Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 100

Chapter 100 – I am the World’s Strongest Because I Can Read Manga



In the outskirts of Mi Amir, on a hill that could see the whole town.

Hearing about it what happened, I accepted the King’s request, but it was a more terrible situation than I thought.

And the reason for that is, from what I could see from the hill, there are 90% soldiers and 10% inhabitants in the town.

In a town or you can just call a village where the population is only a hundred and some people, soldiers has far more numbers than them.

No, this could already be called as a fort.

It’s actually like a fort because the soldiers exceed the civilians so much.


「There’s a lot of soldiers-san」(Sylvia)

「They’re like in swarms. Do you need to defeat all of them?」(Nadia)

「That should be done, if they were left alone, they might become another cause of trouble, and troubles should be crushed while they are still small」(Veronica)




There are the four on my side.

Sylvia, Nadia, Veronica, and Balthazar.

My four young wives who are wearing a magical ring on their ring finger.

And, I thought like this.

“Why are they here”.


「What happened, Lucio-sama Staring at us so intently」

「Why are you here?」


I threw out my doubt straightforwardly.

The case this time, I’m the one which the King requested to.

Just 2000 people, I planned on starting it quickly, and finishing it quickly.

But for some reason, everyone came with me. I don’t know what the reason it.


「It is normal to follow. We are your wife」(Veronica)

「But, it’s dangerous, the case this time」

「What are you saying」(Nadia)


*PanPan*, Nadia tapped my back.

She smiled with her usual dazzling expression and smile.


「Didn’t we do something more dangerous. Together with Lucio-kun」

「What did we did again?」

「Uhmm, we also fought against the Demon King together……」


Sylvia said timidly.

Hearing what she said, I remembered.

Demon King Balthazar. The ex-Demon King that follows me everywhere, and forcefully summons me to a different space to fight me.

There are several times when my wives got caught with it.

It’s true, compared to that, it isn’t dangerous here at all.

It’s just 2000 human soldiers, the danger’s almost nonexistent.

But even so, I need to do some countermeasures.

I searched for the magic inside my head.

The magic spells that I learned from reading manga that exceeded five digits.

I searched for the magic spell that is most suitable from the various spells that I learned from reading more than ten thousand books.

I did that, but.


「Then, I’ll go for a bit okay」


Nadia said that and ran.


「You’ll go for a bit you say, Nadia, what are you going to do」



*Chu*, Nadia kissed the ring in the ring finger.

The next instant, the gemstone on the ring released a light. Nadia’s clothes disappeared for an instant, and changed to different clothes in the next instant.

It’s Nadia wearing the magical girl clothes.



「Transform, desu wa」


Sylvia and Veronica followed Nadia and kissed their ring, and transformed into a magical girl.

The three became magical girls, they made a contract with me before.

It’s a combination of several magic spells, making them transform into a magical girl when they kissed their wedding ring, and by doing that, they would be able to use one of my magic spells.


「Ittekimasu, Lucio-sama」

「Watch us okay, Lucio-kun!」

「You should stay there and drink some tea desu wa」


The three magical girls flew to Mi Amir.

After a while, I could see the three’s brave scenes. Flames, Ice, and Wind, the three magical girls fought with each of their magic.


「That’s amazing……uwaa, Veronica’s merciless. They’re your home country’s soldiers you know」


The soldiers in front of the three were defeated one next to the other. Watching from far away, it’s like a rampage scene in a game.

Honestly, it has a different refreshing feeling from doing it myself.




Balthazar who was sleeping beside me woke up.

She looked around with sleepy eyes, and seeing me, she made a lovely smile.


「Good morning, Lucio-chan」

「Good morning」

「A-re? Where’s everyone?」

「They’re there」


I pointed to where the three magical girls flew to.

Balthazar saw that, and.


「It looks fun」

「You want to go?」

「Bal, she can’t use magic so she can’t do anything if she goes you know?」

「If you’re worried about that, it’s alright, I’ll do something about it」

「U〜n. Then, I’ll go for a bit okay」


My fourth young wife, the current Demon King, Balthazar the Eight, ran like *Tatatata*.

Malfunctions occur when I try to cast magic on her because she sneezes, so I have not contracted her to become a magical girl.

And that Balthazar reached where Sylvia is. I removed the magic that is casted on me.

Sylvia used magic, and Balthazar sneezed, reacting to that.

For some reason, she sneezes as a reaction to my magic.

It would be good if it ended with that, but the sneeze itself releases the magic powers of a Demon King so it has a decent destruction power.

And usually, I’m using magic so that it would be sent to me to not create casualties in the surroundings.

I adjusted that, and made it that it would go towards the nearest soldiers to Balthazar.

The Musou Character increased by one.

Balthazar sneezed towards here and there, and rampaged through the soldiers.

And I watched the scene where my four wives showed their glory.


「『Air Cushion』」


I created an air sofa, sat there, and read Grimoire.

I feel like while watching tv, read a manga during the commercials.

On the hill, I read manga, and continuously cheered on them.

In my stead, my four wives cleaned up 2000 soldiers, and it finished just the same time when I finished reading one manga.










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