Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 102

Chapter 102 – Magic Powers that Exceeds Lucio



「I’m back〜. Uu〜, it’s so cold」


Nadia who came back from outside was continuously rubbing her palms.

It’s true that the temperature today started to drop from the morning, and the temperature right now is cold even if long sleeves were worn.


「Ah! It’s Lucio-kun. Kyahhoii〜」


As soon as Nadia who was passing by the living room saw me who was reading manga, she hugged me very quickly, almost as if she dove.


「U〜n, Lucio-kun’s so wa〜rm」

「Is that so. It looks like it was quite cold outside」


I pushed my palm on her cheeks. Nadia’s cheeks were soft and cold.


「That’s right you know. Is there anything interesting, I mean, I just strolled around but it was just cold」

「It’s already fall after all〜」

「Yes, it’s like that when I noticed it〜. The summer this year was so long so I got a little off guard」


While saying that, Nadia rubbed her cheeks on my arm.

Did she got warm with that, she showed me her usual very cheerful smile and said to me.


「Ne〜, Lucio-kun, do you have something that can make it warm?」



I put the manga I was reading on my lap, and searched for magic inside my head.

And then, I remembered something.

The search range reached out to things other than magic, and I remembered something that was nostalgic.



「This is?」

「It’s called a kotatsu」

「Kotatsu? It only looks like a table with beddings on it though」


Well, that’s right.

The thing that I asked Amanda-san to bring in the living room was just a normal low table, and a futon was just covering it.

Specifically speaking, with the state it is in right now, it’s not yet a kotatsu.


「『Keep Warm』」


I casted the magic, it’s a magic that raises the temperature and keeps it warm.

A low table covered with futon, a source of heat that would make it warm was added to that.


「Oh〜, it would become a kotatsu with that magic right now huh〜」

「No, not ye」




Amanda-san came.

As ordered, our house’s excellent maid brought a dish full of orange-like fruits.


「Is this all right」

「Un, it’s perfect. As expected of Amanda-san」


She could not tell what an orange was with just its name because it was probably called differently here, so I asked her to prepare something that looks similar, but it looked exactly like an orange.

Those were placed in the middle of the table.


「With this, it’s complete」


「Now, let’s go in」


I entered first. Seeing that, Nadia copied me and entered the kotatsu.


「Oh〜, this is very warm!」

「Told you. We can relax with this」



Me and Nadia, the two of us entered the kotatsu.

Nadia flipped the beddings and peeks under the kotatsu, laid on her back, lie on her stomach, she did many things.

She peeled the orange-like thing and ate it, and finally, she started to get sleepy while under the kotatsu.

And while she was doing all of that, I was reading Grimoires.

It was an interesting manga that introduces different kinds of husband and wives, but it was relatively fun.

Our house might be such an interesting husband and wives that appear in this manga, but when I was thinking of that.


「This is bad, Lucio-kun!」


Nadia called out to me with an urgent voice.


「What happened」

「I want to go to the toilet!」


「I want to go to the toilet!」

「Just go then」

「I can’t come out!」



I grinned, curving my lips.


「It’s very hard to escape from the kotatsu after all〜. Well, do your best〜」


I cheered on her with a leisure voice.

Nothing can be done with this. It is a natural thing that one would not be able to get out of the kotatsu, it is something that I cannot do anything about.

The only thing that I could do, is just to cheer like what I did just now.


「Ku! As expected of Lucio-kun’s magic. To think that it would make me unable to escape once I entered!!」


It’s not my magic, but Japanese wisdom though.


「Kuuuuu, mumumumu……well, whatever〜……」


It looks like it was not(?) something that needed urgency, Nadia thought deeply about it for awhile, and gave up as a result, choosing to remain in the kotatsu.


「Nadia-chan, you’re groaning, are you alright?」

「Ara, what is this?」


Sylvia and Veronica came at the same time.




Ah! A villainous face.

Nadia’s shining smile shined.

And, after about an hour.


「I-I cannot go out〜……」

「You tricked us!」


Sylvia and Veronica were the same, they got caught by the kotatsu.


「Ahahaha〜, it’s amazing right〜, Lucio-kun’s magic」

「Un, as expected of Lucio-sama」

「Placing beddings over the table, and make it warm. Similar with the date in the sea, you really have great imagination as usual」


No, that’s why I’m saying that this isn’t my idea, but the invention of the great predecessors.

Well, I won’t say it though.


「Ah! It’s Lucio-chan」


And, around an hour of being late, my fourth wife Balthazar came with light footsteps.


「Oh〜, Hacchan, you want to enter the kotatsu too?」

「But, it’s already full」


Sylvia whispered with distress.

It’s true that it’s full.

It’s a low square table, normally, it’s a kotatsu for four.

Me, Nadia, Sylvia, and Veronica.

It’s full with this.

And everyone got caught by the kotatsu and cannot go out.

Meaning, Balthazar cannot enter.

“What should we do”, my wives got troubled.


「Bal, she’s cold you know?」


「Lucio-chan should make her warm okay」


She said that, and didn’t mind the kotatsu but instead, hugged my arm.




The three raised their voice at the same time. “There was that”, was written on their faces.

「Supii〜」, Balthazar who was hugging my arm started to sleep almost without a moment of pause.


Oi oi, are you Nobita-kun or something.


「That looks good……」


Veronica whispered, and at the same time, I felt like I heard the voice 「Ha!」.

Sylvia, Nadia, and Veronica.

The eyes of the three changed to that of a predator beast. Unlike the kotatsu, my arm has only one open.

I’m reading manga, but there was a case that when my both arms were being held, my wife would turn the pages for me.

It isn’t a problem that I’m reading manga, my arm was open after all.

“Would a competition happen with this”, I readied myself, but.


「Uu〜……I can’t go out……」

「Ahh really! You stupid kotatsu〜」

「Ku! The chance is right in front of me」


The three lamented at the same time.

……they want to stick to me, but it’s impossible because they can’t leave the kotatsu, huh.


I couldn’t help but laugh out.

In the end, after that, no one was able to leave.

My other arm remained vacantly lonely until the very end.

The magic powers of the kotatsu, it cannot be underestimated.













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