Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 101

Chapter 101 – Flower Fighter



Inside the mansion in the afternoon, when I was strolling around for no particular reason, I felt two presences in the living room.

When I peeked inside, there was Sylvia and Amanda-san.

The two of them were looking down, and from how it seems, Sylvia was doing something, and Amanda-san was teaching her.


「Yo. What are you doing」



Sylvia made a happy face seeing me suddenly appear, but soon after, she raised a scream while furrowing her brows a little.


「What happened」

「The needle……it stung my finger」



I stood right beside her. It looks like Sylvia was doing some needlework.

There was a paper pattern, and she’s making a costume using a cloth by following that pattern.


「I will prepare the medicine box」

「Ahh, it’s alrightーー『Healing』」


I stopped Amanda-san who was about to stand up and healed Sylvia’s finger using magic.


「Thank you very much, Lucio-sama」

「Anyways, what is with this so suddenly」

「Actually, I wore this kind of clothes in my dream yesterday. The flower became the clothes itself, I mean……when I told Amanda-san about that, she asked me if would I like to make it」

「I see」


I looked at the paper pattern, it was true that it has a flower motif……or rather, the flower itself was the clothes.


「But, it’s hard」

「Well, it isn’t normal clothes after all」

「Also, it was something that came out of my dream. If there was only something that could be used as a reference in the real world」

「A reference, I’ll make you one」



Waiting in the garden for a while, Sylvia came jogging.


「Sorry to keep you waiting, Lucio-sama」

「Is that the flower motif?」



The thing that Sylvia brought was a small flower with yellow colored petals.

I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s a flower that I could usually see blooming on the roadside.


「What are you going to do with this?」

「Just lookーー『Flower Fighter』」


I casted the spell, and the light of the magic created that.

In short, it is a machine that is like a huge microscope.

I pointed a finger under the lens, and said to Sylvia.


「Leave the flower there」


「And push the blue button immediately above that」

「Like this?」


Sylvia pushed the button just like I told her to.

*Gashan, Gashan*, the lens made sounds, and the flower was surrounded by a light.

And finally, that changed its appearance to a small doll.

It was a doll very similar to Sylvia.

However, their appearance aren’t completely the same, the doll was wearing clothes that were based on the flower.

It’s Sylvia wearing magician-like clothes with the yellow flower as the motif.




Seeing that, Sylvia’s eyes shined and took in hand the doll that was very similar to her.


「So cute. Amazing, Lucio-sama」

「It’s good that you like it」

「A magic like this exists huh」

「Actually, its use is different. You would take a flower that would be used as the base, and when you push the button, the flower would be worn by a doll with the same appearance of the person who pushed the button. And then, they would be used to fight」


「Like this」


I pulled out a grass around my feet, put it under the lens and pushed the button just the same.

The light enveloped the grass, and creates a doll completely similar to me.

It was a doll of me holding bow and arrow while wearing a grass colored sleeping hat.

Because two dolls were made, a ring of light appeared in front of the machine.

After I took the doll from Sylvia, and placed the two dolls in the ringーーthe dolls started to move as if they came into life, and started fighting.



「It’s like this」

「Amazing, it’s amazing〜」

「Hmm, it looks like Sylvia’s stronger」


The fight between the dolls, Sylvia was overpowering me.

Me having bow and arrow and the magician Sylvia. The fight between similar long ranged fighters ended with Sylvia’s win with magic that has visual a flower storm visual effects in the end.



「Well, it’s like that. It’s well-made as a doll so you can use it as a reference to make clothesーー」

「Can I call everyone and play together, Lucio-sama!」


Sylvia asked me with sparkling eyes.

It seems like she had lost sight of the objective at first though.


「Ahh, call them」


If my wife would get happy, there was no need to remind her that.



「I found a flower with Coco, Sylvie」

「I will use this」

「Oh〜, isn’t that drokba. That’s perfect with Sylvie’s image」

「I wonder what would happen」


The two placed the flower on the machine and pushed the button in order with very excited faces.

Nadia became a character that was wearing a pumpkin hat, and Sylvia became one with an armored look with blue and white base color.

For some reason, although it was an armor, the back was fully exposed.

The two characters fought inside the ring. It was a one-sided match and Drokba・Sylvia won.


「I lost」

「Bal also picked one up you know?」

「Hacchan, that’s not a flower but a mushroom」

「……? Mushroom, cannot be used?」

「U〜n, it can’t?」


Nadia tilted her head and asked me.


「It’s alright as long as they’re plants. I can’t guarantee what would come out though」

「Then, I’ll put it in」


She put it in the machine, and pushed the button.

The light enveloped the mushroom, and the one that appeared was a doll wearing overalls and plumbーー.




I grabbed that with the speed of light and threw it far far away.


「……? What is it?」

「Forget that just now」

「……? Un, if Lucio-chan says so」


I’m saved since she’s very obedient. I almost made an enemy of the strongest legal department.


「Lucio, is this alright」


This time it was Veronica. The thing that she brought was a violet colored flower.


「Isn’t it alright?」


I don’t really know but nodded for the meantime.


「Vero-chan, Vero-chan, I think that you should stop using that」


But, Nadia gave an NG.


「Why not?」

「Because, seeing the trend up to now, the movement of the doll would change according to the characteristics of the flowers used right?」

「Yes, that is right」

「That’s why I think that you should stop using that okay?」

「I cannot understand. For the meantime, I will use it alright」


Veronica placed the violet colored flower into the machine. Nadia was saying “ah〜ah〜, I reminded you okay〜”.

What was it all about?

The thing that appeared from within the light was Veronica wearing a violet nightdress.

Rather than the Veronica right now, it was standing bewitchingly, more similar to the original Veronica.


「Ara, isn’t that good」

「I guess so」


It matches Veronica’s air, and what remains is just its strength……but the next instant that I thought of that.

A honey bee came out of nowhere and when it passed in front of the Veronica doll.


A tongue came out of the Veronica doll’s mouth with the speed of sound and caught the honeybee, pulling it into its mouth.

It was predated.

Veronica got stunned.


「Ah〜ah〜, that’s why I told you」


Nadia said with a wry laugh.


「That violet flower, it’s pretty but it’s a flower that uses the sticky thing on its tip to catch insects, melt, and eat them」

「……it was a carnivorous plant huh」


Veronica started to tremble and shouted with teary eyes.


「ーー!! I-It’s alright as long as it’s strong desu wa!!」


She said with half despair.

By the way, the insect eating Veronica lost to knight Sylvia.

And just like that, my wives searched for different kinds of plants, made them dolls, and let them fight.

The Drokba・Sylvia that has a knight appearance had an unexpected strength although it was found at the beginning, and it was almost undefeated having consecutive fights and consecutive wins.

My other wives challenged that, and Sylvia herself challenged it with a new flower that she found.



「Oh, it’s Balthazar next, huh……」


I turned around and couldn’t help but lose my words.

Balthazar returned. She returned with a huge number of flowers on her overly long sleeves.


「That is?」

「Bal, she did her best to gather them you know?」

「No, I know that you did your best though」

「Let’s go〜」


Surprisingly, Balthazar placed all the flowers into the machine, and pushed the button.

*Gasha, Gasha*, *Gasha, Gasha*, the lens made more sound than usual.


「I-Is it alright?」

「I-It would not get broken right」


Veronica got afraid, and Sylvia asked me nervously.

Who knows, what would happen in this case?

After taking longer time than usual, the Balthazar doll came out.

Everyoneーーeveryone excluding Balthazar held their breath.

Balthazar the Eightーーthe existence that one would want to call that with awe was there.

First, it was not my wife Balthazar that was there, but the adult version Demon King Balthazar.

And as if to surround it or maybe protect it, the things made out of plant tentacles were squirming.

It was fantastic, it was dreadful.

Something like that was created.


「Wa〜, amazing〜」


The person in question, Balthazar, was very delighted.


「To think that something like this would be made」(Veronica)

「It looks like, it’s an irregular」(Sylvia)

「It’s an irregular. No, in some meaning, it’s just fitting, huh」


Balthazar, she’s a Demon King after all, if you ask me, this also suits her.


「Ah, the drokba Sylvie got caught by the tentacles」

「This isーーit isn’t a scene that can be shown to kids huh」

「Bal, she’s good at ryoujoku you know?」

「Kyaaaaa! Don’t look, please don’t look!!!」


My wives watched the grotesque scene peacefully. (They’re married so they’re already adults)

It was another peaceful day in the House of Martein.










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