.


「A-re, a good guy」

「Hey, Sylvia?」

「See ya later, little boy, let’s meet again if fate wills it」



Sylvia made a throwing kiss, and left.

I tried to chase after her, but Balthazar is hugging my waist and I wasn’t able to.


「What happened to Sylvia.  『Fake Growth』should be a magic that only changes one’s appearance」

「Is that so?」

「……I see, the sneeze right now huh」


Looking at Balthazar who was clinging to me, I understood.

I don’t know what the reason is, but when Balthazar is around when I use magic, she would react and sneeze.

And it is not just an ordinary sneeze, but one that would make my magic itself malfunction.

The thing that happened right now is exactly that. 『Fake Growth』, the magic that changes one’s appearance malfunctioned, and it seemed like it even changed Sylvia’s personality.

I mean, isn’t this bad?



Making reasons, I left Balthazar at that place, and chased after Sylvia by myself.

After all, even if we chased after her together, I can’t return her using magic if Balthazar is around.

And just like that, when I was searching around the whole town


「There she is!」


I found Sylvia.

With her adult appearance, I couldn’t believe it, she was with Isaac.


「Well then, close your eyes〜」



Seduced by Sylvia in her adult version, Isaac reacted nervously like a virgin, and closed his eyes just like she told him.


「Squeeze your lips like, n〜」



He squeezed out his lips reaching them out. They were lips for kissing.

Hey, don’t tell meーー.




But when I thought of that, Sylvia plunged a small bottle that she took out from who knows where into Isaac’s mouth.

The opened bottle emptied its contents into Isaac’s mouth.


「ーー!!! Ho-ho-hotgehogehoegeho!!」



Seeing Isaac crouching down while holding his throat, adult Sylvia laughed out loud.

I mean……isn’t that, a bad woman.

While getting relieved, and feeling sorry for Isaac who was played a trick.




When I noticed it, Sylvia once again disappeared to somewhere.



I continued to search around the town to find Sylvia.

The sun eventually went down, and the town was dyed with the color of the sunset.


「There she is!」


I finally found Sylvia. She was walking around with light steps, and looking around as if she was searching for something interesting.





Before I called out to her, a girl that I’m familiar with approached Sylvia.

It’s Nadia. With just a look, she found out that it was her best friend Sylvia, and approached her.



「Sylvie, what happened, why do you look like that. Weren’t you on a date with Lucio-kun?」

「No, that’s wrong」

「He〜. How rare, Sylvie would walk around alone looking like that huh. I know, I’m going on a shopping right now, Sylvie, you want to go too?」

「Ufufu, rather than shopping, let’s do “good” things?」

「Good things?」

「Right. “Good” things」


Sylvia winked. That appearance of hers was very sexy.


「What good thingーーnn?!!」




To the sudden thing, Nadia widened her eyes, and I was also surprised.

I couldn’t believe it, Sylvia bowed down, and suddenly kissed Nadia.

Adult Sylvia and child Nadia.

But even so, it is between girls, the kissing scene let out an indescribable dubious atmosphere.




I couldn’t help but swallow.




「Fufu, gochisousama」

「What are you doing, Sylvie, suddenly kissing me. Even Lucio-kun have not done it to me」

「Ara, then isn’t it good. Thinking that it would be a good practice」

「I can’t think like that〜. Hey, Sylvie」



Raising both of her hands, Nadia chasing her angrily, and Sylvia running away from that Nadia.

I saw a good thing, so, the House of Martein is also peaceful today……I think.








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