Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 95

Chapter 95 – Serious Ones



In the mansion’s yard, Nadia who I had a contract with transforms.

The clothes she was wearing melted to nothing, and within the tight guard of the mysterious light protecting her important places, it was replaced with magical girl’s costume.

After a while, she changed into a magical girl holding a long spear-like thing.


「Oh〜, I really transformed. Ah! This, I think I saw this before」

「The time with the dragon knightーーit was based on the one you wore when you rode on my back when I transformed into a dragon before. Although, I made it cuter and lovelier in its details」

「This is the magical girl style?」

「I guess so」



Nadia became in high spirits, picking up the skirt’s hem or turning around with a spin.





I heard a voice full of hostility.

When I turned there, I could see a boy’s appearance.

It was a boy that was just the same age as us. He was very like a “brat” kind of boy, but for some reason, he’s glaring at me.

He has eyes that it was as if he was looking at the enemy of his family……what’s with him?


「Lucio-sama. That boy, he’s Nadia-chan’s, uhm」


Sylvia who was wearing the same magical girl clothes said.

……ahh, he’s the one I met quite a long time before, that boy who’s like an elementary school grader who likes Nadia but could only play tricks on her.

I have only met him once since then, so I couldn’t remember until it was told.

Un, I’m sure he’s that. And I’m also convinced why he’s glaring at me as if I’m the enemy of his whole family.

After all, I am the husband of Nadia who he likes.

I approached the boy. I talked to him over the fence that divides the property.


「What is it」

「I-Is Nadia here?」


「What do you need from me?」


Nadia came to my side, and asked the boy.

The boy stared at Nadia for a while, and then looked at her with disdainful eyes.


「Shut up, ugly, I only have something to ask to Nadia」



Nadia got surprised, and looked at me and the boy alternately.


「Ah〜……Nadia’s out for a while. If you need something, I’ll ask her in your stead if you want」

「Hmph! Who’d want to talk to you, stu〜pid」


The boy said with a bad mouth, and ran away.

If he’s so easy to tell like this, it might be also cuteーーwell, rather, it was too cute for insulting though.


「Ne〜, ne〜, Lucio-kun, what was that right now? It seems like he didn’t know that it was me」

「That is the magical girl after all. I activated『Inhibition』magic that would change people’s recognition as well to not make the grown-ups know it’s you after transforming」

「Change recognition?」

「For exampleーーoh! Veronica has returned just the right time. O〜i, Veronica」


Veronica returned almost after the boy left.

It looks like she had returned from their walk, she entered our property together with Coco who is tied on a lead.

When I called her, she freed Coco by removing the lead, and went towards us.


「What is it?」

「These two, who do you think they are?」

「Who, you say……」


Veronica looked at the transformed Sylvia and Nadia.


「We have met for the first time right. I do not know their names」




Sylvia got surprised, and Nadia got interested.


「Haven’t you seen them before」

「No. Although I am like this, I am good at remembering people’s faces you know」

「You see know」



Nadia nodded, and Sylvia got dumbfounded again.

It looks like Nadia understood the situation first.

On the other hand, Veronica who was left behind on the side rolled her eyes while saying.


「Did you increase your wives again? I just hope you won’t disregard me then, just do it moderately okay?」


Veronica had raised her eyebrow, then returned inside the mansion.

Those words, I don’t know if she’s serious or just joking.

And in this place, me and the two magical girls remained, and Nadia asked then immediately.


「Ne〜, ne〜, Lucio-kun, explain it explain it」

「You already know roughly just with the situation earlier right. While you’re transformed, you will look as if you’re someone else. That’s the basic of magical girls」

「As I’ve thought. Ama〜zi〜ng, so fu〜n〉」


Nadia became more and more interested, she removed her transformation, and chased after Veronica.


「Ne〜, ne〜, Vero-chan! Who do you think I am?」

「Who are you, you say, I can only see you as Nadia though? What’s with that question, are you playing some weird games again?」


It was a heartwarming conversation that could be heard from inside the mansion.

Hearing Veronica’s “I know of course”-like lines, it’s a little interesting.



「Un? What is it」

「It’s fine that I became a magical girl, but……」


Sylvia narrowed her eyebrows. Her troubled face is so cute.


「But……what should I do?」

「You’re going to fight」

「Fight, with, what?」

「Well, that’s……」


Come to think of it, I haven’t thought of it at all.

Normally, it’s common for magical girls to have enemies who wants to conquer the world and fight them.

In this world, speaking about conquering the world……Balthazar the First is an example, but that guy’s just a busybody who appears sometimes and currently sealed in a space, so he isn’t reliable as an enemy, you can’t expect anything from him.

Up until now, we have fought by becoming small and fight ants and bees after entering their nest, but, that isn’t very magical girl-ish.

But although that is said, it’s a waste not to do anything.

It’s a magical girl for all ages after all, I want to see them fight.

I thought deeply, is there any enemies decent nearbyーー.



「……Lucio, huh」


「I see, it’s Lucio. Un, let’s go with that」

「『Transform・Last Boss』」


I chanted the magic. The light of the magic enveloped me, and I changed into something “like it” wearing a black cape.




「Lucio-sama?! What happened, Lucio-sama?!」

「You foolish humans, I am the one who will dominate this world」


Is this good enough? The lines aren’t that good yet, but I could fix that later on.


「Bring it on, Magical Girls! If you do not stop this King, this world shall end」

「You finally show your true colors, Last Boss!」

「Eh?! N-Nadia-chan too?!」


Nadia who ran out of the mansion transformed, and pointed her spear at me.


「I will not let it go your way」


While saying that, she winked at Sylvia.

And then, did Sylvia finally understood, she made a resolute face.

Well, just as usual, we entered our role-playing when we’re playing games.


「Fu-fu-fu, only two magical girls huh……I wonder if you can really stop me with just you」

「I will stop you! Right」

「U-Un. W-We shall stop you」


Unlike Nadia who’s fully at it, Sylvia’s a little stiff and bland with her lines.

Somehow, it’s starting to get fun.

Yo〜sh, I should say out my name just a last boss should.


「Listen, you magical girls. This King’s name is Lucio, Lucio Martein. The world shall fall into my hands soon, I shall spread destruction and chaos」

「We will not let you do that!」

「W-We won’t!」



Oh no, it’s starting to get fun.

Yosh, then, we should fight for a bit.

Just like playing with my wives cutely, I searched inside my head the magic that won’t let them get injured or scathed at all, and…….


「You finally started to do it」





A hoarse voice got in between.

We got surprised, and looked towards the voice.

In there, there was the King.

The King he’s looking at meーーhe’s looking at me with sparkling eyes just like a boy.



「My Senjukou, you finally feel like it huh. Un, un, I have always thought that Senjukou is the one, he should be the one who would govern this world. For you to finally feel like it, I have never been so happy」

「Wait, uhmm, Ou-sama?」

「Oh, wait, I shouldn’t waste time. I need to prepare supporting attacks for my Senjukou to conquer the world. See you later, my Senjukou」



The King suddenly came, and left just like the wind.

It was very troublesome chasing after him and explaining the situation.









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Sylvia: “In the stead of manga, it’s punishment time desu~……”

Nadia: “I’ll lead you to the rules of comics!⋆”

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