Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 96

Chapter 96 – Shining Inside the Storm



「Uu〜, uu〜」


When I was walking through the corridor, I saw Coco who was sticking to the window.

The dog-eared girl is resting her chin and both of her hands on the window frame, she was staring outside.


「What happened, Coco」

「Ah! It’s master desu〜. It’s raining desu〜」

「Ahh, it’s raining alright」


I stood behind Coco, and looked out the window above her head.

The sky is dark although it is still in the afternoon, and the raindrops were falling continuously outside the window.


「It’s always raining desu〜」

「Come to think of it……it’s continuously raining this month.」


I searched through my memories, remembering the weather as if I was writing the last day of the summer vacation in a diary.

Doing that, I noticed that there wasn’t a clear day for almost a month.


「I want to go for a walk with Mama-sama〜」

「Shouldn’t you just go? There’s also middle-aged men who would walk within the storms with a shiba inu dog after allーーoh, I see」


I said, and remembered something.

Coco is someone who has a special physique.

She’s a girl that has dog ears and soft and fluffy tail with a kind atmosphere right now, but when she gets wet, her personality and body will change, she would become a girl with cat ears that has a crisp airーーshe would transform to Mami.

There are a lot of dogs that wants to go for a walk even on rainy days, but in Coco’s case, even if she wants to go, she can’t because of her special physique.


「Uu〜, uu〜」


While looking out the window, she groaned.

Because she’s someone who wouldn’t say spoiled and selfish things, the more it is that it makes me feel bad for her.

It’s stressful for dogs that can’t go for a walk, soーーyosh.


「I’ll do something about it」

「Master will〜?」

「Yeah, just look」


I advanced through the corridor, opened the entrance door and went outside.

Coco followed me. But since she cannot get wet with the water, she’s looking at me inside the door.

I checked that she’s there, then concentrated my magic powers.

It is the great ancient magic that uses a lot of magic powers.


「『Weather Change・Sunny』」



From somewhere, I heard a very lovely sneeze.

At the same time, a wormhole appeared in front of me, and the released chunk of magic powers directly hit my face.

I’m already getting used to it.



「Wa〜i, it’s Lucio-chan. Ne〜, ne〜, Lucio-chan, Bal is soo bored you know?」


My fourth wife that appeared, Balthazar said something like that.

It’s a reminder that says she wants me to play with her in the back of her lines, but honestly, it’s not the time for that.

I feel weakness in my whole body, a malfunction occurred with the great ancient magic that sucks up a lot of magic powers.

A strong wind blows through me, the rain was piercing to my face, it’s a little painful.

The rain that fell for many days, it suddenly changed into a typhoon class storm!




Coco cried sorrowfully again.



「Changing the weather again……is difficult, I guess. I don’t know if I can cast an ancient magic twice consecutively」


Using ancient magic one next to the other, it would take a whole lot more magic powers when it was casted the second time. And because the ancient magic right now includes the malfunction caused by Balthazar’s sneeze, it is more frightening to cast it a second time.

The weather, even though it became worse, I can’t do anything about it anymore.


「Thank you very much〜, Master. I will just endure for today too」


Coco returned inside the mansion with her shoulders drooped and her ears and tail hung down.


「Uhh, just wait a second, it’s not like there isn’t any other way」



In an instantーーCoco dashed, she returned.

As I’ve thought, she really wants to go for a walk.


「Yeah, for thatーーBalthazar, can you go far away for a while」

「Are you gonna use magic?」


「U〜n. Bal, she can endure once at the least you know?」

「Endure, you mean, your sneeze?」


「You can do that huh……」


Then, let’s try it.

I searched for the magic inside my head, the alternative magic is only a light one, even if a malfunction occurs, I can cast it once again.




The light of the magic enveloped Coco.




And on the side, Balthazar was holding her sneeze.

She endured very well, and in the end, she forcefully endured by pinching her nose.

And with all of her efforts, the magic worked normally.


「This is?」

「It’s a waterproof coating, try to go inside the rain」



Without doubtsーーCoco went out of the entrance.

She was soaked by the strong rain, she got drenched in an instant.



「I didn’t change desu〜!」

「It’s a complete water proof after all」

「Yaaay! I can go for a walk now〜!」


Coco was super delighted, but.

Strangely, it has now become a typhoon.

It became same as the situation I said earlier, “middle-aged men who would walk within the storms with a shiba inu dog”.

Honestly, I don’t want to walk inside the storm.




But, I couldn’t win against Coco’s excited eyes.


「Shall we, go for a walk then」


「Bal also, Bal will also go you know?」


Coco and Balthazar, both of them were in high spirits not minding the strong storm surge.

I pulled the lead that connects to Coco’s wrist.

Within the storm, I went for a walk with Balthazar and Coco.









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