Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 94




「Make a contract with me and become a magical girl!」

「Hyan! W-What is it so suddenly, Lucio-sama」


In the mansion, after lunch.

When I drew very near to Sylvia that I saw immediately after returning home, she made a completely surprised face.


「Make a contract with me and become a magical girl!」

「P-Please calm down, Lucio-sama. Please explain so that I could also understand」


Sylvia appealed. She seems very troubled.


「Today, I read this manga」

「It’s a new Grimoire right」

「Yeah, its contents are about a story of magical girls split to allies and enemies. With the two meanings of Moe and Moe(Burn), I think that it’s a masterpiece」

「Was that so. You learned a new magic right」

「Yeah, and so, I thought」


「I thought that, our house is lacking magical girls!」

「……sorry, I couldn’t understand after all」


Sylvia had a more and more troubled face.

In fact, she’s really troubled.


「But, if I would be of Lucio-sama’s help, I will do my best. What do I need to do」


Sylvia said resolutely while she made closed fists in front of her chest.


「Just wait for a bit……『Rental Agreement』」


I used the magic that I just learned, a small magic circle appeared between Sylvia and me.


「Please touch that, and with that, the contract would be complete」



Sylvia touched the magic circle without hesitations.

In an instant, the ring in Sylvia’s ring finger shined.

And from there, light overflowed completely covering Sylvia, and when she got naked in an instant, she changed into a costume in the next.

It was a very magical girl-like, a costume that has a similar look with uniforms.

By the way, when she got naked, a mysterious ray of light shined and I couldn’t see her chest, there were no cutting corners there.


「I changed……」

「You transformed. With this, Sylvia is now a magical girl starting today」

「Haa〜……and then, what should I do next?」

「Magical girls are, literally, girls that could use magic」

「Magician-san, desuka?」

「No, it’s magical girl! Magicians are different things」

「I-Is that so. E〜to……」

「You should try to use magic」

「But, magic, I……」

「Right now, a very magical girl-like magic, should appear inside your head」

「Eh……ah! It’s true, why is something like this in my head……」

「Try it」



Coming to this, Sylvia made a serious face.

Up until a moment before, she was having a troubled face that couldn’t keep up with the situation, but in a moment, she had a serious face.


「Come, 『Cratel』」


This time, a magic stick appeared.

It’s a stick with a shining gemstone on its end, an orthodox magical girl stick.


「You should also be able to use magic, try it」

「Yes!『Blaze Needle』」


The next instant that Sylvia casted the magic spell, a flaming needle appeared, and pierced through the wall.


「Ah!……I could use it. Is this Lucio-sama’s magic?」


「E〜to……as I’ve thought, can you please explain it again?」



Looking at Magical Girl ☆ Sylvia, I’m very content.

I calmed down a little bit, so I explained to her.


「There’s several effects with the magic that I learned in this Grimoire, one is, just like right now, a transformation function」

「Yes. It’s very cute」


I also think so. I should take pictures using magic later on.


「Another one is, lending magic to the person with a contract. That’s why, the magic that you used right now, is a magic spell that I learned by reading manga」

「It was like that huh」

「Of course, there are limits like, the effects and strength would be weaker compared to when I use it, and only one magic could be lent」


Although, there’s also a power-up event just like the classics of magical girls, after all, this Grimoire is a series one.

Well, leaving that on the side.


「And so, with that, Sylvia is now a magical girl starting today!」


*Zubishi!*, I pointed her.




Sylvia saluted in her magical girl appearance, it’s so cute.


「Uhm……but, Lucio-sama」

「What is it」

「Magical girls, what should they do?」


I didn’t think about that.

There’s an All-Ages Rated one, and an R-18 one, but I should go with All-Ages right now.


「A classic one where your head would get eatenーー」


「Or something like, having a fist fight with your best friend up in the air」

「Best friend, you say……Nadia-chan」

「Yeah. Yosh, wait for a bit」


Sylvia and Nadia, magical girls who would confirm their friendship through fists.

Un, it’s a great picture.

I would really like it to happen for real.

I ran around the mansion, searching for Nadia.

And then, finally, I found her.



「Oh, isn’t it Lucio-kun, what happened?」

「Make a contract with me and become a magical girl!」



Unlike Sylvia, Nadia accepted with a quick reply.











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