Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 93

Chapter 93 – An Eraser in the Head



「Lucio-chan! Look at this?」


Balthazar suddenly entered the room, and showed me a bentou box.

There were colorful dishes placed inside the bentou box, and it looks very delicious.


「That looks delicious. What’s up with this」

「I asked Sylvia-chan to help, we made it together you know?」

「He〜. Balthazar made it huh」

「Call Bal, Hacchan?」


Balthazar said just like always.

Nadia is calling her “Hacchan” just like she wanted to, but somehow, I feel uncomfortable calling her that.

So to dodge the question, I reached out my hand and tried to pick one of the dishesーーthe octopus sausage.

But, she pulled it back before I picked it.


「No, this is Bal’s you know?」

「Ahh, you didn’t make it for me to eat」

「Bal is going to go out a little right now, so it’s a bentou for that you know」

「You’re going out」


I got a little surprised.

Balthazar who had always stuck with me since she came to our house is going on a trip huh.

Looking at the bentou, it looks like she’s going out alone.


I’m a little worried.

No, although she’s like this, she’s the incarnation of the Demon King so there shouldn’t be any danger, but somehow, I’m worried.


「Do you want me to go with you」

「Lucio-chan shouldn’t come you know」

「I shouldn’t huh」

「Un, Bal’s going alone」



I dunno. I couldn’t figure out her movement pattern that is different from usual.

The more I got clueless, the more I got worried.


「Should we ask Coco to go with her?」


Behind Balthazar, Veronica said from the corridor outside the room.


「You were listening」



Nodding, she turned towards Balthazar.


「Can I ask you to do that? Coco has yet to go on her walk」

「……un! Okay」


Balthazar thought for a moment, then nodded clearly.

The three of us went to the yard, and Veronica called over Coco who was playing in the yard.


「What is it〜, Mama-sama」

「We’re going for a walk. Today, she’s going to take her with you」



Coco got very delighted, and took out the lead from her pocket.

She put it on her wrist, and passes the other end to Balthazar.

The dog-eared Coco, just like this, she puts on the lead on her wrist, and likes to be taken for a walk with someone holding it.

Recently it’s Mama-samaーーVeronica who is always doing it.

That’s why, she reached out the lead just as usual, but.




Balthazar didn’t receive it.

She raised a happy voice just how Coco did, and hugs her.

She places her arms around her, and embraces her just like hanging on her.

Coco who was holding the lead got confused.





「Since it’s she’s like that, just go along with her」

「……yes, I understood〜」


She started to walk like, “Since it’s the order of Mama-sama that I really love”.

Balthazar hugs her like hanging on her while holding the bentou box, and walked with her walking tiptoed.

We saw off the two, finally, they went out of the mansion, and we can’t see them anymore.


「They’re making us worried」

「Honestly, I completely agree. It’s the first time that Balthazar would leave alone after all」

「If you’re worried, you want to go? You could use magic that would make you invisible right. Shouldn’t you just follow them while using that?」

「It’s Balthazar after all, if I do that, I feel like she’d find out like『Wa〜i, it’s Lucio-chan’s smell〜』」

「That’s seems very likely」


Nodding, Veronica agreed.


「Then, you can only keep your fingers and wait」



I searched inside my head for the magic, and used the suitable one.

A fly-like creature appeared on the palm of my hand. And on its side, a holographic panel also appeared.


「What is that?」

「It’s a magic spell that would make what this one looks at, be shown in this one」


I have the controlling rights. I made the fly fly just like a radio-controlled toy, or you could say brain controlled.

And then, the panel’s footage also started to roll. It’s like a game screen.


「He〜, there’s also this kind of thing huh」

「I’ll follow her using this……if she finds out, I’ll think of it then」


I followed behind Coco and Balthazar by controlling the fly.

Immediately after I made it fly towards the direction where the two disappeared, I found their back appearance.

I boldly approached them, while thinking about the next magic to use if they find out.


「It looks like they haven’t found out」

「That seems like it」


The two haven’t noticed although it approached them very closely, so for the meantime, I got relieved.

Balthazar advanced while closely sticking to Coco’s neck.

After they had gone out of town, Balthazar got very interested in a lot of things along the way, and she would try to go there with flighty feet, but every time she does that, Coco stops her in a hurry.


「You wouldn’t know who is the real one that is letting her go on a walk」

「That’s exactly true」


The firm-willed dog is looking after a young child, the two of them made such an atmosphere.


「Ara? Isn’t that Onii-sama?」

「It’s true, it’s Isaac. This is bad, Balthazar’s face started to get fierce」

「It looks like she’s about to say something like “Lucio-chan is fine with just one〜”」

「He’s going to become a slug again huh, RIP」


And when I was placing my hands together while thinking of that, the situation changed to something unexpected.

Coco who somehow felt the change in Balthazar’s air took out a water bottle from nowhere, and pours it to her self.

Coco was splashed with water, her appearance changed in an instant.

From the innocent dog-eared girl, to the strong-willed cat-eared girl.




She has the same body as Coco, the girls that would change personalities when splashed with water.

The instant Mami saw Isaac, she immediately went after him.

Looking at Mami’s appearance, Isaac got freaked out, and ran away as quick as he could.

The only one remaining, was Balthazar who was like *Poka〜n*, stunned.


「It looks like she chased him away」

「I really don’t know who’s taking who to a walk now」

「Come to think of it, Lucio, this, can it show a different place other than this? Do you need to make a fly-like thing first to make it show something?」

「The fly itself, I can make it appear to a place I would like. Look」


I used magic, and the panel of the footage changed.

My family house was shown, and the appearance of Ojii-san fixing his bonsai on the garden could be seen.


「He has such a hobby huh. But, it really fits him desu wa」


Next, the palace was shown. The King is sitting on the throne, and ordering the minister about something.


「Ara, he’s really doing his job as a king properly huh. I only thought that he’s just a Lucioholic」

「Don’t make such weird words」


The screen changed furthermore. This time, it shows inside the mansion.


「Ara, Amanda」

「It’s Amanda-san alright」


The place is Amanda-san’s room.

Since it’s like that, I tried to take a peek on how Amanda-san seems like, but when the screen changed, Amanda-san was staring towards us.


「L-Lucio? She’s looking at us. I mean, our eyes met」



While looking at us, Amanda-san’s lips moved.


『This   is   not   good   you   know   Danna-sama』


She knows!  

I scrambled to change the screen.


She knows, I don’t know how, but she found out!

I feel cold sweat on my back.


「A-Amanda, who in the world is she」

「……it will be for the best if we don’t dig on that」

「I-I guess so」


Veronica and I made a dry laugh.

Back to the start, I returned the footage to where Balthazar is.

Very quickly, Balthazar and Coco who went back to herself, the two of them is in the grasslands.

On the grasslands, Balthazar is making something. She’s making something out of the flowers that Coco picked out.


「It looks like a ring」

「A ring?」

「You cannot understand?」


Veronica pointed that out for me, and this time, I looked at it properly.

It’s true, Balthazar was making something with a small loop. It’s something that looks like a ring.


「It should be a gift for you」

「I guess so」

「Lucio, I could guess that I do not need to say this, but you shall not tell her that you were looking. You should get surprised, and get happy on top of it」

「……then, I’ll do this」


I removed the footage, and used a new magic.


「『Erase Memory』」


The instant I used the magicーー.


「ーーVeronica? And……this, why am I in the yard?」

「Lucio? ……don’t tell me, did you use magic on your memories right now?」

「Memories? What are you talking about」

「……no, it is nothing」


Veronica shook her head.

I wonder what she was about to say, I got curious.



「What happened?」

「Nothing, just, I suddenly felt pain in my head……what the heck is this, it’s like a hangover……but, I haven’t drank alcohol since I came here」

「Lucio, you」

「What, why are you making such a faceーーouch, o-ouch……」


I grabbed my head, oh really, it really feels painful like I’m having a bad hangover.





Veronica suddenly kissed me on the cheek.




I got surprised, and my headache was blown away.

I placed a hand on my cheek, and stared at Veronica.


「What is it really for a while now?」

「No. It’s nothing」

「Nothing, you say」

「Well then, shall we go inside. Your head hurts right? “Everyone” will let you rest on our lap」



Veronica pulled me by the hand, and we returned inside the mansion.

For some reason, Veronica was more kind and tender than as usual, and I received a wonderful present from Balthazar who came home.

I really don’t know what happened, but it was such a good day.










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