Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 92

Chapter 92 – The Ideal Garden Where the Four Wives Exist



Night in the bedroom, I am reading manga after coming out of the bath.

The one I have in hand is the manga that I took from the Grimoire Library, it’s a manga with a story of five boys and girls and inventions, a manga that is reminiscent of a blue machine cat.

And the magic that I could learn from it is called『Warehouse』, it’s a magic that would open dimensional walls and connect them to a small space or vault.

By the way, it’s a series, so the numbers of vaults would increase each time I finished reading a volume.



「We got out of the bath〜」


When I have read up to near the end of the volume, the door opened, and Sylvia and Nadia entered.

Just as she said, my two wives had just got out of the bath, and they were wearing lovely pajamas with their cheeks flushed.


「Ah! Nadia-chan, it’s dangerous if you run」



Nadia ran, and dove into the bed.

Sylvia was a bit slower than her, but she casually went on top of the bed.


「Is Lucio-sama reading Grimoire」

「Yeah, I just saw a new one. It’s a series with 50 volumes, so I think it would take time to read all of it」

「50 volumes……that amount, a normal person’s whole life would not be enough……」

「I guess so. If it’s me, I could read it within 2 days if I read it through the night, well, about a week if I take my time」


I remembered before when I entered the manga cafe taking up the night offer.

I remembered the subtly painful memory, when I thought of reading a popular series from the first volume overnight, but I couldn’t finish it so I asked for an extension.


「Ne〜, ne〜, what magic is that」


Nadia asked with an excited face.


「It’s something like thisーー【Warehouse】」


The space opened, and I put my hand inside.

And took out the comb I prepared from there.


「Like this, it’s a magic that creates a storage space, and enables to put things in and out anytime. Sylvia」


I called her name, and passed her the comb.

Sylvia received that, and started to comb Nadia’s hair with a smiling face.


「Hoe〜, isn’t that a super convenient magic」

「I think, it’s better described as plain but convenient」

「Ne〜, ne〜, can you put anything inside that?」

「Anything, no matter how big it is, there would be a restriction with only one each room」



「Even ants that became giants?」

「It can enter. It would be only 1 of them each room though」


「Ah! Nadia-chan, don’t move」

「Ahaha, sorry, sorry」


Nadia laughed, and behaved just as she was told.

The two were both my wives, and best friends.

Sylvia happily fixed Nadia’s hair, and Nadia also enjoyed letting Sylvia do what she does.

I left the Grimoire open on the top of my lap, and held Nadia’s hand.

Sylvia saw that, and appealed, dexterously fixing Nadia’s hair with one hand, so I also held her hand.

Holding hands, it is our house’s number one skinship.  

It was soft, warm, and smells good.

My heart and mind, it calms down.

We were like that for a while.


「Today, the time feels slow」


Sylvia said as if to whisper.

Nadia and I caught each other’s eyes, and the three of us smiled.

No one answered, there weren’t even the words “Yeah”.

We relaxed, and the time passed very comfortably.


「Ah! They came back」


The one who broke the silence was Nadia, and footsteps for two people.

I casted two magic spells. I kept the Grimoire I had in the vault.

Right after that, the door was suddenly opened, and Balthazar entered.




Diving just like how Nadia did, Balthazar jumped onto me.


「Hey! Wipe your hair properly」


Just a little late, Veronica entered seemingly angry.

Balthazar and Veronica were also in their pajamas, it shows that they just got out of the bath with their flushed cheeks.

The two of them went on top of the bed.


「Lucio-chan, you know, Bal, she entered the bath properly you know?」


Balthazar said that looking up to me.

She was like a dog whose tail was wagging, like “praise me〜, praise me〜”.


「What are you saying, am I not the one who did everything」

「Did Veronica wash her?」

「Yes. If I did not do so, that girl would have only taken a quick dip. And on top of that, she would refuse it although Amanda would say she would wash her」

「Is that so」


I looked at Balthazar, *Kyoton*, she answered with a clueless face.


「Bal is Lucio-chan’s wife you know?」

「……you’re my wife, that’s why you don’t want Amanda-san to wash you?」


「There isn’t any problem if it’s Veronica」

「Vero-chan is also Lucio-chan’s wife you know?」

「I see」


She’s dividing the line like that huh, I feel like it’s a bit interesting.

Veronica had a face like “Yareyare”, and wiped Balthazar’s tower with the towel she took with her.

Seeing that I was about to do something, she stopped me with eyes that were saying “just relax”.

Balthazar had a happy smile, and Veronica was as if she became a mother.

The other magic that I casted before she enteredーーthe two hands that I prepared so beforehand so that there would be no malfunctions.


I slowly held Veronica and Balthazar’s hand.

Veronica had a stiff, but content face, and Balthazar was like “Funyaa〜”.

I held my hands with my four wives.

Sylvia, Nadia, Veronica, Balthazar.

We held our hands in within the gentle atmosphere, and my heart and mind became lighter.


「Ne〜, ne〜, how should we play tomorrow」

「Would you like to go the bottom of the sea again?」

「Balthazar-chan has yet to go there too, so that might be good as well」

「Bal is fine anywhere as long as Lucio-chan is with her you know?」


With me in the center, I held my hands with my four wives, it was a fulfilling married life.

This day, I feel like I fell asleep in the most peaceful way since I was born in this life.

I feel, that my ideal home is completed.










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